Put in any team, you can get the best results

I think when it comes to the problem, you think we’ve been to his charity football match for two years, right? Who was the star in the first year’s charity football match? Do you remember who he asked to take part in the responsibility? Who was it? That’s me? Something’s wrong, so to speak.

At that time, maybe Owen wasn’t big enough. I didn’t even notice that these two guys had some personal relationship when they were players. So I can see if they were really suitable for this then. It’s because they have good contacts and can handle interpersonal relations. They are smart and cloud.

Well, we know that New York is not only the media and fans, ah, they are very, very harsh. At that time, we should be able to handle the relationship between them. Moreover, I think the basketball team of this series, with Durant and Owen, is definitely a champion in terms of strength. We know that we said before that this coach is not the best coach.

In any team, you can get the best results. Every team, he needs a coach, this characteristic is different. In fact, I think the most important thing for the basketball team is to find a coach who can make the dressing room fusion and make the team players produce better chemical reactions. So I think that is a very, very important aspect.

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If they want to win, if they want to win the championship, they can get the results themselves

If they want to win, if they want to win the championship, they can achieve the results themselves. In fact, I think if Owen and Durant want to win the championship, they can follow the example of the Miami three giants bosh James and Wade. In fact, they need to know that their three players are together.

Everyone will have a certain sacrifice, but if your goal is the same, this sacrifice ah, in fact, I think as a top player in the League should have this awareness. I agree with this very much. Although I am Haden black and Owen black for a while, then I am like Durant before. Although these three roles are not in my respective positions.

My favorite player, but as you said, it’s really unnecessary to think about other chemical reactions. Even if it’s like thunder three when it entered the 12-year NBA Finals, it’s just like taking turns to play singles. At that time, all the three young players could reach the finals, but they were eliminated in the playoffs.

As for the driver’s Mavericks, Kobe Bryant’s Laker and Duncan’s Spurs, three epoch-making teams, through the singles tactics, should rely on their talent to make it to the finals. That’s true for the three superstars who play in the current year with more style and more mature playing methods.

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The sixth man on the bench needs to be able to score and explode to come up

Especially for the Lakers, it’s definitely a championship level reinforcement. For the team, it’s negative equity. Green, especially after the performance in the playoffs last season, may not be negative equity, but it must be sorry for his big contract.

Here comes the jigsaw puzzle, which is very suitable for myself. It is really beautiful to strengthen the attack without a significant reduction in defense. In fact, I still remember that at the beginning of last season, we discussed with this fan in this message. At that time, we thought Schroeder had been defending the Hawks before.

But it’s true that Schroeder’s defense this season, especially in the playoffs, has made significant progress. This is why the Lakers can rest assured and give up his defense. Zhang Tielin, the second brake, chooses to be younger, more flexible in attack and better in projection. We are on the top of this deal.

When a row of ten forwards talked about James, they also mentioned that red rod is really suitable for the puzzle of the Lakers. The two most needed functions of this source of goods are: in addition to Jason, the backcourt needs an engine that can pass the ball and can attack independently. In addition, in the position of the sixth substitute, it needs a scoring and exploding ability to come up.

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But Kobe showed a mild side to the 2015-2016 season, when the Lakers played

There’s nothing wrong with those descriptions. Kobe, despite his extremely difficult, strict and harsh villain image, was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but Kobe still showed a mild side in 2015-2016 season, that year, the Lakers.

Most of the time, in the quagmire of the power of the dead, and Kobe’s previous away games became his tour behavior. There was nothing like Kobe’s last NBA game, named boot boys.

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It has a strict training schedule, which includes large, huge

In his third season back in Cleveland, he wants to play in all Conan’s playing time, and I’ll have a lot of time off after I retire, James said at the beginning of the season, and he’s in the competition.

James, who has expressed this view in different ways, is now 32 years old. Anthony Wade, an NBA player who entered the same year, has experienced a decline in his state. Even Paul, who is higher than him, has encountered health problems.

James didn’t go. James’s good friend marfrick, Carter revealed that it wasn’t just the money spent on physical maintenance. The contract reached $1.5 million a year. The player’s annual salary is not so high. James has two trainers. No matter where he goes, he has a good side.

