It’s normal to play this kind of anxious score

Fortunately, it’s not far away. Fortunately, our headlines are up and good media headlines can’t be found. Otherwise, we will be framed and slandered again, right? So we gave them to you half a month ago. Hello, prediction is good, right? The score will be very low. Ah, it’s normal to play this kind of anxious score, very low score.

The Pacers are going to be ready to win Celtic. For our program, we have said in the previous program that it’s better to grind with Celtic until the last moment. The last goal, the last time to play the last goal, half win and half lose. This is the following competition between the strong and the weak. You have to play like this.

You have to play to the end. Well, you have to cheat a shooting percentage. Celtic has been banned, right? You have to think big. The score is ahead of the big score massacre. Celtic’s probability is very small, unless you have all the players exploding today, right? But for a team like the Spurs playing nuggets, where is the Spurs veteran? He is doing the opposite. He is.