Screen Printing, Music Festivals and Bands

Screen printing, music festivals and bands (custom t shirt transfer printing): If you’re a music lover you probably noticed 2013 was a great year for summer music festivals around the globe; from Barcelona to Austin, millions have gone wild to the sound of their favourite bands live. After those glorious moments and melodies spent singing along with the rest of the crowd, I bet you couldn’t resist stopping by the festival shop tents to see how to spend that money that didn’t go on beers, right? I can’t think of a single music lover that doesn’t fancy bands and festivals merchandising.

Within that wonderful sea of colourful T-shirts, albums, bags and posters, you can’t help but notice that usually all the the official merchandising products are very similar, in a way. If not using the artist’s own hand draw sketches (most of them are very skilled!), music visual identity pieces are done by illustrators and designers hired by art directors of marketing agencies. They all use colours, typography and original illustrations to give the band (or a specific album) a unique personality.

Festivals brand identity and the Coachella Boutique
Lately there has been a significant increase in how music festivals deal with their visual identity as well – it’s been getting stronger from a marketing perspective, making it more interesting to see what’s going to come next year. This year, the creative director for Primavera Sound, André Cruz, created a modular and metamorphic triangle block system to represent the diversity of the event’s attendees and the eclectic mix of their lineup. And like with every big event, taking good care of the brand image is also a way of selling significant amounts of promotional merchandising later on.

Spending more effort on having a great official shop inside of the festival can also make the difference when it comes to how visitors relate with the brand. A good example of this is the work developed by art director Edoardo Chavarin – alongside a team of designers and collaborators – for Coachella Boutique 2013; a space inside the festival grounds was dedicated to limited edition merchandise and artist/brand collaborations. If you went to the festival shop, you saw lots of all over prints (that appears to be trending lately) and bunches of screen printed T-shirts. The organisation even made it possible for people to screen print and buy personalised T-shirts live at the shop. Besides the unique experience you get from choosing your screens and the order they’re gonna be printed on the top of each other, the quality and long lasting finish it gives (besides looking awesome!) makes screen printing a huge must-have at any music event – even if just printing T-shirts in advance for selling.

Band merch
Band merchandising follows the same path, with the idea to sell at concerts and online. It’s difficult to find one music project that never printed promotional T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags or even posters (screen printing on fine paper is a killer for designers eyes and music lovers). They’re beautiful souvenirs or gifts for any music fan to be proud to have around the house. The funny thing is that, although it involves initial setup costs (one screen per design color, plus a base layer to print onto coloured garments to ensure vibrancy), the end price of screen printing is always going to be the lowest when producing bulk orders – it also offers the best quality print. Choosing the right garment is equally important, after all nobody wants to see all those dear memories of one festival on a warm summer’s day getting teared sooner than expected.

At this point there are two things I’m looking forward for next year’s festivals: let the lineups be awesome in a festival close to me, and don’t stop getting creative when it comes down to powering your festival brand. As a design, music and merchandising lover, I’d thank you.

How to make your business grow?

My name is Jake, I’m 19 years old and just recently started my own, small, screen printing shop out of my basement. I know I’m young, however, I’ve Been working at a high scale sports printing shop for 2-3 years now and have learned the ins-and-outs of screen printing. My boss is retiring in a few years and wants me to take over the business. I got my own equipment at such a young age to try and establish some of my own clients and to get use to the sales aspect of the business.

My question is, how do you go about finding clients? What to you ask them? Who are the right people to ask? I’m sure some of these questions have obvious answers, but I’m really unskilled in the sales department. I’ve done a couple of jobs in the 5 months I’ve owned my equipment, but I’d like to do a lot more work. I would really appreciate some advice from well established people on this forum. I would ask my boss, but I don’t want him to feel as if I’m competing with him.

Thanks in advance and I apologies if there is a similar thread. I did a search and couldn’t find anything.
Re: How to make your business grow?

Jake- first off, congrats on your business and having the guts to just take charge.

As far as getting business. I know when I first started out, I got most of my business just from talking to people. Everytime you walk into a store (small shops are best not big retailers like walmart) just strike up a conversation (keep it real not fake) and then just ask where they get there shirts and stuff from. If they like you they may be willing to stock a design of yours to start. I also had luck with local fire departments and stuff. They always need shirts and usually have softball teams and such as well. You may be able to use your age as an advantage with that type of thing to. People like to see a younger person that is trying to make something of themselves. At any rate….just be yourself, keep working hard, and it will work out.


Re: How to make your business grow?

If your boss finds out, which is very probable, do you think he’ll want you take over his business if he thinks you’re competing with him now? Word of mouth is the best advertising, but the word may get back to him. If it does, do you think he’s fire you? This is just something to consider, if you value your job and want to take over a larger business some day.

Otherwise, good luck in your new venture.


Re: How to make your business grow?

I find that this is the best way to get going get a design or two into a few small shops and you will get noticed.


Re: How to make your business grow?

