the Bucks 76ers with Celtic team

Celtic team to compete for the finals to win the championship Hayward this contract must be dealt with, this is its fundamental task, this, I hope to have a clear understanding, ah, so the bucks. Well, I won the Western Championship last year and reached the first place in the league. I can, er, sit on the Diaoyutai, right? But the chase is still fierce. At least the 76ers have already caught up with it, right? And the Celtics have potential attacks. Well, if the two teams meet in advance in the playoffs, it will be half of the team from the present point of view. Well, is it possible for the bucks to supplement in the summer or in February next year? Well, I believe the Celtics. But this potential ability is a little stronger. Well, the Celtics play the regular season with the competitive state of the playoffs. His team can’t be bad in this record. Besides, the Pacers are similar to our previous programs, right.

That’s really delayed. There’s something wrong with the team’s construction. Maybe, I don’t want to have any expectations in the eastern playoffs. Right, since he has such a strong opponent, the Bucks 76ers with Celtic team can’t see hope. If you win, you can cultivate one or two All-Star level. Waiter, and then open up the market. Maybe it’s his fleet and his ideas. But from the perspective of the war record, let go of this, uh, Yang He, er, Bogdanovich is a failure, so let’s take a look at the third level this year

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The Clippers are in chaos!

The line-up of the five primary schools is not absolutely invincible. Ah, it is not an invincible line-up, but it is relatively more suitable for modern basketball. With the development of modern basketball, the projection ability of outside players is becoming stronger and stronger. That’s all. It’s not to say that his lineup has been played all over the place. However, 29 teams are not so, otherwise, the NBA has to be like this, ah, Anthony Davis, Jokic will have no way to live, including, Tang poetry, there is no way to live, there is no living space, but why still copy such a high annual salary? Right, his current problem is mainly after Paul George comes back.

This team should build a rational team in a short period of time. Ah, it’s not necessary. The random fighting team doesn’t know that there is no way out for the random fighting team to play and play. When it comes to the playoffs, or even to the western finals, I haven’t heard of any team that can beat Tiger Island to win the championship and win the championship, right. Paul, George, the most important problem is to solve the team, rationalize, the problem is not to solve. After Paul George came back, the team did not ask Paul George what kind of team it would become. I don’t know what kind of team the fast fleet will become. It mainly depends on Reeves. How to build a team? We don’t have much. We say that the Clippers meet the team of the Lakers. It’s necessary to hold this player. They will be put down in 15 minutes. They will not end up with players like Bartz, the Savior of the half court. Feixin is quite strong. It must be the Clippers who seek change first. The Clippers should first go to a small one to match the team of the Los Angeles team. This is a super large one, and the inside line is one big and four small compared with the Los Angeles team. With the clippers, this is the way out for the clippers, right? So the Clippers say XX is right.

I’ve done a show before, but I didn’t broadcast it. It’s mainly because of Morey’s world. We dare not broadcast it. Therefore, XX team is introducing. Boxing champion Tyson Chandler, this transaction is also very, very proud

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he Spurs have such a good tradition

I want to know why I don’t play and be beaten. Some netizens introduced that, maybe every ball has been hit, and I’m very tired under the circumstances of playing. I tell you that it’s a mistake to know that if you have such an understanding, you may not be able to be beaten, you may not be tired, or you may not be able to frame yourself. Why do you say that Aldrich has been hit. Right? He threw jump shots for every ball, so at that time, er De, rich, Popovich didn’t give them to them when they asked for a contract. Of course, the Spurs have such a good tradition. Every time they meet a big contract, he doesn’t give it to you. Ah, then the two big contracts are presented in this way, and the interest of two is the same.

After a long time, I finally gave it to you. I asked you to play harder. Don’t turn over every ball and jump shot. My family came out of the last sentence. Then we can see that the next season Aldrich was hit when he was hit. Let’s look at all kinds of hardiness, such as throwing, pouring, basket and so on. Well, it can reflect the interest rate of two. He has changed. Popovich also has requirements for him. So, some of the two, he will not be tired if he is hit in the fourth position. He will ignore him and play lightly, right? This is his choice. We want to say why the lower hole is not easy, not necessarily, easy, mainly because if you choose to float out of the soup, right, shake open the space to shoot, then you are really not so much, this skill consumption is not so big, but you need to know the inside line players.

