7-degree pair must sweep the basketball team 4-0

Weak and strong are relative, the complex strength is relative, but the overall strength of the 76ers is higher than that of the nets. You have to admit that, right? You have to admit that. As for why we can’t play well, how will the final result be, and what kind of score will be, we will analyze it at that time.

Ah, so we didn’t, you think we slapped our faces because you didn’t listen to our program, you took it out of context, ah, I said that day, I said that day, 7-degree pair must sweep the basketball team 4-0, it’s none of my business. It’s half a dime.

Ah, if several people fight each other well, I’ll have more money. Right? What we say is that you don’t think that the nets will be swept by the 76ers. Don’t think so. If you are a fan of the 76ers, don’t be too sure. OK, that’s basically it. Next time we talk about rockets and thunder.

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