Cape Town, South Africa

Saad is the only defense exhibition in South Africa hosted by the South African government. It is held every two years and attracts more than 400 exhibitors. The last South Africa aviation and Defense Exhibition is being held in Pretoria, South Africa. The exhibition displays the most advanced military and civil aviation technologies, and has attracted more than 400 exhibitors including Boeing and Airbus. At the last exhibition, more than 532 exhibitors came from 34 countries and regions respectively. All kinds of aircraft on display are not only Boeing and Airbus civil aircraft, but also military aircraft and firearms from various countries. It has attracted nearly 34000 professional visitors and 57000 ordinary visitors from 105 countries, including senior official representatives from 75 countries. In addition to the participation of the official military enterprises, China also has some special vehicles, aviation models, military clothing, shoes and hats, protective and bulletproof products and other surrounding enterprises.

Due to the continuous wars and insufficient investment in some regions, the land transportation system in Africa is not very developed. Therefore, on the African continent, air transportation is an important way for Africa to develop economy and trade, promote personnel exchanges and investment. At present, Russia and other countries are vigorously exploring African airlines with huge market potential. In recent years, South Africa has been committed to developing its own defense system and hopes to work with other countries to develop it.

Scope of exhibits

Aviation equipment: aircraft and system, automatic command system, electro-optical system, electronic warfare system, engineering equipment

Defense: safety protection equipment, humanitarian aid, land vehicles and systems, medical and survival equipment, biochemical defense system, personal equipment, radar system, marine vessels and systems, military special equipment, weapon system, safety protection equipment and peripheral products such as aviation model, military clothing, military boots, sabres, military food, etc

What does an auction of 70 million Chinese oil paintings look like? Zoom in 7 times and you’ll be amazed

Speaking of Leng Jun, you must have heard that he is a well-known painter in hot demand. As the leader of contemporary Chinese super realism oil painting, many of his paintings are amazing, so many of them can often be sold for millions or even tens of millions. One of the paintings is worth 70 million yuan. Let’s take a look at the charm of the painting.

The painting is called Xiaojiang, and the price of jacket in China’s Jiade 2019 autumn auction is 70 million yuan. It has been the highest price of all the paintings of Lengjun so far, which has further improved Lengjun’s value. But many netizens don’t understand: This is the so-called super realism? Isn’t it more true to take a picture with a camera? How much hype is there in the 7000 yuan auction price?

In this regard, the relevant experts made an explanation. Experts said that Leng Jun’s paintings can be sold at such a high price, in fact, there are seven artistic values in it. Because no one has tried this before, and few can reach such a super realistic height. Experts suggest that the picture be magnified seven times to see its difference. This picture is really amazing after zooming in. The thread, stitches and fluff on the woman’s sweater are the same as the real one. Through the lace hole, you can feel the white and jade like skin of the woman. This kind of light and shadow artistic effect is difficult to achieve by camera.

Therefore, experts believe that only by witnessing Leng Jun’s paintings can you feel its artistic value and shock. His paintings can also stand the scrutiny and test of people with magnifiers.

The most famous contemporary Ukrainian painting master — appreciation of MI guyda’s oil paintings

Mikhail guida is a talented artist. He was born in an art family in Ukraine. In 1983, he received a master’s degree from the Ukrainian Academy of art and stayed in school to teach. In his country, Gu Yida enjoys a high reputation. As an academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, he was awarded the title of “people’s artist”.

Yin Shuangxi, a famous critic, commented: “in the oil paintings of MI guyida, the elegance and massiveness of European traditional oil paintings are maintained, and the color cultivation of oil painting art is very high, and on this basis, new exploration has been made. The portrayal and portrayal of the characters are rigorous and in place. In the picture, it tends to be flat and pays attention to the black-and-white relationship in structure. It can be seen that Klimt in Austria and Boba in Romania are decorated and cultivated in character modeling. This gorgeous and noble atmosphere is inseparable from Ukrainian literature, music, ballet and other arts. “

Ukraine has a world-famous poet and painter, Shevchenko, as well as a very familiar female master, jablonskaya. Libin, a popular painter, is also a Ukrainian. At present, MI guyida is the backbone of the Ukrainian oil painting industry and one of the representatives of another generation of Ukrainian painting. Gu Yida’s painting uses the flat composition, and the modeling performance also integrates the tradition of Oriental Art, with originality; he prefers to use black and gray to render the picture, and the color of the picture is very harmonious, although the materials used are different, it reminds people of “ink is divided into five colors”. Gu Yida used all kinds of painting methods properly. The combination of oil, knife, finger, ink roller and so on enriched the texture of the picture, making his works “both in form and spirit”.

