Harris with a top salary

tay, Jimi Butler, keeping Harris is his important task, but so far, the possibility of Harris staying is relatively small, because the 76ers may not be willing to provide Harris with a top salary, but they still want to guarantee Simmons’ contract next year if n’byd.

Kobe Butler Harris at the same time, keep the case, Simmons will certainly not eat a top heart, then Simmons left the team is very likely, so Harris now, 76 people are holding an open attitude to him, if you can, under the circumstances of salary reduction, if we can not carry out the case. Well, it seems that Harris is very likely to leave the team at present, because of the nets, my family can take on his contract and give him a player’s top salary. So I think that the 76ers this year. But the competitiveness of next year is not simple. Now, to talk about Owen’s problem, we have said that Owen’s problem is quite complicated. This, problem, Owen stay in the team, ah, stay in Celtic team, can only be a drop, expensive and bear humiliation, this is a very difficult choice for Owen, I don’t think, Owen will be in such a tangled situation, such a passive situation still choose to stay.

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