Dewey’s old style!

The last two games, warriors 3-1, drop, clippers, ready to advance 4-1 into the team is 3-12 by 3-meter. Rockets, promotion, the day after tomorrow, a few warriors, we see the second round, ah, the second is all good-looking ball, no one is not enough wonderful, turn over, in the past, the warriors to the clippers, is also a lead, ah, we said that a stroke of the basic do not need to talk about, right, about the Blazers and thunder team ah. This thing, we have to talk about it. Because we have looked at it very carefully, many fans care about it. Right, they care about thunder. They care about why, right? There are many who don’t care about Paul. George is right about many. You can see what we said about this ball.

It’s the same as the same, right? Is Wei Shao’s character well known by us? We, the title of this semester is Wei Shao, the Wukong and the monkey king are in the palm of the Buddha’s hand. Oh, not only can’t jump out, our Wuzhishan, pressure you to death, you see Wei Shao what, personality is I feel thoroughly, we said before two home games, Wei Shao must be cut 30 and high score, ah, yes, in it, we said later. You can watch the fourth game. Ah, Wei Shao is likely to come again. Ah, he will be a three double player again, right? He will die as a micro business with a total of 300000 yuan. If you sit back on the 30th, you can give it to me. If you kneel down, you can see that today, I didn’t go to rebound, right? In the front court, there were only two rebounds, three rebounds or all of them. The backboard in the back court doesn’t do anything serious, doesn’t it

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