How to make diy Class t shirts

It’s time to start new term for school, happy or depressed? what students organization are you going to participate in? And are you the monitor of the class? You can do something for the members, like making class t shirts. But how? here  we go.

Step 1: Preparation of diy Class t shirts

it is easy to prepare personalized t shirts. Just follow the lead. Besides heat transfer paper printer, of course, we need blank t shirts, a home iron, and a piece of t shirt heat transfer paper.

You can find blank t shirts everywhere, like zoos, real shop, online shop, free promotion t shirts on road, let alone the home iron. You’d better choose a inkjet paper printer if you are not planed to do it for long term, it is cheap.

Step 2, Processing of t shir transfers

The process is not complicated, you can name it: Print-Iron t shirt –iron t shirt transfers

First: Print the designs or photos on heat transfer paper with inkjet printer.

Second: Put the paper on the T-shirt. Heat the iron for a while and start to iron the transfers. That’s the essence of the process

Three:You should be cautious about too high temperature. So you have to cool transfers off by moving the home iron away for a while, and continue to iron, and repeat.

Four: After ironing for 3 mins, pull off the films from the images. You need to be patient when doing this.

Ok, it is done. you’ve got all armors for your class.

Where to get great t shirt designs? Of course, you can take photos, download pictures or process pictures with image process softwares. Your class are going to feel lucky to have you.

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