the Cavaliers is not as good as the warriors

14 years is a variable, Wade and Bosh play bad, and the Spurs do play team basketball to the extreme. I can’t say Jordan will win, but there is a chance to compete for the final victory. In 2008, when Bynum was absent and Ariza was injured, Kobe could also take the Los Angeles 4-1 to eliminate the Spurs, which was really devastating to Popovich’s system, Zhan James has many breakthroughs, and likes to break points, but it’s not easy to play. Anyway, Jordan Kobe’s play is hard on the pistons, while James’s is against the pistons.

Then the latter 15 and 16 estimate the same as the original situation, one champion and one Asia, the overall level of the Cavaliers is not as good as the warriors, playing one-to-one has tried their best, but can compete for two championships, Thompson 15 finals average 15 points and the shooting rate is not high enough, Jordan to face him, just afraid of being defended more miserable, and lefook does not need to abandon the original inside line technology, become an outside Line pitcher, that’s the advantage of Jordan’s excellent ability without the ball. Lefoy and James are good players, but they don’t match.

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the Laker team in this decade

I want to open a Zhejiang first. This year is very lucky, isn’t it? It’s written in her life. That’s not true. Just relying on this strength and relying on Wei Shao to lead the team, there’s no change in ideology. I think it’s too late to change even now. In 1988, this year is 1937-31. Today, when you were 32 years old, you can still count on him to change it into what kind of person. It’s hard to imagine why he is not such a character. I don’t know that he is not a player with such personality. If the change is not wechat business, I don’t want to see such an outcome happen, right? The team, make a big deal. It’s imperative. Ah, if you have, if you want to have a breakthrough, it’s imperative. Otherwise, it’s just that. With Paul George, there’s, two, westwestwestbrook has a 20% discount. It’s useless to ask for rain. This team still has one round and one tour in the West. We can crack down on this kind of thing. Let’s go. Let’s go, Hornets. It’s very likely that we’ll sign a cap, a salary, a top heart in the history of the Hornets. Er, some fans say that Walker is mainly because of the Laker fans, James fans.

Well, if you don’t take the poison from the leader of the Laker team, I think it’s ok if you don’t take the poison to yourself. In the future, the work of the first three years in three years will be done in vain for the next three years, and all the efforts of the Laker team in this decade will be wasted in 78 years and a whole year, and then he will not have James. Why, the passer-by I know better

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Who can sympathize with him!

In the last program, we received Durant’s injury problem. In this program, we will talk about Durant’s injury problem in detail. This problem is very big, and the problem is very complex. We should watch several episodes of the program and follow it. To analyze the development and the situation, first of all, confirm two things. Durant now has a torn Achilles tendon or a strained Achilles tendon. Then it demonstrates one thing, or insinuates that the injury of Durant published by the warrior reported by the warrior is wrong or wrong. Because now Durant has been injured for two consecutive games. There is no fierce confrontation in this game. Under the circumstances, Durant also suffered. According to personal interests or fracture, Durant’s injury was relatively serious before, and so far it has been.

In the case of recovery, I must say that 50% of the recovery is a problem. Then, the rush to return has caused the current situation to be very, very hateful. Ah, I hate the warriors’ practice, which is totally irresponsible to professional players. Brandt doesn’t mean whether he can win the championship now. The problem is that he has suffered a huge blow in his career. If his Achilles tendon breaks, then he will not be the successor of bill laver. What’s more, Durant’s contract this year is also part of the contract to sign a top salary. There are 5 million snacks and 50 million top salary contracts in the next five years, 250 million or even higher contracts. Because of this, for commodities, warriors, we say that the essence of business people in trouble is to reveal the faces of businessmen and capitalists.

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Durant 1 + 4 green leaves the team automatically!

