Durant 1 + 4 green leaves the team automatically!

Let’s, Durant health care. Then, Thompson’s contract of more than 30 million yuan, the base salary of the contract, the warriors are given, can afford this link is no problem, including what we said before, if we want to retain the four giants, ah, curry Thompson, Durant three giants plus isolation. It’s OK to be forced to stay. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if the company reports that other players have to ask for it. For other hotels, don’t just stay. It’s ok if you lower the salary a little, but you have to pay it. If this designer, so far, if Durant uses $31.5 million to recuperate his injury, then he does not sign player super, and gives Thompson a top salary, but he directly deducts 20 million luxury tax and deducts some players’ salary cap. Well, it’s very good to give the four giants to the protagonist. So, ah, it’s rumored that Thomson and Durant can, ah, stay in the warriors for five years at the same time. There are a lot of news about how to write about it.

Half of them are deceptions, and half of them are rumors. They are all from their own point of view. Through their own perspective, Durant made a public opinion about Thomson, Zhengda contract and Zhenda contract, just like when Brent came back, ah, Durand, that is, when there was no pay. I think there is no big problem with Thomson’s five-year contract. I believe that sometimes I will give it. Ah, this is the great contribution to the training of young players and warriors.

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