in the case of 76 people

Lori, raptors, the team has two sets of core, those, shrimp outside Lori, he has two holding points, two starting points, if these two players, play with each other, come on, if you don’t know his shot. Today, he played eight assists, right? He finished the task very well. The task is to play this role. You see, if you limit Lori’s score, is it useful? It’s not used. This season, Lori has hit the top five in the 8.78.8 assists list. In the end, I have forgotten that it is a very high number. Luo Rui’s three-point shooting rate this year is not very high. Last year’s three-point shooting rate was close to 40%. The average shooting rate of every field is 2.several, close to, need, 3, 2.several. If Lori is called for you, in the case of 76 people, you don’t want to talk about mutual understanding with so and so 。 There is no chance of winning at all. Ah, so for the 76ers, I think it’s very difficult to change their strategy and change their ideas to beat the Raptors. Of course, it’s very difficult. It’s very, very difficult for you to listen to other people’s opinions. It’s hard for enbid to suppress the inside line.

As we said before, this, the Colonel’s family has no big advantages. Xiaojia has weight. In yesterday’s program, we all clearly said that the Raptors want to eat people. They have a large quantity, attack and defense. Er, Simon temple and other beauty programs have done a lot. You can go and listen to them. Xiaojia has the advantages of physique and size. The advantage right, in singles, under the circumstances, he will never eat on the body, enbid, Tuen enbid can only shoot three points on the outside line. In this case, the Raptors will put your head on it. If your big brother runs outside and throws three points, those basketboards are all mine, right? You only have head smut 3 times 5. branch

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