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Green’s will to hate

There is a memory that we said at that time that green had a great influence on Durant’s choice in the future. Ah, look, when the season is over, the last season is over. Since then, Durant did not go to the net to do any explanation work or have any views on the warriors. He said that now slowly start, slowly ferment and begin to talk about Durant leaving the warriors. It must be an important topic because this is.

There are two things that affect the league and the pattern this summer. He can say that three things can also be said to be two details that affect the changes of the major pattern of the league. The first thing is whether the warriors win the championship or not. This can be tied with Durant’s world, that is, Durant leaves the warriors. It is a historic event for Durant to leave the warriors and join the nets. The second thing is to join the Clippers in large quantities. As we all know, these two things are the most important things at this time when 1819 finished the 1919 season and summer.

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Ingram flies to New York

Let’s talk about one. Ram, then Warcraft in England pays attention to it because it’s the Laker fans, right? Well, when it comes to the growth rate, none of them are like super soldiers. It’s so fast, but it’s stable. I’m also a good player. I’m a good player. My body is very good. I can eat it if I’m thinner. It doesn’t matter if I’m fat. I can’t change my height and arm length the day after tomorrow. And we should remember this. One inch, one inch high, strong, right, er, er, after the Lakers traded to the pelicans, um, this year’s 191-20 season is the end of the contract Festival, and after the completion of the contract Festival, there will be a big contract, so some netizens asked how to sign or how to say a ram.

There will be such a trend. Let me tell you, pelicans are a rotten team first, and there are no players to look up to. Therefore, there is no hope for this team. As for how to open a ram to think about this problem, all the questions are raised. I may be able to get one. Five years of big contract, right? How to go to other teams, earn a little less, 5% um, but for my future, it will be better, a little bit, whether the champion needs to be needed or not, the honor also needs to cultivate space for growth, I think ah, I think from my personal understanding. I think, go, lone ranger, Mavericks, is a good choice, there is a fifth, if you can go to the Mavericks to cooperate with things, I tell you, these young players, but generally about 25 years old and under 25 years old, there are 23 or 4 years old. The player who publishes the position, you go to match with the things. When you play, 27 or 8 years old, and the biggest condition of the thing, James, retired, the headlights, haddenway can’t play any more, and they all run away. George Lenna has to be reimbursed

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The heat of momentum

Talking about the heat team, a lot of fans didn’t expect that the heat could also reach the second place in the East and the second in the East. So, whether the heat is a strong team or not. The problem of non strong teams, I feel that you say it is a strong team, but you can’t say that you say that she pretends to be a strong team. Well, I don’t think it’s possible to talk about it, because it does play the second position in the East. If there is a overlord in the East that can dominate all the teams. 2345678, then they can all be called fake strong teams, right? But now there is no overlord in the East, or it’s hard to say which team will be the first in the East. You don’t necessarily think the bucks are very reliable.

You can’t say that at the end of the season, you can’t say that, right? Well, I believe there are some fans who dare to say so. You have the courage to stand up. It seems that there is a chance for Celtic, including the 76ers. As long as he comes back, he can rush up after his state returns. Including, the heat, you include now, you have to be able to see that he has any big problems, he also has no big problems, right, mainly because in the eastern environment, these teams are biased against those teams, but those who encounter slightly stronger opponents are not. I don’t want to fight with any kind of resistance, so the strength is not very clear, and the strength of 12345 is not very clear. You can’t see that because the gun has been handed in after a dozen, how can you see who’s fighting capacity? Right? Because of the second point. Now the fire brigade is the team, the momentum is surging, the industry or even these players are very desperate, what, the problem, most of these players’ contracts are due to expire, and they want to fight for a good price in the coming year.

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How many games can the warriors lose

Let’s talk about the warriors about curry Thompson Green’s content, ah, those who answered some questions from netizens before, and told me that netizens asked us to talk about this year’s rookies. In fact, we also mentioned them in previous programs. It’s not true, you, but we can also hear some of them when we have been paying close attention to them all the time. Because our program is a very casual program, it is an entertainment program, so we often deviate from the topic. Ah, for example, we will talk about some content today. Well, we will run far away from the topic, and sometimes we can’t pull it back. You want you to understand, ah, these rookies I really observe, not much, almost no ah, only in the face of a strong team, ah, um, anchor, ah, or commentary can introduce ah, let’s have a look, right? Take a look, basically know what level.

