Let your clothing out of the ordinary

It’s not difficult to be able to dress well. There are always some delicate and tasteful male celebrities,we can imitate them.

Whether you have money or not, it’s always right to learn to dress and see people in a comfortable and decent image.

Do you know how the patterns in T-shirt come into being?Know about a technology first.

Heat transfer printing technology has been used in fabric heat transfer printing for a long time. With the rapid development of high technology, heat transfer printing technology has been applied more and more widely. There are two types of ink: hot press transfer and sublimation transfer. There are fabric, plastics (board, sheet, film), ceramics and metal coated boards in the classification of transferred fabrics; screen printing, lithography, gravure, embossment, ink-jet and ribbon printing in the classification of printing methods; heat transfer paper and heat transfer plastic film in the classification of printed fabrics.

The advantage of thermal transfer printing is that it does not need repetitive steps of screen printing such as plate making, plate drying and repetitive color matching. In addition, color reduction is good. Many color photographs can not be completed by screen printing. Thermal transfer printing can keep color well and achieve high saturation color restoration.


The time should be close to 20 points

I believe I personally think that in this position, I can adapt to the situation. Gordon is good at disrupting the game. Some players are good at disrupting the game, just like, er, Williams. He never starts, but he is very powerful as a substitute. Now, Luffy, I’ve seen that the average score of the next game should reach 20 points.

Have I read it wrong? If 20 points play for less than 30 minutes, the time should be close to 20 points. What’s the efficiency? But if you can’t play the main force and the main force, you’ll be confused. If you don’t have tactics, this kind of player will play recklessly.

Meddler, um, no tactics is to let you answer is to let you, um, just like Ginobili of the Spurs, there are no tactics, Popovich does not arrange tactics, Ginobili is tactics, you go up is to meddle me, go up is, er, as a cavalry. As, er, a cavalry, so, er, I think the Rockets may really be able to, ah, advance to the playoffs as d’antony expected now. It’s the same as last year. This kind of strength can be comparable to last year’s strong team. Now there’s still champot. I can’t figure it out.

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The long army has 20 points plus 5 rebounds plus 5 assists

This thing is urgent. Ah, if we can’t get the best rookie of this year, we won’t watch the NBA. Ah, our smelly cobbler will write you upside down. Believe it or not, we’ll follow the number of bets, right? You’re going to search Soha, and we’re even more right. Why didn’t we arrive? Did we dare to stand. On the contrary, ah, the long army has 20 points plus 5 rebounds plus 5 assists, which is rare in history.

In the post Jordan era, how many people have come out to see how many people are right? Well, the Hawks, have they played in the playoffs? If you want to play in the playoffs, you need to play in the East first place, right? Then I say right, 18 points, 4 rebounds, 78 pigs per game. I’m not telling you, right? There are three important indicators and five important indicators in the data.

There is only one leading, er, one slightly leading, right? How can you compete with other teams when they are all backward? One is in the East, the other is in the west, right? The East. Obviously, this kind of environment is more optimistic than, er, the West. For you, especially you, you run to the East radar and run to the West radar. Right? That gun o’james can’t play in the playoffs. Well, how to say, the competition in the west is really fierce. You don’t have a good lineup, you have a good team, you want to play in the playoffs, really.

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Durant actually has such a stable player

There are many stars, right? It is no longer the most abundant content of his techniques and tactics, but the team’s stars, team’s ability, autumn moon’s individual ability, ah, the personal ability of stars, ah, how many and good, so playing against any opponent has the strength, compared with the a1516 season.

It’s two concepts, two concepts. Since Durant’s arrival, our friend’s comments have reached a very high level and reached a very high point. To the point, why Curry’s ability has declined since Durant arrived at the Warriors is mainly because Curry’s spirituality has been lost, ah, because of cool. With Durant’s stable high artillery antiaircraft gun, right? Durant actually has such a stable player. So, why do you want to play so well and achieve so much uncertainty?

Although curry is very spiritual, victory is still based on success. Financial stability, right? The loss of 1516 season, the champion, the third place winner in July is the champion, which is enough to reflect our view. The team still needs to be built on a solid foundation. Durant came here. After the warriors, his solid friend, the warriors won two championships.

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It can only represent your material to basketball

The highest, I personally think, is that James is the scoring champion in history. This is not controversial. You don’t have any dispute on this thing. It has any meaning. It can only represent your material to basketball. It can only represent your material to basketball. James wants to score more than 43800 points.

We say it should reach 40000 points. There are specific historical conditions as well as specific circumstances. Well, you have to have these conditions first to be able to stop you, to be able to win the highest score in history, the highest honor in history, the highest acquaintance, and the highest honor in personal record. What, conditions? You have to play for 20 years for 40000 points.

How many players in history have played for 20 years? You still have to play the main team. You have to be the absolute core of the team. Every season, you have to average 25 points per game. Right? Every season, you have to play 70 games without major injuries. You can do it. You have to be a high school player. You’re 18 to 38. You’re almost 40. You don’t have the ability. You can’t do it until you’re 40 unless you’re Michael Jordan. You’re Michael Jordan. Right? If you’re Michael Jordan, you’re the God of basketball.

