Durant in Celtic!

Let’s talk about it. Celtics and bucks seem like this game is very important. What we said before can affect a lot of things in the league. This summer, a lot of things. First of all, let’s make sure that the warriors won the championship. In this case, ah, when Durant gets the fmvp, right? Durant’s triple champion is Durant 30x NBP. Well, we’ll also bring curry to curry’s triple, crown ah, then we have to bring Thomson, right? Thomson, three company, crown green also won three consecutive titles. All, you have to take it. Of course, you talked about curry. You can’t help talking about Thompson. You said he didn’t, Thompson, green, right? Why should you say that? Ah, is there a mistake? Yes, it’s right. It’s the warrior’s third company. Curry Thompson, who won Durant’s three-year f-mvp. Green doesn’t need to mention it at all.

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What’s special? Can these characters be equated? Let’s say it’s the warriors who got it. I’ll tell you, these fake fans in the library, the level of primary school students, the level difference, ah, they’re still there every day. Call me the library how to do it, how to do it, you people. Forcing us, ah, no black, curry is not happy, well, why, ah, it’s too annoying. You know, the level is too low, you know, ah, take care of curry. You people will recruit Kuri. They say, ah, yes, the warriors won the third consecutive championship, Durant. When I got the 3DS MVP, I was joking