a negative attitude towards the Clippers.

Paul George, you see, the things that have been done for so many years make people feel that they are not flattered. Ah, this kind of crisis public relations ability is very poor. I think that’s all. Paul George should talk less now. Do more things to play excellent results, play a good game, right? We all have more honor, these lost fans in the fight back, this is the right direction, right, not the current slapstick ah, said than, do more ah, to cover, girlfriend back ah, if you want to return a mouth, then these scenery.

Come on, it’s almost impossible. It’s almost impossible. And now many fans come out and hope that your season will be reimbursed. Ah, I hope you’ll be quick. You can go through a simple thing and observe that, ah, now, multi-media, ah, fans, ah, including. Colloquially, they all hold a negative attitude towards the Clippers. Ah, the two giants and Paul George, after moving into the clippers, you can see that the Clippers don’t have much in the introduction of free players. Ah, there is no player in this direction. You can tell which player joined the clippers and would like to deal with it. Channel championship, right? From the perspective of fans and players, the Clippers are not optimistic that the clippers can meet the championship from 191 to 2039. No other player is willing to assist such a team that has been in the forefront of the waves. Ah, the team with such poor wind rating, you have too many precious teams. Do you know. There are three in the base and three in the East, right? There are six or seven teams in the East and the West. Ah, there are so many teams, I don’t have to choose. You clippers are playing well. Well, you two are the same age and Paul George did not play well. We have to suffer from these fans, because Leonard and Paul George are attacked.

Well, these two goals are too big. Um, they will be indirectly hurt. So, now, ah, don’t think that they are very stable. I can even say that I, I can even feel that we are in a crisis. In the new season, we must make good achievements. Otherwise, this team will be in a slump. Even if you, Paul, George and Leonard can’t afford this place

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