How to renew the contract of star center is the key for NHL’s “cosmic power” off-season minor repair and minor supplement

Recently, the official website has focused on the off-season actions of all teams in the League after the opening of the draft and free agent signing door and the current situation of the team. Today, the focus of the league is on Tampa Bay Lightning, the best regular season player in the game.

After being swept out of the first round of the cold playoffs, lightning’s off-season operation seemed quiet. On July 1, they signed veteran goalkeeper Curtis mcelhinney, and then they signed Luke schenn and Luke Witkowski to increase guard depth.

After that, the big news was that on July 29th they renewed goalkeeper Andrei vasilevskiy with an eight-year contract of 76 million, with an average salary of 9.5 million US dollars. The 25-year-old goalkeeper will become a restricted free agent at the end of next season, the amount and length of the contract is the same as his compatriot teammate, last season MVP winner Nikita kucherov, signed on July 10, 2018.