It can only represent your material to basketball

The highest, I personally think, is that James is the scoring champion in history. This is not controversial. You don’t have any dispute on this thing. It has any meaning. It can only represent your material to basketball. It can only represent your material to basketball. James wants to score more than 43800 points.

We say it should reach 40000 points. There are specific historical conditions as well as specific circumstances. Well, you have to have these conditions first to be able to stop you, to be able to win the highest score in history, the highest honor in history, the highest acquaintance, and the highest honor in personal record. What, conditions? You have to play for 20 years for 40000 points.

How many players in history have played for 20 years? You still have to play the main team. You have to be the absolute core of the team. Every season, you have to average 25 points per game. Right? Every season, you have to play 70 games without major injuries. You can do it. You have to be a high school player. You’re 18 to 38. You’re almost 40. You don’t have the ability. You can’t do it until you’re 40 unless you’re Michael Jordan. You’re Michael Jordan. Right? If you’re Michael Jordan, you’re the God of basketball.

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