Let’s, Durant health care. Then, Thompson’s contract of more than 30 million yuan, the base salary of the contract, the warriors are given, can afford this link is no problem, including what we said before, if we want to retain the four giants, ah, curry Thompson, Durant three giants plus isolation. It’s OK to be forced to stay. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if the company reports that other players have to ask for it. For other hotels, don’t just stay. It’s ok if you lower the salary a little, but you have to pay it. If this designer, so far, if Durant uses $31.5 million to recuperate his injury, then he does not sign player super, and gives Thompson a top salary, but he directly deducts 20 million luxury tax and deducts some players’ salary cap. Well, it’s very good to give the four giants to the protagonist. So, ah, it’s rumored that Thomson and Durant can, ah, stay in the warriors for five years at the same time. There are a lot of news about how to write about it.

Half of them are deceptions, and half of them are rumors. They are all from their own point of view. Through their own perspective, Durant made a public opinion about Thomson, Zhengda contract and Zhenda contract, just like when Brent came back, ah, Durand, that is, when there was no pay. I think there is no big problem with Thomson’s five-year contract. I believe that sometimes I will give it. Ah, this is the great contribution to the training of young players and warriors.

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Rocket pack Capella Paul!

I was going to talk about the Rockets. Because of the time delay, I’d like to talk about this program. To share, Hawking asked some netizens to talk about the issue of Hardon Paul, ah, the issue of friction. Then, I saw on the Internet just now that O’Neill expressed his personal views on this matter. I think I quite agree with him. O’Neill’s meaning is very simple, and there must be friction. I respect the most important, it’s not a big deal. I think it’s not a thing that I didn’t have a show before. So we didn’t see me say this problem. I don’t think it’s because of the losing fans of some teams.

This is an important indicator to test the maturity of a team. Ah why, there is only one winner in the championship every year. There are losers and losers. Although they lose the game, they are not worthless, because there is only one winner and others are losers. Among the losers, finding out the cause of failure is the most important preparation. Welcome more, there’s a problem with winning, right

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Harris with a top salary

tay, Jimi Butler, keeping Harris is his important task, but so far, the possibility of Harris staying is relatively small, because the 76ers may not be willing to provide Harris with a top salary, but they still want to guarantee Simmons’ contract next year if n’byd.

Kobe Butler Harris at the same time, keep the case, Simmons will certainly not eat a top heart, then Simmons left the team is very likely, so Harris now, 76 people are holding an open attitude to him, if you can, under the circumstances of salary reduction, if we can not carry out the case. Well, it seems that Harris is very likely to leave the team at present, because of the nets, my family can take on his contract and give him a player’s top salary. So I think that the 76ers this year. But the competitiveness of next year is not simple. Now, to talk about Owen’s problem, we have said that Owen’s problem is quite complicated. This, problem, Owen stay in the team, ah, stay in Celtic team, can only be a drop, expensive and bear humiliation, this is a very difficult choice for Owen, I don’t think, Owen will be in such a tangled situation, such a passive situation still choose to stay.

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At that time, there were Deron Williams

Well, the nets have a stab. One summer, if you don’t come, you can’t think that the nets will be able to win. Durant and Wei are also influential New York, whether from space, salary, space or players.

After the success of f4f5rfn team formation, this failed season was swept out by the heat, and the first round was 4-0 swept out. I remember, ah, in the regular season, when the nets swept 4-0, the heat hit the heat in the playoffs, but we seemed to be acquaintances. We lost a lot of weight. We were swept by 4-0. We were the most powerful F, er. It was a joke. Ah, it paid a heavy price, paid a lot of draft rights, ah, in order to recruit pierce Garnett. At that time, there were Deron Williams, er, kejo Johnson and other people. It looks bright, beautiful and luxurious, but in fact, a dozen will blow up and a dozen will be broken. The selection of the nets team, the students of the nets team, really can’t understand it. This is not very clear. It really is, ah, it confirms the saying that people are stupid and have more money.

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The Savior saves the world!

I think ah, actually I analyze this.

