It’s the gap between curry and Durant

Durant and curry are not players of the same level, even in one team, even in the same team. They have become, ah, recognized champions, but are scheduled to win. I believe, ah, well, as long as they are not too extreme players, basically, they are warriors who can recognize this reality. It’s meaningless for us to see who can block him and who can block Tower this year. According to common sense, judging by the strength of the team, it doesn’t matter that you have a lot of kausins. We, before, said, koshins is equal to no equal to zero, that is to mix the champion, then you will have nothing to do in the playoffs this year, then you will pick up a champion ring, ah, if you can’t find the warrior, if you can’t reduce the champion, we will think that I personally think that is a loser.

It’s all lost. It’s the gap between curry and Durant. You have to recognize it. This is the essential gap. Curry fans, ah, are helpless. Ah, who let you meet Durant? Who asked you to invite Durant? Ah, we said straightforwardly. Burning incense, to drive away the monk, nursing life in a big failure.

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