In case of a contract of $45 million for three years in 1500

For the jazz, for the Pacers, it’s an ideal and stable output point, so with a good point guard, we can quickly release the attack firepower of oradibo, and completely release it, so that oradibo can concentrate on it. Do a good job, attack, leave other things to Rubio to participate in, the task of organizing attack is controlled by Rubio, so Joseph, including collison, is not a decent point guard, is not a qualified point guard, so Rubio’s sexual destination is obvious. It’s also quite clear.

Ah, the Suns, the first and the second are constantly talking about the issue of contracts. I also talked about my personal views. In case of a contract of $45 million for three years in 1500, it’s an ideal one, because, ah, what can we do. It’s not very clear.

It’s also in the groping stage. It’s too long and too long. It’s a potential threat to the team. So it’s more ideal for the two teams to be careful.

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