In the finals, the offensive MVP may be James, but the defensive MVP must be big brow

There are three places that impressed me the most. The first one is A-D’s defense. There is no doubt that James is the best player during the finals, including the whole season, leading the Lakers to win the championship, but A-D’s defense is during the finals.

Shocked me, we all know that his defense is very, very strong, but I really didn’t think that in the face of this stubborn heat, a D can be said to completely dominate the defensive end, even after he was injured, ah, in the last game, I felt that a’s first person almost helped.

Heat, the whole team is covered by his huge defensive area, whether it’s inside or outside, whether it’s Jimi butler or outside shooters, including Adebayor, who performed very well in the last round, almost all of them are greatly limited under the defensive system dominated by a place.

I very much agree with that. In fact, I also saw a message from fans in our microblog saying that the offensive MVP of the finals may be James, but the defensive MVP must be brother Nongmei. In fact, we know that there are many players who are very good single room players, and many players are very good teams.

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