Let your clothing out of the ordinary

It’s not difficult to be able to dress well. There are always some delicate and tasteful male celebrities,we can imitate them.

Whether you have money or not, it’s always right to learn to dress and see people in a comfortable and decent image.

Do you know how the patterns in T-shirt come into being?Know about a technology first.

Heat transfer printing technology has been used in fabric heat transfer printing for a long time. With the rapid development of high technology, heat transfer printing technology has been applied more and more widely. There are two types of ink: hot press transfer and sublimation transfer. There are fabric, plastics (board, sheet, film), ceramics and metal coated boards in the classification of transferred fabrics; screen printing, lithography, gravure, embossment, ink-jet and ribbon printing in the classification of printing methods; heat transfer paper and heat transfer plastic film in the classification of printed fabrics.

The advantage of thermal transfer printing is that it does not need repetitive steps of screen printing such as plate making, plate drying and repetitive color matching. In addition, color reduction is good. Many color photographs can not be completed by screen printing. Thermal transfer printing can keep color well and achieve high saturation color restoration.


The magic team and see if James is playing magic

I believe that the ability of contact is not very strong, right? But last year, we can say that at the key time of James last year, the ability of shooting, all kinds of shows show that James has already practiced in this aspect of shooting at this age.

Now, if we want to test this thing in the playoffs, we need to continue. For example, if we played well last year, if we didn’t play well this year, it can’t prove anything, right? So Tyson Chandler’s restriction on James is still quite huge. We can only say that James is not limited. Right? James has never been afraid. We say he is not afraid of teams with big centers. Don’t think that James is afraid of teams that have blocked me from the public. Just have a look at him.

For example, go to the magic team and see if James is playing magic Howard apahoward. It’s just parroting. Ah, there’s a saying, well said, the back is out of shape. Parroting is like this. Just look at James, who plays the magic team. You’ll know what kind of existence it is, right? Just play the Pacers team.

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This lineup really didn’t play enough in the playoffs

It was a game that used nearly 20 games to reach the eighth imaginable point in the West. There are too many numbers. Well, even though we won only two points today, it is also, uh, it is not playing very closely. It’s not going to be a winner, because, er, the pistons seem to be basically catching up. It’s going forward, and catching up is in pursuit of the wind. So, er, overall, I feel that they can still perform very well in the whole game. I’ve seen 19 kinds of missing 43 free throws, but what.

I still want to emphasize one point. This lineup really didn’t play enough in the playoffs. It’s hard to imagine that. You harden Paul, you often have to play like this. Especially harden today, harden is a table breaker. Although the shooting percentage is not high, it seems that only 50% shooting percentage is not high. That is to say, it’s not so surprising, but the free throw is 99 Kinds of 19A, which can be said to be extremely high. It’s not beyond that. Well, if you cut 32 points and 35 points today, it’s quite a lot. It’s very likely that you will lose the game.

If you lose two free throws, you may also be killed in the end and play overtime. Therefore, the Rockets’ current lineup and playing method are unscientific. Don’t think the Rockets are stable after winning so many games, but this game can directly reflect the current situation of the Rockets. At present, the problem is still quite huge. What’s the problem is that it’s very difficult for this lineup to play in the playoffs, ah, harden’s performance in the last few consecutive games is excellent, and kabela’s performance is also excellent. We’ve been saying, well, it’s hard for you to expect harden.

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So last year this season is the same

NBA League sixth eighth ah, this achievement to get the first MVP in life also made us fall into glasses and many people feel very surprised, but the three said it is really difficult ah, scoring, Wang, family often three pairs called breaking the record.

Three double net 42 three double records ah can be said to be unprecedented, difficult, ah, I think to give young master Wei in the sentiment ah so last year this season is the same ah, although not to achieve the scoring king, but also achieved the three doubles of the field data remember that it is not wrong. Brush the last game of more than ten rebounds ah, this three pairs to brush out this year, the data is long-term, 24 points 20 rebounds, nine point several assists a look at the right words ah nine assists so I believe Ah Wei less brush brush. This assists should have no big problem.

Ah, reduce, own, score, or contribute to teammates by the number of shots. The main reason is whether the rebounds can be brushed in place. Of course, we have repeatedly emphasized that it is not derogatory, but only a neutral word. Then call to the present position.

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It also emphasized Simmons’ current position

Let’s talk about the ball, because it was said before that Simmons’ program was specially made for Simmons’ program. It also emphasized Simmons’ current position, ah, is it right to play point guard?

Now some netizens said that Simmons played point guard, yesterday against Liang Dade, and was as strong as a raptor in the fierce defense. The defense is raptors. Er, how about seven mistakes? I think seven mistakes are also a record breaking record. Simmons can play the position of point guard, but if you really use him. For Simmons, there is less room for improvement in the future. Simmons should develop to James.

What kind of player is James? He is an organized small forward, but you can’t use him as a guard. Simmons’ template is James, not magic for several months. Why? Because Simmons has no projection ability. Did you forget last year’s one point? It doesn’t matter if you play like this now. You will use him out. The 76ers may lose on him. Last year’s 76ers played.