NHL’s best goalkeeper Award Announced nominations for KHL defender or blue shirt

On April 21, NHL officially released the final list of candidates for the vezina trophy, the best goalkeeper of the regular season. The three are Ben bishop from Dallas, Robin Lena from New York Islanders and Andre vasilevsky from Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Vizier prize is awarded annually to the goalkeeper who performs best in the regular season.

Bishop has won 27-15-2 in 46 games (45 starts) this season, with a saving rate of 93.4%, ranking first in the league, second in 1.98 league goals per game, and third in the league in 7 times (among goalkeepers who have played at least 10 games). From March 2 to 19, he helped the star team set a 233 minutes and 04 seconds finishing record, winning six consecutive games. In addition, in at least 15 games of goalkeepers, bishop in the balance of 93.8% saving rate is also the first league.

Lena is the first player to finish his first show on the island (4-0 on October 8, 2018). He has played 46 games this season with a 25-13-5 record. From December 18, 2018 to January 10, 2019, he set a career record in eight consecutive starts. Among the goalkeepers who have played more than 10 games, Lena has the second saving rate of 93% and the third in the league with 2.13 goals per game. It is worth mentioning that Reina and his replacement goalkeeper Thomas Grice won the William Jennings prize this season, symbolizing the goalkeeper who lost the least goals in the regular season (196, including 5 finishing).

Forgotten West Sichuan pure land, original call, mysterious oil painting world

“Majiagou” means the place where milk and butter are produced in Tibetan language. It is named after the white stream in the ditch, like flowing milk. At the same time, “Majia” means “beautiful phoenix” in Tibetan, and “ditch” means “place”. Therefore, Majiagou is also known as the “beautiful Phoenix land”.

Some people say that there is no scenic spot decorated deliberately, only the simplicity of nature; there are no mountains and a sea of people, only to find pure peace. Autumn is the most beautiful season in Majia gully. When you walk along the long wooden plank road in the gully, you will feel countless large pieces flowing in front of your eyes. Every step is a surprise.

This is a quiet and primitive land, a paradise for people who like photography, climbing, hiking and exploration, scientific research and want to breathe fresh air. Only by using your own eyes and feeling can you know the wonderful feeling. This route is not a long hike but can enter the undeveloped natural scenic spots, public photography and corruption and self abuse.

At present, this nine story blockhouse is the legend of zongke township. The bottom floor of the blockhouse is the livestock circle, the second floor is the kitchen in the north, the south is the living room, the third and fourth floors are the dormitory, the fifth floor is the Buddhist scripture hall, and the sixth floor is the sundry warehouse. The rismamba blockhouse was built by the chieftain for his painters. According to the local villagers, this blockhouse was built for a love story. At that time, the chieftain’s son fell in love with a local beauty in zongke township. In order to make his future wife match each other, the chieftain built this nine story blockhouse for the woman’s family.

What’s the advantage of attending Toronto Stone Fair?

Stonex is the only international exhibition of natural stone industry in Canada, from mechanical tools to instruments and equipment products, from stone waste materials to stone products, including stone products used in kitchens and bathrooms.

The stone industry is booming in Canada. Hundreds of construction projects, from small house decoration projects to large hotels, stadiums and shopping malls, need various kinds of stone materials. In the context of Canada’s booming economic development and infrastructure construction, stonex will bring together top dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, agents and engineers from all over the world. The exhibition provides excellent opportunities for enterprises who want to expand their customer base and a dynamic environment for cooperation and sales. It is an ideal trading platform for the stone and stone technology industry.

Scope of exhibits

Comprehensive classification: stone, tile, ceramics, tools, equipment and machinery, furniture, kitchen and bathroom, roof, adhesive and sealant, cleaning and repair

You can understand the oil painting art of the upper class. The power of painting shows you the inner world of yourself

There are many second generation stars in the entertainment circle, but it is said that only Li Xiang’s daughter, Wang Shiling, has successfully entered the upper life circle. Li Xiang has invested a lot in her daughter’s education since she was a child. Apart from the regular subjects taught in pure English, Wang Shiling’s noble school has such elegant subjects as equestrian, cello, chess and oil painting.

