NHL’s best goalkeeper Award Announced nominations for KHL defender or blue shirt

On April 21, NHL officially released the final list of candidates for the vezina trophy, the best goalkeeper of the regular season. The three are Ben bishop from Dallas, Robin Lena from New York Islanders and Andre vasilevsky from Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Vizier prize is awarded annually to the goalkeeper who performs best in the regular season.

Bishop has won 27-15-2 in 46 games (45 starts) this season, with a saving rate of 93.4%, ranking first in the league, second in 1.98 league goals per game, and third in the league in 7 times (among goalkeepers who have played at least 10 games). From March 2 to 19, he helped the star team set a 233 minutes and 04 seconds finishing record, winning six consecutive games. In addition, in at least 15 games of goalkeepers, bishop in the balance of 93.8% saving rate is also the first league.

Lena is the first player to finish his first show on the island (4-0 on October 8, 2018). He has played 46 games this season with a 25-13-5 record. From December 18, 2018 to January 10, 2019, he set a career record in eight consecutive starts. Among the goalkeepers who have played more than 10 games, Lena has the second saving rate of 93% and the third in the league with 2.13 goals per game. It is worth mentioning that Reina and his replacement goalkeeper Thomas Grice won the William Jennings prize this season, symbolizing the goalkeeper who lost the least goals in the regular season (196, including 5 finishing).