I don’t pay much attention to him. Ah, it’s almost OK. I still pay attention to the performance of super stars of strong teams. When you become super stars, let’s pay attention to you again. OK, I don’t have so much energy. It’s really good to be brushed off too much. Let’s talk about the warriors. Before that, some netizens asked us that the warriors will go this year, what kind of trend, what kind of ending will be, ah, to now, a few steps to hear now, you can know those who called us before, because we said something about it. Warriors, the so-called improper speech, the so-called improper, take off, we are how stupid, objective to talk about ah, the Warriors team is good or not good is not good, right, how to say how many times this year’s warriors can reach, almost 15 to 20 years old almost.

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Lefook packing

Talking about the transfer this winter, I can’t believe that I will discuss this issue with you and talk about my personal understanding in the past month or so, because before, there are still fans who are discussing this issue. You can see that it will be repaired and played well, grizzlies. Can you imagine, ah, the Grizzlies are really powerful if they play I’ll tell you, at that time, when she was white, she would go. When, one of them got a n% discount after the transaction. Look, how to trade back? I don’t want to talk about it any more. Before that, some netizens said that this team also wanted this team, right? Which team could undertake the contract of 1045 million? 1056 million? We also said in the previous program, right.

Well, just play a playoff, right? It’s very bad for accord to play playoffs for most of the season. Ah, every team is in short supply. Ah, the financial resources are not rich, and the wage cap is on the head. It is impossible to trade. No team is willing to trade for the start of the season. After the breakup, we said that igordala must be patient with this problem. We can’t do business at this time. We have to wait until the last moment. Patience, of course, is it useful or not? Ah, it’s gambling. Ah, I think I’m gambling. See which team dares to make such a bet. It’s impossible to gamble and trade. It’s waiting for the Grizzlies when to buy out at the end. After buying out, the other teams will be chaste and awesome. They will give us a good fight. We will pay two to three million dollars to fight the game.

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Paul calls NBA super giant to hold conference call

New York time, May 13, according to Yahoo Sports reports, NBA players Union Chairman Chris Paul, today called a conference call with a number of superstars including James, alphabet Corey, Durant and kawayi. They all hope that the NBA can recover this season. According to people familiar with the matter, Paul, the president of the union, organized a conference call today and invited League superstars such as James Davis Durant letter goto Auntie curilillard and Westbrook to attend the conference. It is understood that the superstars who participated in the meeting hope to win the NBA this season.

In the end, all participants agreed that once the League gave a green light, they were willing to resume the game and take necessary protective measures to ensure safety. Today’s NBA superstar’s teleconference will play a key role in all NBA players’ decisions on whether to resume the game this season.

It’s worth mentioning that ESPN reported today that representatives of the players’ Union asked NBA players whether they would like to be absent through a text message questionnaire.

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NBA playoffs

Let’s talk about it now. Ah, we always have to discuss how to beat the strong teams, including the Lakers. We will also say before. We just didn’t say it systematically. Today, we said how to beat the bucks. In fact, you see, in the Christmas War, the 76ers played the bucks. Unless you have, extremely strong, point opponent’s also can’t target, you hit you I hit me, ah, we do not interfere with each other, mutual influence, I can’t prevent you, you can’t prevent me. Finally, we’ll see who’s fist is harder by bayonet. So, 76 people have this advantage on eczema.

His advantage is reflected in the core position of emmed’s interior strength, which is unshakable. Then, the second advantage, he is also a large team, ah, defense is also very good, this is the two advantages of seven men team to beat the Bucks, then the two advantages of bucks in the 76ers. That’s to say, strength, one and a half disadvantages. In this way, if you play down, it’s that whoever is good at playing is harder, ah, more able to play well. The second one is about how to defend. The Bucks don’t have a great advantage. How do you write that. Help him, because he’s fighting to attack you and fight against him. There’s no way out. It’s a dead end. It’s like, with missiles, with missiles, with teams. Of course, you can fight with missile teams. Yes, it’s no problem. I don’t think you can take the second way, right? If you want to rely on him to defend, it’s useless. It’s better to defend him. Let’s talk about it later, troublemakers. Today, we still talk about bears. So you should have the ability to hold down the score and defend him, because his advantages are too obvious. You can’t do all these things well in the triathlon.

You can only grasp it. The point is, um, James of Popovich’s Heat team also used a lot of ways to play, QB ah also used a lot of ways, right? This is a relatively easy thing to do. What we can learn from is to discuss and observe