At that time, there were Deron Williams

Well, the nets have a stab. One summer, if you don’t come, you can’t think that the nets will be able to win. Durant and Wei are also influential New York, whether from space, salary, space or players.

After the success of f4f5rfn team formation, this failed season was swept out by the heat, and the first round was 4-0 swept out. I remember, ah, in the regular season, when the nets swept 4-0, the heat hit the heat in the playoffs, but we seemed to be acquaintances. We lost a lot of weight. We were swept by 4-0. We were the most powerful F, er. It was a joke. Ah, it paid a heavy price, paid a lot of draft rights, ah, in order to recruit pierce Garnett. At that time, there were Deron Williams, er, kejo Johnson and other people. It looks bright, beautiful and luxurious, but in fact, a dozen will blow up and a dozen will be broken. The selection of the nets team, the students of the nets team, really can’t understand it. This is not very clear. It really is, ah, it confirms the saying that people are stupid and have more money.

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