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The third is the most important

Er, pay more effort, free throw. Well, you can practice more accurately. There’s nothing to say about other mistakes. I also said that young players can achieve it. This is a necessary process. You have to pay tuition fees. The third is the most important. In fact, it shouldn’t be placed in the third. Let’s talk about the first one. We said before, ah, the only problem of the Lakers is the three-point goal.

Today, I don’t know. I think harden watched 50 plus 30 pairs. It’s worth mentioning that the McGrady moment reappeared. He scored 9 points in 50 seconds. Well, extend it to the back. I scored several goals. When I scored the first three-point free throw, I remember only 37 points. After that, I cut 134 points and hit 50 points.

The last three-points were two three-points plus one three-point on the wall plus one three-point free throw basket and nine points. All of a sudden, I opened the score. 109-106 when the score immediately opened, ah, leading to more than two digits, why do we have to through the three-point difference of the Lakers to allude to the three-point three-point goal of the Rockets, ah, the three-point three-point.

Now we have said it in the middle of the season

At the beginning of the season, ah, four losses in a row, five losses in a row, some fans, all kinds of black whistle, do you think it’s very ignorant and naive when you look at it now?

At that time, many fans left messages for us, the thunder was no longer good, Wei Shao, all kinds of black whistle, we didn’t want to respond. We were really lazy. Ah, let’s just say one word, you can look backwards. Now we have said it in the middle of the season. The thunder team is also short of Anthony.

Ah, it’s not a bad thing for the thunder team. The season, the middle of the season, the Rockets, and the dismissal of Anthony all show that Anthony is in the thunder and the Rockets.

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There’s no way to go back in time

If she also joined a super team, I would like to ask why curry, or in other words, has the strength and determination to stand on the stage of the finals for me. Maybe the West will not be able to draw, so the evaluation of history on curry will be replayed.

Where are you, so I won’t say. It’s a big failure in Curry’s life to introduce Durant before. Ah, the most wrong move. Well, there’s no way to go against the current.

There’s no way to go back in time. So for curry, I think that the evaluation of NBA’s career or historical status has been basically qualitative and fixed, especially to turn it around. Well, first of all, you have to ask Durant to give some savings. Then, through their own strength, the championship is more convincing in this f MVP, but this kind of persuasion is only at the same level as Durant James, cavalry or call Er, which is the most.

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It’s basically more than half of the number

If we can’t play today, ah, the half of the season, when we reach the all star, we still look like this. If we can’t see any hope, I think, ah, for example, we can play all-round and before February 1, then we can basically play the whole month next month, plus 10.

If you play 34 games, you may have to reach more than half of the number now, and it’s basically more than half of the number. Er, when you finish playing Christmas on December 25, you will basically drive on the fast lane and play very fast. There will be a lot of games, and there will be a lot of back-to-back, and the speed will be very fast.

So, now, the fans of the Los Angeles team, you have to say a mantra in your heart. I hope the team will lose one after another. The more you say, the more miserable you will be. Right? I hope the data of Ingram of the Los Angeles team will be better and better. The more, the better. Then, the deal with Ingram as the core of the deal is likely to be completed. As for the other chip tie-in that the fans said, who is better? In fact, I think that the previous program also said that as long as the pants are not allowed.

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It could not be a moment ago

It is not a lot. So, uh, as the thunder team, today, the damage is because general Orwell is injured. This, er, I have exceeded, ah, PK Watson split button, this Noel. Maybe the human flesh bomb human flesh, sandbags, ah, block, Ping fell on the ground, the head, hit the floor, maybe it was concussion.

It could not be a moment ago. It is big and small. If it is really, if it is, it will be a long, short, or short one. It just feels that it is not worth it. Dell has been a very diligent player. Although, uh, the personal physical ability and personal ability are not the top ranks, but it is not bad. Well, I always think thunder can always reduce the protection or the fact that this is a bit capable.

Potential players, to the thunder team, all like a change of a person, thunderbolt team like NBA youth guards, youth training camp, ah, take out, pictures are surprised, sell outside are all money, top of all, good use, of course, er play a few seasons ah, this ER star.

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Who will give it to me and assign it to him

In the peak season, the shooting percentage of 4 times 2 is even less than 5 percentage points. There is still a certain gap, but you can see that if you don’t give a shot to such a player, you can’t do it. So Thomson Durant plus a cool. These people are, need to move, right, so where to find the export right of koshins?

Who will give it to me and assign it to him? This is a very problem. So we know that players like koshins will have brain short circuit at ordinary times. So next year, we should cherish it. This big contract, in order to recuperate in the warriors, is actually to become a champion. After finishing the championship, I’m willing to keep a low salary contract of 5 million dollars in the warriors.

Right? Well, we say, in fact, for corsin, I’m not. Ah, well, the pedometer is really bad. It’s very bad. If you want to accumulate the contracts, you have to have two or three years. It must be next year. You have to sign a one plus one contract or even a one-year contract.

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