the Rockets kabela is absolutely impossible

You and the warriors I hit the percentage we said before, you and warriors fight three-point shooting rate, you think curry is false, you think Durant is real or false, you think, they are fake, the second game, Thomson two, three points will kill you, only these two three points will lead you to six points in English, there is no way to correct. I went to two, three points have wood have wood, see you understand, other times, played almost, right? You have to two I said two? I’m here, your three I think are almost the same, the Rockets in the second game, three points have been shot very well, has been average level, you want to fight warriors, still want to play this. It’s not certain to have played this average level, so we said, ah, the Rockets kabela is absolutely impossible. Take it down for me. At most, you can reduce the appearance time of akabella a little bit. If you take it directly, you will be killed at the beginning of the game and the shooting rate is not high.

It’s just that the whole game is behind, and there’s no chance. It’s tactics, the core and the concept. It’s a kind of containment. It doesn’t mean that he can’t score now. He’s playing with kabela and Haden Paul. It’s low efficiency, right? If you can’t fight, you have to take it down. It’s a restraining point. If you take it down, other problems will appear. If there is no restraining force, the burden of your outside line will be heavier.

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It’s better to let the Bucks

Although the defense is very good, but curry and Durant are not affected by your defense, these two float up. From floating up, ah, golden six Thomson floats up, this explosive ability, ah, this ability against the weather is not affected by your defense, your defense is sealed to the face, he still has the same result, so to say you want to attack ability, first of all, Celtic team has no attack ability, he only relies on the Warriors team, you feel realistic.

If you can’t play by yourself, you can’t play it. Luxury. Offensive basketball game depends on who gets the score. Even if you get one in each game, you can limit it to 90 points for the opponent, but your own score is only 90 points. You still fight hard and fight for luck. Isn’t it true that the Celtics enter the finals. It’s better to let the Bucks, ah, Zhang raptors, ah, attack and defense balance teams to rush in. Of course, we also hope that if the 76ers can play this luxury attack and let the Raptors can’t defend, the fourth game should be optimistic about the Raptors, and the Raptors will take out a very tenacious defense, which is the champion level defense. You see, you, the 76ers can play a luxury attack to defeat the Raptors, if you can pass the Raptors, we believe that you enter the finals, you can break hands with the warriors, you can fight for the championship. Now many netizens, ah, generally don’t like the two monsters in the East, right. How, raptors ah, generally optimistic about Celtic team and 76ers, especially Celtic team because of Owen, this is not right ah, this is not right, you can support Celtic team, you can support Owen, it does not matter, but from the strength analysis, 60 win is not fake.

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the Raptors will definitely play

If you don’t play, you’re honest. Now these old coaches, now this group of coaches, I don’t know who has damaged them, right? They play smoke bombs every day. You can’t take them for a while, so you can’t type them. There’s no honesty at all. I hope Xi’an will recover, but if it’s really contusion and injury. Well, it’s very responsible to tell you that the Raptors will definitely play, but the 76ers, because we said before, at the beginning of the season, we said that sICAM, a player we highly recognize, has achieved this year. The whole season and the playoffs have performed poorly and performed well. It’s not worrying, it can also be said that it’s worrying, it’s good, there’s worrying performance, so to say, a well-balanced match, ah, a well matched match, a player in the main line-up, can’t be born and won. In the end, I hope these stars can keep healthy and make it to the finals and win the championship. Right? I don’t want those players injured, especially the big players. Otherwise, we will see who will play in the finals.

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Thank you for looking down on me!

Mirotic and Lopez, the two aliens, threw three points. In the first half, the ball hit one out of 88, which was a low percentage, so in the first half, they were still two points behind, and in the second half, they returned to the overall shooting rate of 16-6. If the score is over 20% to 40%, the score will be taken directly. So the eastern two teams, you see, the eastern series, these two series, are the teams with the best attack and the team with the best defense. Look, whose is the Mao? Who is the top team to see whose hair the day after tomorrow. You can build a sharp arrow and a tough shoulder. So, the use of smart skills is extremely extreme. You’ve already been on the team. The Celtics are on the strongest defensive line-up, right.

