the decline of ratings and NBA ratings

Let’s talk about Adam and Xiao Hua in an interview with the media recently. Ah, they expressed their opinions, understandings and explanations about the reasons for the decline of ratings and NBA ratings. Well, the two jokes are like this, ah, because James left the East and joined in, the West caused a decline in the ratings of the program. Oh, personally, I don’t think you should be the president. You should find a news spokesman. When you accept the media, you just have to get out of the way. I go away and try to keep silent, right? Well, as a head of the NBA, to be the leader of the NBA, right? Actually, there are such remarks. Ah, are you trying to flatter James or prove your incompetence? Right, the decline in ratings is an indisputable thing.

Indeed, now, ah, there were rumors before. Now, through his words, we can confirm that we need to discuss this thing separately. What we mean by the ratings in this program, even the regular season or the playoffs, or the regular season and the playoffs as a whole, so far. Turn this thing to be clear, then if it is because James came to the West and did not play in the playoffs, resulting in a decline in ratings, it can be said that James affected

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the Cavaliers is not as good as the warriors

14 years is a variable, Wade and Bosh play bad, and the Spurs do play team basketball to the extreme. I can’t say Jordan will win, but there is a chance to compete for the final victory. In 2008, when Bynum was absent and Ariza was injured, Kobe could also take the Los Angeles 4-1 to eliminate the Spurs, which was really devastating to Popovich’s system, Zhan James has many breakthroughs, and likes to break points, but it’s not easy to play. Anyway, Jordan Kobe’s play is hard on the pistons, while James’s is against the pistons.

Then the latter 15 and 16 estimate the same as the original situation, one champion and one Asia, the overall level of the Cavaliers is not as good as the warriors, playing one-to-one has tried their best, but can compete for two championships, Thompson 15 finals average 15 points and the shooting rate is not high enough, Jordan to face him, just afraid of being defended more miserable, and lefook does not need to abandon the original inside line technology, become an outside Line pitcher, that’s the advantage of Jordan’s excellent ability without the ball. Lefoy and James are good players, but they don’t match.

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the Laker team in this decade

I want to open a Zhejiang first. This year is very lucky, isn’t it? It’s written in her life. That’s not true. Just relying on this strength and relying on Wei Shao to lead the team, there’s no change in ideology. I think it’s too late to change even now. In 1988, this year is 1937-31. Today, when you were 32 years old, you can still count on him to change it into what kind of person. It’s hard to imagine why he is not such a character. I don’t know that he is not a player with such personality. If the change is not wechat business, I don’t want to see such an outcome happen, right? The team, make a big deal. It’s imperative. Ah, if you have, if you want to have a breakthrough, it’s imperative. Otherwise, it’s just that. With Paul George, there’s, two, westwestwestbrook has a 20% discount. It’s useless to ask for rain. This team still has one round and one tour in the West. We can crack down on this kind of thing. Let’s go. Let’s go, Hornets. It’s very likely that we’ll sign a cap, a salary, a top heart in the history of the Hornets. Er, some fans say that Walker is mainly because of the Laker fans, James fans.

Well, if you don’t take the poison from the leader of the Laker team, I think it’s ok if you don’t take the poison to yourself. In the future, the work of the first three years in three years will be done in vain for the next three years, and all the efforts of the Laker team in this decade will be wasted in 78 years and a whole year, and then he will not have James. Why, the passer-by I know better

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Who can sympathize with him!

In the last program, we received Durant’s injury problem. In this program, we will talk about Durant’s injury problem in detail. This problem is very big, and the problem is very complex. We should watch several episodes of the program and follow it. To analyze the development and the situation, first of all, confirm two things. Durant now has a torn Achilles tendon or a strained Achilles tendon. Then it demonstrates one thing, or insinuates that the injury of Durant published by the warrior reported by the warrior is wrong or wrong. Because now Durant has been injured for two consecutive games. There is no fierce confrontation in this game. Under the circumstances, Durant also suffered. According to personal interests or fracture, Durant’s injury was relatively serious before, and so far it has been.

In the case of recovery, I must say that 50% of the recovery is a problem. Then, the rush to return has caused the current situation to be very, very hateful. Ah, I hate the warriors’ practice, which is totally irresponsible to professional players. Brandt doesn’t mean whether he can win the championship now. The problem is that he has suffered a huge blow in his career. If his Achilles tendon breaks, then he will not be the successor of bill laver. What’s more, Durant’s contract this year is also part of the contract to sign a top salary. There are 5 million snacks and 50 million top salary contracts in the next five years, 250 million or even higher contracts. Because of this, for commodities, warriors, we say that the essence of business people in trouble is to reveal the faces of businessmen and capitalists.

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Durant 1 + 4 green leaves the team automatically!

Let’s, Durant health care. Then, Thompson’s contract of more than 30 million yuan, the base salary of the contract, the warriors are given, can afford this link is no problem, including what we said before, if we want to retain the four giants, ah, curry Thompson, Durant three giants plus isolation. It’s OK to be forced to stay. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if the company reports that other players have to ask for it. For other hotels, don’t just stay. It’s ok if you lower the salary a little, but you have to pay it. If this designer, so far, if Durant uses $31.5 million to recuperate his injury, then he does not sign player super, and gives Thompson a top salary, but he directly deducts 20 million luxury tax and deducts some players’ salary cap. Well, it’s very good to give the four giants to the protagonist. So, ah, it’s rumored that Thomson and Durant can, ah, stay in the warriors for five years at the same time. There are a lot of news about how to write about it.

Half of them are deceptions, and half of them are rumors. They are all from their own point of view. Through their own perspective, Durant made a public opinion about Thomson, Zhengda contract and Zhenda contract, just like when Brent came back, ah, Durand, that is, when there was no pay. I think there is no big problem with Thomson’s five-year contract. I believe that sometimes I will give it. Ah, this is the great contribution to the training of young players and warriors.

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