And now for a little bit more of our story. Sometimes the best way to get an idea about something is through simple accounting. Add it up, see what shakes out, and read the story between the lines. With apologies to Harper’s Index, we give you DIY TRANSFERS by the iron on Numbers.

Years in operation: 12

First sticker sold: He Is Not My President

Most recent favorite sticker printed: Culture Couture (blog post coming soon!)

First office location: Fischer family basement in Longmont, Colorado

Estimated square footage of first office: 500

Current location: Hygiene, Colorado

Estimated square footage of current operation: 5,000

Number of office moves: 1

Number of expansions: 4

Number of employees: 16

Full time employees: 13

Part time employees: 3

Employee with longest tenure: Maureen (8 years!)

Approximate number of repeat customers: 75,000

Average sticker print run: 1,000

Minimum number of print runs a month: 2,000

Miles of sticker substrate used per month: 20

Estimated solar and/or wind power usage based on percentage of monthly consumption: 100

Average number of packages sent per day: 225

Busiest month (on average): September

Most memorable media moment of 2011: Jeopardy! answer

Most recent press mention: Wall Street Journal

Creating A Custom Apparel Work Iron On Transfer Order Form

Iron On Sticker mission is to help you grow your t-shirt business and one way we have been asked to help is to create a custom apparel work iron on transfer order form to help you organize your orders.

We already have a template for a sales flyer to distribute to your customers, but when they all come back you want to create a worksheet so you know what to order and what to bill. We have a couple of ideas on how to help, but before finalizing a template for the custom apparel work order form, we wanted your feedback.

Ideas for What is Needed on the Work Order Form
Your customer’s contact information including email and phone number
Order Due Date
Place for a picture of the shirt and design
Shirt Style and Shirt Color
Art Layout Number or File Name
Ink Colors
Shirt Sizes
Price per Shirt

Did We Miss Anything?
Let us know if we are missing anything. Once we have gathered everyone’s ideas, we will offer a custom apparel order form template for you to use.  Just leave your comments below.

School Iron On Sticker Uses

school custom-nametags

Getting ready for that stressful yet exciting back to school season? Need an organization strategy or a way to show your school pride? Iron on stickers may just be what you need when prepping for the new school year! The term “back to school” can range from anything to putting your child’s name on their school supplies or creating stickers for your sorority/fraternity. You can do so by using the custom greek lettering tool on for any greek life support via stickers on anything such as a binder, water bottle, or car window. This tool allows you to choose the color, size, and certain font you may want for your customized sticker.

Meanwhile, the vinyl lettering tool allows you to create a sticker of any word or words you choose. Like the example, you can make stickers of your child’s name for all of his or her supplies in order to prevent losing something as well as staying organized.

The school iron on sticker uses don’t end there. Aside from greek life stickers, you can create custom vinyl lettering stickers for any school name and any grade. This can be used by students wanting to show their pride as well as parents of the students also wanting to show their school pride. A common back to school necessity for many parents is the phrase, “SDSU mom” or “WSU dad”. Both an easy and fun way to show your pride and support for your student and the school they’re attending.

The stickers being used for organizational reasons can be extremely helpful for students and parents but are specifically helpful for someone in a teaching or child care position. When being in charge of multiple children, the only way to succeed is organization! A way to do so is vinyl lettering. This is a better alternative to labeling with markers or tape because it is guaranteed to last longer, look nicer, and be 100% customizable for your needs.

Many elementary classrooms have name tags at the children’s desk and within weeks of the new school year the sharpie marker that was used is rubbing off and smudging onto the desktop surface. Not only is this a messy situation, but boring and plain to look at. A teacher could easily use the Custom Sticker Sheets to customize name tags for all of their students, adding names in any font, font size, and color you want, in order to make a more fun and clean experience for your students. These stickers are also a more permanent alternative for labeling students cubbies, drawers for extra supplies and necessities.

All of the examples used as well as many more are ways to use stickers as an easy, clean, fast, and fun alternative. Don’t forget to visit while prepping for the back to school season for all your school pride and organization needs!

Tips on Removing the Glue of Rhinestone Transfer Designs

Iron on transfer designs come in all shapes and sizes, and are used as decorations on T-shirts and other items of clothes. Much as i rhinestones receive increasing popularity, you may want to remove an old iron on transfer because either you’ve outgrown it or you want to apply a new one to the garment. While rhinestone transfer designs themselves are generally easy to take off, the glue holding to the garment is usually harder to remove. Luckily, DIY Transfers prepares several simple methods of removing iron-on glue.


Acetone Method
1, Test a small, non-visible area of the fabric to ensure that the acetone or acetone nail polish remover will not stain or otherwise damage the material. Dab a cotton ball soaked with acetone onto the fabric and allow the fabric to sit for a few minutes. Rinse the area with water when the test is complete.
2, Dampen a cotton ball with acetone or nail polish remover and dab the cotton ball onto the glue.
3, Blot the affected area with a clean cloth. The acetone will break down the glue, which the cloth will pick up. Continue applying acetone and blotting with the cloth until all of the glue is removed.

Cold Water Method
4, Place the piece of clothing with the iron-on glue into the freezer. Leave the garment inside until the glue becomes cold and brittle.
5, Remove the item from the freezer and quickly get to work scraping off the glue with either a dull knife or a spoon.
6, Continue scraping until all of the glue is removed. Because the glue is frozen, it should pop off easily.

Iron Method
7, Place a piece of cotton fabric flat onto an ironing board. Place the fabric with glue residue glue-side down on top of the cotton fabric.
8, Apply a hot iron, but do not use the steam function, to the item for 10 to 20 seconds. This will bind the cotton fabric to the glue. Remove the iron and peel the fabric from the iron-on. When you peel the fabric away, the glue will come away as well.
9, Repeat until all of the glue has been transferred to the cotton fabric.

Hope the above methods will help you remove unwanted transfer designs completely someday. In most cases, they will function well. You are also welcomed to share your ideas to remove iron on glue.

Custom Gay Pride T-Shirts Iron On Transfers

Think homophobia is so gay? Tell the world with this custom t-shirt with iron on transfers! This is the perfect item to wear to a gay pride festival, parade, or rally. Also, don’t forget to check out the other gay pride shirts we offer at! You’ll find iron on transfers designs supporting gay marriage, equal rights, or just to announce your relationship status. Any of our iron on transfer designs can be customized with your own names, colors, or message using our design center. Simply start with one of our pre-made designs or upload your own!

Custom Gay Pride T-Shirts Iron On Transfers