he Spurs have such a good tradition

I want to know why I don’t play and be beaten. Some netizens introduced that, maybe every ball has been hit, and I’m very tired under the circumstances of playing. I tell you that it’s a mistake to know that if you have such an understanding, you may not be able to be beaten, you may not be tired, or you may not be able to frame yourself. Why do you say that Aldrich has been hit. Right? He threw jump shots for every ball, so at that time, er De, rich, Popovich didn’t give them to them when they asked for a contract. Of course, the Spurs have such a good tradition. Every time they meet a big contract, he doesn’t give it to you. Ah, then the two big contracts are presented in this way, and the interest of two is the same.

After a long time, I finally gave it to you. I asked you to play harder. Don’t turn over every ball and jump shot. My family came out of the last sentence. Then we can see that the next season Aldrich was hit when he was hit. Let’s look at all kinds of hardiness, such as throwing, pouring, basket and so on. Well, it can reflect the interest rate of two. He has changed. Popovich also has requirements for him. So, some of the two, he will not be tired if he is hit in the fourth position. He will ignore him and play lightly, right? This is his choice. We want to say why the lower hole is not easy, not necessarily, easy, mainly because if you choose to float out of the soup, right, shake open the space to shoot, then you are really not so much, this skill consumption is not so big, but you need to know the inside line players.

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