If you don’t live on the screen, the key is that the Bucks have the core of the tactics, and there is also the truth. Oh, brother, you can’t see the two high batteries of millotic and Lopez. If you want to play this kind of game, you can play it as you like. If you want to bet on double insurance, you can play it today It doesn’t work. This kind of probability is very low. When Mirotic and rubes are not allowed, the probability is very low. Therefore, in this round of series, the Celtic team is very difficult. Of course, if other teams play against the road repair team, it is very difficult. Celtic fans, Owen fans, fans, right. After winning a game, I hit our face crazily. It doesn’t matter if I give you a few blows. Now, 3-1 is behind, Celtic is 1-3 behind, and road repair team is 3-1 ahead. You have basically explained this series. You say who is fighting whose face and who is fighting whose road repair team is strong or not.

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Simmons! Brown, let’s finish class now!

Once in a time, I heard a commentary on a match between the 76ers and the demons in the finals. I mentioned that Rory also mentioned Lori’s ability to defend and make fouls. So we are heroes, think alike. Have you ever seen Norris play in the Rockets? Lori’s defense? Lori’s ability to create fouls, attack fouls, and attack fouls is suitable for Scola. Scola of a level is also a master of deception. In the absence of, show, before mark, the film emperor is Scola, of course, we have to say a little bit, because of his strong, 76 people can force the Raptors this champion level defensive attitude and consciousness, you do not have a strong opponent, can not reflect your strong can not be mobilized.

Mobilization, up, their most powerful offensive weapons, defensive weapons, rocket warriors, is the same, ah, no warriors so strong offensive and defensive weapons, Rockets will not continue to appear in this fighting spirit, the Rockets are now crazy, the Rockets have played, super level state. Now, the 76ers, eh, are two to three behind the Raptors, occupying the absolute advantage of Tianwang mountain

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peter has no confidence

Today, let’s give us a lesson after graduation. Let’s give them a good lesson. Let’s teach them a good lesson tomorrow. Ah, the 76ers fans, these fake fans, ah, don’t let the Raptors lose face. Don’t be poisoned by us. We can’t beat them.

Every seven player team didn’t realize the game. You know, Peter has no confidence. You know, once the absolute core of the team has lost confidence, the morale of this team is very poor, very poor, we say, IBM will win, mourning will win, you have to have. At least you have to have confidence in the neighborhood. At least you should be able to believe that we can win, right? But now, there is no confidence in the 76ers, right? Now, there is no confidence, ah, playing like this, plus there are injuries, so-called injuries. Anyway, I didn’t see what kind of pretext and excuse, right? When it came to playoffs, who didn’t get hurt? I just wanted to ask, a moment, ah, his eyes were all shot, and he was almost stabbed blind, right? He had all his wrists tied, plaster bandaged, right? Who didn’t have any injuries? He couldn’t get off the line of fire with minor injuries, and began to chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew and chew , injury, ah, it’s strange today, right? Depending on warriors fans, they say warriors can’t beat Rockets now. The reason why warriors play 2-2 is because of kacins’ injury. It’s really slippery. Ji ah, it’s strange for warriors to lose.

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Take death as home!

I tell you that a team can only have one boss, not two. Maybe Wang takes turns to do this kind of thing in this Shanzhai, but the warriors are a wonderful flower and a freak team in the league. Why do we say that? You often see those live broadcasts, right, Tencent, or posters and background walls. See, you don’t know who happened today when the warriors played games. Do you know who’s on the background wall poster today, right? Are you in the warehouse or Durant? The patient’s Department has classes today and is too lazy to figure out tomorrow. Or curry Durant and his other teams all know who is the boss, right.

Usually, he will never be replaced. A right, ah, at most, the two in charge and the third in charge of a cat and dog are accompanied by her. She is the warriors. She is a strange flower. He is the only team. No one knows who the team is. It is Durant or Curia. Do you think, ah, my warrior blade, curry, right? Durant fans also think, well, you, forever? I’m here to save your life. You’re discriminated against by warriors and defeated by James, right? With me Durant, you can change the team and make you win the championship every year. I, for example, for example, Durant is like a bandit leader. In the Warriors team, Durant is like a king of a small country. Ah, the king of a small country has invited a bandit leader to help and repel the foreign enemies. Right, the bandit leader has become the king, ah, the bandit leader Xiaoguo.

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Nuggets are proud to lose!