Judgment, observation and judgment are generally not bad. They are all very accurate. They are all very accurate. There are two groups of people. One is sticking the code. The other is Jamie Hei, Jamie, honey. I hope Leonard will join the Lakers to help James in. Champion, right? Zhang black horse just wants to die in the devil’s king. Yeah, fast pass. Anyway, it’s a bid to the Lakers, right? Just two people. I feel like, Zhan, MI don’t talk about James fans. We don’t talk about it. You’d better hope the Laker captain can form a big five. Five star warriors, five-star Lakers, right? No, that’s not easy for me. It’s hard for the big three, right? You want this one and that one. Don’t dream. Wake up, James fans. Just stand aside. Let’s talk about it first. Let’s talk about Jamie heirs. You guys are really. Black James even if, ah, still alive and dead, to drag that into the water, Leonard’s function to provoke you? Ah, Wuxi City does not say how many fans there are leaders, talk about that are fans, if you have this idea, then it is, how to say, ah, ah, really worried.

If you stay in the Raptors, you should go to Los Angeles because you, you people, are really leaders. OK, let you feel your conscience and say whether you are Jamie or Carmi. Tell me, stay in raptors. You really are. How do you think about this problem? I don’t know. How do you think about it with your toes

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a negative attitude towards the Clippers.

Paul George, you see, the things that have been done for so many years make people feel that they are not flattered. Ah, this kind of crisis public relations ability is very poor. I think that’s all. Paul George should talk less now. Do more things to play excellent results, play a good game, right? We all have more honor, these lost fans in the fight back, this is the right direction, right, not the current slapstick ah, said than, do more ah, to cover, girlfriend back ah, if you want to return a mouth, then these scenery.

Come on, it’s almost impossible. It’s almost impossible. And now many fans come out and hope that your season will be reimbursed. Ah, I hope you’ll be quick. You can go through a simple thing and observe that, ah, now, multi-media, ah, fans, ah, including. Colloquially, they all hold a negative attitude towards the Clippers. Ah, the two giants and Paul George, after moving into the clippers, you can see that the Clippers don’t have much in the introduction of free players. Ah, there is no player in this direction. You can tell which player joined the clippers and would like to deal with it. Channel championship, right? From the perspective of fans and players, the Clippers are not optimistic that the clippers can meet the championship from 191 to 2039. No other player is willing to assist such a team that has been in the forefront of the waves. Ah, the team with such poor wind rating, you have too many precious teams. Do you know. There are three in the base and three in the East, right? There are six or seven teams in the East and the West. Ah, there are so many teams, I don’t have to choose. You clippers are playing well. Well, you two are the same age and Paul George did not play well. We have to suffer from these fans, because Leonard and Paul George are attacked.

Well, these two goals are too big. Um, they will be indirectly hurt. So, now, ah, don’t think that they are very stable. I can even say that I, I can even feel that we are in a crisis. In the new season, we must make good achievements. Otherwise, this team will be in a slump. Even if you, Paul, George and Leonard can’t afford this place

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Watch it change!

From this point of view, however, once koshins is injured, he will make a comprehensive plan and break it. Half of them are reported to be unwilling.

Anthony, Davis, more in position five. In other words, Anthony Davis should have been born in position five without cousins, but we said, all positions up, one by one, drift one for the Lakers, right now. Well, the position situation is not very sure, the team running in is not very complete, under the circumstances, this way to operate, every player to adapt to an unsuitable position, you do not think that Anthony Davis should appear in position 5, Anthony Davis should play more in position 4. James, too, is the same. His auspicious advantage is that all players in all positions have to move. One grid is a test for the Laker team. Ah, I think it is necessary to quickly supplement a just starting center on this issue. Why do we think that the Lakers will have a better ideal performance in the next season, or play in the playoffs, there are some essential differences between his team and other teams. Other teams are hoarding the third place crazily.

Forward but the Lakers have a great advantage in the interior line. At the end of the game, the Lakers can play rogue. Ah, they can play rogue. This is one of their ways and methods. On this issue, most teams have no solution. But once koshins is injured, this set of playing methods almost does not exist. Ah, it doesn’t exist at all. From the strategic and tactical level, it’s just the ability of individual players and the level of coaches to judge the high wall of this team. So I think the next operation of the Laker team will be lost in the league. For one, justice starts at the end of the fifth, and five good wrongs are added to kawkins’ lack. The addition of players in other positions is now placed in the second choice. We can wait and see if we meet the cobbler correctly.

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