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We said before that we made an irony on Simmons

Simmons, as an athlete, is generally recognized, or expected, as the elixir to fulfill his talent, as an athlete who takes on James’ mantle and inherits James’ wave. For the beginning of your career, ah, the course, the footprints, you have to be a little unstable and not deep. According to the truth, if you are such a player, such a super giant athlete, you are going step by step every year, rising very fast, growing very fast, right? We haven’t seen it this year.

We said before that we made an irony on Simmons, right? I didn’t see this kind of growth, ah, too slow, too slow, asked me to have dinner, invited me to have breakfast, hungry growth is too slow. China is a soft rib. It’s very fatal. Attention, it’s very fatal. When you didn’t discuss the playoffs, right? When you really took the postgraduate entrance examination, you couldn’t do it.

Well, No. now please, don’t have a long-range shot. For example, it’s very difficult to mix under the situation that you don’t have an hour long-range shot.

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7-degree pair must sweep the basketball team 4-0

Weak and strong are relative, the complex strength is relative, but the overall strength of the 76ers is higher than that of the nets. You have to admit that, right? You have to admit that. As for why we can’t play well, how will the final result be, and what kind of score will be, we will analyze it at that time.

Ah, so we didn’t, you think we slapped our faces because you didn’t listen to our program, you took it out of context, ah, I said that day, I said that day, 7-degree pair must sweep the basketball team 4-0, it’s none of my business. It’s half a dime.

Ah, if several people fight each other well, I’ll have more money. Right? What we say is that you don’t think that the nets will be swept by the 76ers. Don’t think so. If you are a fan of the 76ers, don’t be too sure. OK, that’s basically it. Next time we talk about rockets and thunder.

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It’s normal to play this kind of anxious score

Fortunately, it’s not far away. Fortunately, our headlines are up and good media headlines can’t be found. Otherwise, we will be framed and slandered again, right? So we gave them to you half a month ago. Hello, prediction is good, right? The score will be very low. Ah, it’s normal to play this kind of anxious score, very low score.

The Pacers are going to be ready to win Celtic. For our program, we have said in the previous program that it’s better to grind with Celtic until the last moment. The last goal, the last time to play the last goal, half win and half lose. This is the following competition between the strong and the weak. You have to play like this.

You have to play to the end. Well, you have to cheat a shooting percentage. Celtic has been banned, right? You have to think big. The score is ahead of the big score massacre. Celtic’s probability is very small, unless you have all the players exploding today, right? But for a team like the Spurs playing nuggets, where is the Spurs veteran? He is doing the opposite. He is.

It’s very possible that the season will fall apart

Well, last season, this season is, er, the last season to play together. Of course, it must be the first season to play together without injury. Now, this season is the last one. It’s very possible that the season will fall apart. It’s leukemia, right? All the deals will be around Ingram. Ingram’s departure from the Lakers is an inevitable trend.

Why did we share this judgment with you before? Because the so-called four less, the so-called four potential young stars, including plus. The signing of Ingram on the 4th is the most valuable, it is the most direct, so the trade will be centered around him.

The possibility of a Rahm staying in the Lakers is very low, less than 1% of the previous programs have everyone to go, ah, the previous programs have said to pick up now. The signing of Ingram on the 4th is the most valuable, it is the most direct, so the trade will be centered around him. The possibility of a Rahm staying in the Lakers is very low, less than 1% of the previous programs have everyone to go to. The previous programs all said that we should pick up the goods now

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In case of a contract of $45 million for three years in 1500

For the jazz, for the Pacers, it’s an ideal and stable output point, so with a good point guard, we can quickly release the attack firepower of oradibo, and completely release it, so that oradibo can concentrate on it. Do a good job, attack, leave other things to Rubio to participate in, the task of organizing attack is controlled by Rubio, so Joseph, including collison, is not a decent point guard, is not a qualified point guard, so Rubio’s sexual destination is obvious. It’s also quite clear.

Ah, the Suns, the first and the second are constantly talking about the issue of contracts. I also talked about my personal views. In case of a contract of $45 million for three years in 1500, it’s an ideal one, because, ah, what can we do. It’s not very clear.

It’s also in the groping stage. It’s too long and too long. It’s a potential threat to the team. So it’s more ideal for the two teams to be careful.

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In the finals, the offensive MVP may be James, but the defensive MVP must be big brow

There are three places that impressed me the most. The first one is A-D’s defense. There is no doubt that James is the best player during the finals, including the whole season, leading the Lakers to win the championship, but A-D’s defense is during the finals.

Shocked me, we all know that his defense is very, very strong, but I really didn’t think that in the face of this stubborn heat, a D can be said to completely dominate the defensive end, even after he was injured, ah, in the last game, I felt that a’s first person almost helped.

Heat, the whole team is covered by his huge defensive area, whether it’s inside or outside, whether it’s Jimi butler or outside shooters, including Adebayor, who performed very well in the last round, almost all of them are greatly limited under the defensive system dominated by a place.

I very much agree with that. In fact, I also saw a message from fans in our microblog saying that the offensive MVP of the finals may be James, but the defensive MVP must be brother Nongmei. In fact, we know that there are many players who are very good single room players, and many players are very good teams.

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