Because grandpa is a painter, Wang Shiling is influenced by him, and his painting skills have been improved. A picture of peacocks she drew was bought for 100000 yuan.

At a young age, you can have such artistic strength. Maybe you can break into the upper class circle with such qualification, which is also very famous.

After all, in many TV dramas, those who are sitting in auction houses competing for classical paintings are all of great value and taste.

However, for the enjoyment of art, there is no class division. Even ordinary people can feel the healing power of painting in a beautiful painting in an economical way.

This way: reading.

The power of painting by Jin Shanxian,

Price: 128 yuan. The cover of the radio is Gustav Klimt’s famous painting.

Six famous stars establish the cup of honor for the elder team with deep history of brown bear

As one of the six founding teams of NHL, the famous Boston brown bear has many glorious moments in its long history. Some of the names may sound strange to fans now, but it is they who have created the era of brown bear and written every chapter of the team.

Eddie shore (1902-1985)

When it comes to Boston brown bear’s earliest celebrity, we need to go back to the time before NHL and WHL merged. In his first season in the professional league, he was also a striker. The next year, he completed the transition from front to back, perhaps with the experience of changing position, Shaul has great threat ability at both ends of attack and defense. After unifying the ice hockey market in North America and being sent to the brown bears, Shaw began his NHL career.

The high penalty is the biggest feature of scholl on the court. In the era of relatively “barbaric” competition, the ability of the guard often depends on the fist and the hard hitting in the collision. He has won four Hart cups representing NHL’s most valuable players and is the most valuable defender in the league. Apart from him, only “ice hockey emperor” Gretzky and “ice hockey man” Gaudi Howe have won more awards. This achievement is obviously accompanied by many conflicts and bloodshed. In addition, he has an unofficial record: five big fights in a single game.

Five out of three 32 can turn around!

On February 10, the Grizzlies challenged the Wizards on the road. In the first quarter of the game, the Wizards had a good hand, and the Grizzlies made continuous mistakes. They took a lead of 12 points after playing the Wizards 30-18 in the first quarter. In the second quarter, the Grizzlies narrowed the gap of 4 points, and in the third quarter, they narrowed the gap of 3 points, that is to say, the Grizzlies were 5 points behind in the last quarter. But in the last quarter, the Grizzlies completed a super reversal, and played a wave of 26-14 when they were 3 quarters behind, The Wizards only got 14 points in a single quarter. The Grizzlies finished the reversal in the last quarter. Finally, the Grizzlies defeated the Wizards 106-99, avoiding two consecutive wins and stabilizing the eighth position in the West. After the game, the Grizzlies had already opened three winning gaps with the ninth blazers.

It’s amazing that the Grizzlies can make a big reversal in this game. In the whole game, the Grizzlies hit 5 out of 32 three-point shots, with a 3-point hit rate of 16%. It can be said that they are crazy to play iron. The most outrageous thing is that they hit 15 out of 25 free throws, with a free throw hit rate of only 60%. If the fans watch this game, they must want to sleep. In the era of small ball, it’s very rare for the whole team to play iron. The Grizzlies also sent 13 points There were nearly seven turnovers. It’s thanks to the 2019 top pick Jia Morant, who helped the Grizzlies fight back 26-14 at the end of the season.

How to renew the contract of star center is the key for NHL’s “cosmic power” off-season minor repair and minor supplement

Recently, the official website has focused on the off-season actions of all teams in the League after the opening of the draft and free agent signing door and the current situation of the team. Today, the focus of the league is on Tampa Bay Lightning, the best regular season player in the game.

After being swept out of the first round of the cold playoffs, lightning’s off-season operation seemed quiet. On July 1, they signed veteran goalkeeper Curtis mcelhinney, and then they signed Luke schenn and Luke Witkowski to increase guard depth.

After that, the big news was that on July 29th they renewed goalkeeper Andrei vasilevskiy with an eight-year contract of 76 million, with an average salary of 9.5 million US dollars. The 25-year-old goalkeeper will become a restricted free agent at the end of next season, the amount and length of the contract is the same as his compatriot teammate, last season MVP winner Nikita kucherov, signed on July 10, 2018.