Durant actually has such a stable player

There are many stars, right? It is no longer the most abundant content of his techniques and tactics, but the team’s stars, team’s ability, autumn moon’s individual ability, ah, the personal ability of stars, ah, how many and good, so playing against any opponent has the strength, compared with the a1516 season.

It’s two concepts, two concepts. Since Durant’s arrival, our friend’s comments have reached a very high level and reached a very high point. To the point, why Curry’s ability has declined since Durant arrived at the Warriors is mainly because Curry’s spirituality has been lost, ah, because of cool. With Durant’s stable high artillery antiaircraft gun, right? Durant actually has such a stable player. So, why do you want to play so well and achieve so much uncertainty?

Although curry is very spiritual, victory is still based on success. Financial stability, right? The loss of 1516 season, the champion, the third place winner in July is the champion, which is enough to reflect our view. The team still needs to be built on a solid foundation. Durant came here. After the warriors, his solid friend, the warriors won two championships.

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