Make a program for the Nuggets fans, so no matter who is promoted to me and who is eliminated, we will make a program, give it to, and give it to Jingjing chicken. The elimination Party expressed consolation and encouragement to the Nuggets fans. Ah, although, there may not be many people listening to this program. There may be almost no Nuggets fans. No one should be in charge of life or death. No one came to congratulate the Blazers. No one came to beat me. Don’t be shameless. It seems that he doesn’t care. As soon as he talks about the rockets and warriors, the fans quickly stand in line. How should they, how should they, how should they be like the Nuggets team? Let’s say,

Well, for many years, I have such achievements now. Ah, after nine years, ah, nine years, I vaguely see that Darcy hopes to come again. Let me tell you about this thing. Xiaobian has already prepared two sets of materials. I don’t want to talk about me. Foam materials, I bought two sets of materials, the small series are ready, opened, come in, you can see how to sleep today, decided to go in, ah, after a few years is a nine years, ten years later, four years again into the western finals, ah, this team, ah, this year to play the second in the west, I think it is very good. Brilliance can be described by the word “brilliant”. Ah, last year’s, ah, barely playoffs. Today, it’s hard to play. There’s such a chance. Play and suck blood. That team is young and has a future, right? Oh, is there a future? If there is time, there must be time. In the future, I don’t know. I don’t know about the future. There’s a contract. The seven level sea god needle, the fleet, decides in time that the future performance will not be bad. It’s almost no big problem to play in the West. Right? His team’s ability to recruit big name players is very poor.

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Really hard to choose!

Challenge some warriors to see if it’s possible, the winning rate is higher, some shoes, of course, let’s go back to painting, how can we not see the defense of warriors and bucks, ah, because the Celtic team’s attack ability is not good. Can not reflect the bucks in the end defensive ability is strong, this thing can not be, look, the first round of the round encountered this kind of attack ability is not very strong team can not do, to verify we have to say ah Celtic team defense, and bucks Warriors team. The defense of dinosaurs and Celtics and the defense of Raptors are of two natures. Ah, we have discussed it in the group. You and the friends in the group have said that they like to join us, wechat, n B and B enjoy the initials, and a BC BJ can enter. Then say, oh, it’s this kind of defense. It’s two forms of Celtic defense. We’re talking about a group of dwarfs. Seven dwarfs are under the basket. The electric tune is to defend you, nephew. As long as you are accurate, the Celtic team’s defense is nothing but a fake and shoddy product.

You, for who can’t make a decision, you have to be killed. He plays and dies. Anyway, we buy some pigs. We are all ye Tu’s. If you don’t go in, you can practice shooting with him and how to play with her. Therefore, his defense is flawed, or there are loopholes in the whole world. He gambles with you. The function is to play with you, bet with you, bet like this, either you die or I live, this kind of team, in fact, it’s very terrible to play with him, it’s terrible to play this thing with him, even if you don’t care about the team, it’s the same with the Clippers. Some strong teams play with all the strong teams. There’s nothing. There’s no strong team that says chubby’s clippers are not kuaicheng. That’s the aviation team, right? He’s got Griffin and little Jordan Paul. No team can defend this set of tactics if they play in space. They can’t prevent Griffin. Give the landlord a car to the bottom and isolate the owner, so this set of tactics is invincible. Er, you can’t limit it. So he plays any team, it’s half and half, right? He plays, you play, you don’t interfere with your two sides, so you can fight each other.

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Anthony Davis clearly stated

We have to say that the pelicans’ first choice is that I think keeping Anthony Davis is the most important thing. What he is most eager for is that if Davis can renew his contract with pelicans for five years, he will package the whole adolescence of responsibility, so that if the player is the next emperor superstar in three years, he can see that Chen Xiao can start to attack the finals in three years.

Even, it’s OK to play the championship. If you have Anthony Davis’s cooperation and then form a giant, there will be a lot of salary space. Ah, will the rookie contract account for seven or eight million a year. Well, the company, I’m not sure. I don’t know how much it’s going to occupy now. It seems that it doesn’t occupy much. So the whole topic, right? Well, as long as it’s made of this material, it’s really promising. It’s just that. In the case of Anthony Davis clearly stated that and ah, er, under the condition of affectionate trading, we can only make two sets of choices. Ah, I’ll send it to you. Let’s talk about the problems of the Laker team, the introduction and bill. Now we can see that there is training about actor bill. Is it possible for bill to come to the Laker team? Do you need to compare with me and talk about some personal opinions? I give you a big fork, a big fork. We say that you, Owen and Owen are the third choice.

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