If they want to win, if they want to win the championship, they can get the results themselves

If they want to win, if they want to win the championship, they can achieve the results themselves. In fact, I think if Owen and Durant want to win the championship, they can follow the example of the Miami three giants bosh James and Wade. In fact, they need to know that their three players are together.

Everyone will have a certain sacrifice, but if your goal is the same, this sacrifice ah, in fact, I think as a top player in the League should have this awareness. I agree with this very much. Although I am Haden black and Owen black for a while, then I am like Durant before. Although these three roles are not in my respective positions.

My favorite player, but as you said, it’s really unnecessary to think about other chemical reactions. Even if it’s like thunder three when it entered the 12-year NBA Finals, it’s just like taking turns to play singles. At that time, all the three young players could reach the finals, but they were eliminated in the playoffs.

As for the driver’s Mavericks, Kobe Bryant’s Laker and Duncan’s Spurs, three epoch-making teams, through the singles tactics, should rely on their talent to make it to the finals. That’s true for the three superstars who play in the current year with more style and more mature playing methods.

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