He also has a private chef who cooks food for her, and James’s sleep quality is also very good. In order to maintain strong muscles and good health, James has not eaten pork for seven years.

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He’s going to fight this city and this team all the time

An old man scored 34 points and six assists, while the other four starters scored 15 points. It can be said that the brave men who met Lillard, who were the main force against himself, contributed 27.8 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3 points in the playoffs this year.

The baking field with 27:8 points scored all the points, and the defenders pioneers have scored the highest in the playoffs Series in the past three billion years and nearly 30 years. If I can’t make achievements in shallow water, I would rather not win the title, said Lillard.

This is eliminated after hearing all the rights, he will fight this team in this city all the time, and now, he and the team need to go back to improve, and then go back to improve themselves to become a stronger team, and need to design to come back in a stronger posture. He never wants to be swept over again in a noisy mountain and tsunami.

Later, I met slowly, erasing the city of Portland, and the memories of deep goods and curses were recalled people’s yearning for glory and the memories of the past.

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Even if you don’t score, you want to do what you can to win

But in the end, they still won the right to double-digit difference, which is the representative of their energy-saving basketball concept. There is a feature of the playoffs, Isaiah Thomas said after the game. Even if you don’t score, you also want to try your best to win, and this evening we achieved the result.

There were two books in the first five minutes, but there were only four mistakes in the remaining 43 minutes. Six times and 15 times were the key to win the game. After all, the Bulls made six mistakes in the last section, and there were up to six mistakes in the whole game.

Guest: the Celtics have more ball rights, and we all know that from the beginning to the end, they care about the rest of the scoring opportunities. In the car race, we can see that Celtic scored 15 points in the second attack and 23 free throws in the free throw. That’s the Celtic style. Even if you don’t perform well.

Also can find a way to win, in the first two games, the Bulls took good care of Iser Thomas, whether it’s the garbage man dodderwin Wade or Jimmy Butler has always given him great pressure on the bulls.

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He scored 22 points, and he got a career

This is a fatal blow, but for Michael Brown, the team’s great change of blood for her to create a rare explosive force, so the new season’s first game of Mike, then let all players see a different self.

Familiar with the game, he slashed 22 points. In the whole game, he got a personal career, a record high 37 points, and he had a season to achieve a blowout.

At the same time, when he started in the National Games, he even scored his own points per game. From last season, the poor 6.8-year-old sports student got to 20.8 points. That’s why the gap of 14 points is long. Mcclenberg’s long mclem has become today from a player who was still playing NBA DLL at that time.

In the history of the Blazers, after Kevin, Davos and Zac Randolph, the third player to receive the award for the fastest growing player. I don’t think I must be the fastest improving player, because I’ve always been a good player. The changes in this season are just more opportunities.

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We have to live our own lives

No matter whether our jerseys will be hung or not, no matter which stadium our jerseys will be hung over, and no matter where people put us, when I rank in the history of NBA, we will always have to live our own lives.

We can’t let our life be dominated by other people’s words. What we have to do is that our own life is very long. I became a basketball player at the age of 18 and retired at the age of 40. After that, I still have 50.

We’re going to live next year, so we as a group can’t worry about other people’s comments all day long. Well, we can understand James’s words as glory on the court, just a temporary friend.

It’s a lifetime, but savor carefully whether you can find any clues in his words. When he retired at the age of 40, yes, he walked away and said with a smile that I would retire at that time, right? In fact, I don’t know.

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Timberwolves meet again rocket coach McHale after class

Today’s big reversal, but who would have thought, Timberwolves meet again, Rockets coach McHale after class, the best at running fast break and shopping malls.

The orphan in Fengxian town was braved into a fixed-point three-point shooter by former rocket Coach Bill staff. The decreasing three-point shooting rate day after day also made the Rockets lose patience, and finally gave it to the Rockets. But the original sin is not weak. I still remember Gong er’s most unrestrained and unrestrained special work hour, asking people to receive the ball directly in the back court.

Perhaps not suitable, is not suitable for you, where to stay, no matter how good performance, Hulunbeier talked about being traded, the teacher said that this is life.

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