I have to agree with Mike here. If you feel there is merit to your boss’s claim to want you to take over in a few years, my advice would be to NOT start a competeing business, but learn from your boss, if he wants you to take over, than he would be teaching you all about the sales aspect of the business in the very near future. If you can break into this business with an established client list, your way ahead of the game.
Re: How to make your business grow?
Yeah you dont want to start competing with your boss. If you are given the company that your boss says he wantt to give to you, would you want to be running another company at the same time? compeing with yourself? Your boss already has a business going and has clients and such, so just wait it out for a few years.
Re: How to make your business grow?
Thank you all for your responses! I should have been more clear about the situation with my boss. He DOES know about my basement project. He isn’t worried about me competing with him because he strictly does sports printing. He couldn’t be happier that I’m interested enough in the business to start doing side work. He also sticks to the same towns in which his clients are in. He turns away work from time to time and recommends my business to those people, which helps out. He teaches me a lot about how to run a business everyday, but we haven’t gotten into establishing clients yet so I thought I’d ask you guys first. I know then when I take over his shop I will have a ton of clients, but in the mean time I have the equipment on a lease and would like to start getting a steady cash flow to take care of those payments.

Thanks again for the advice and concerns!

How to Make a 80s Style Tee Shirt

Cut up an old tee shirt to look like you just stepped out of the 80s!

First, the Neck : Mark 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) from the neckline all around the neck, following its natural shape.iron on transfers for t shirts

With sharp scissors, follow the basic neckline shape and cut a new, larger hole, using your marks and guidelines. (Remember to cut on the outside of your marks so those don’t remain on the shirt)

Next, the Sleeves : Fold the shirt perfectly in half, matching up the sleeve stitching both on top and bottom.

Holding both sleeves together, follow the angle of the sleeve edge, cutting off 2–4 inches (5.1–10.2 cm), depending on desired sleeve length.

Finally, the details : For a short shirt, in true “Flash Dance” style, feel free to cut an additional 6–8 inches (15.2–20.3 cm) off the length of the tee OR…

Instead of making it short, create some custom fringe. Lay the shirt out perfectly flat. Cut the side of the tee up each edge, stopping where the sleeve meets the body of the tee. Biker Flames iron on decals

Then snip small 2″ cuts (about 0.5″ apart from each other) down both the front and back of each side edge. Make sure there are the same number of snips on each side.

Tie the pieces together to create a side fringe on the shirt. Now repeat on the other side.

Now ROCK ON in your totally rad custom 80s-tee-shirts


  • Make sure not to cut too much up the shirt to the sleeve, because the shirt will rip if you do so.
  • Be careful with scissors!

Things You’ll Need

  • A ruler

  • A silver Sharpie or chalk

  • Sharp scissors

  • Your Journey album

  • An oversized shirt (especially if you do the fringe because you will be taking in the waist at least four inches)

How to Remove Stickers from a

Did you just buy a new laptop or other device, only to find it covered in unattractive stickers?. Time to remove those stickers and free your hardware from its role as a traveling advertisement.

1. Make sure this laptop isn’t too old. The stickers will dry up, and over time, the glue backing will separate from the printed material. If you decide to remove the stickers, do it quickly. The stickers are not going to stay fresh for more than a year or two, depending upon its quality. If your laptop is a relic, skip to the very last step to use a chemical removal method.

2. Decide which stickers to remove. Some stickers are useful, such as OEM licensing stickers that will be void when removed. Others may contain serial numbers, service tags, support information, or systems specifications. Commonly removed stickers include ones promoting the Windows operating system (ie: “Designed for Windows XP” and “Windows Vista Capable”), as well as Intel and AMD CPU stickers.nhl stickers

3. Remember to do this slowly. If you rush it and try to pull the whole thing off at once, you run the risk of tearing the sticker or separating the glue backing.

4. Start from the edges. Use your fingernails or a non-abrasive abrasive putty knife. Be careful not to scratch or damage any plastic or aluminum surfaces in the process.

5. Pull the sticker up slowly from the edge you just started. Try to pull it up using an angle between 45 and 90 degrees. Never bend the sticker back further than a 90 degree angle, as this will promote the separation of the glue backing and printed material.

6. Clean the surface. Some sticker residue may be rubbed off easily, while some require additional help. As always, avoid scratching the surface.

First, try rubbing off the remaining residue by hand. Many forms of glue, even when mixed with a little paper, will curl up onto itself when moved over a surface.

Second, if rubbing doesn’t help, try using duct tape or other very sticky tape to remove the remaining residue. Break or cut off a piece of tape, apply it to the surface, then remove it or, if possible, simply rub the sticky surface of the tape over the residue. Repeat this until all of the residue has been removed, and attached to the tape instead.

Third, apply a small amount of cooking oil, such as canola or olive oils to the adhesive with a paper towel. Allow the oil to sit on the adhesive for site 2-5 minutes. The adhesive should now easily scrape off with your finger or a soft plastic tool. Using window cleaner, such as Windex, and a clean paper towel clean the remaining oil and adhesive off.

Fourth, if all previous attempts fail, use chemicals. A popular and extremely useful method is to use a citric-acid based cleaner such as “Goo-Gone”. These types of cleaners will not harm metal or harder plastics, but may dry the surface of softer plastics, leaving a white, frosted appearance. Test this on a small, hidden area first. Another liquid to try is alcohol (try spraying a small amount of your deodorant or perfume, if that is handy). Aerosol furniture polish, like Old English, can be very effective. Another is WD-40 which won’t hurt the surface and can be cleaned off the computer’s surface with a dish rag and a little soap.

7. A product called “Odor Assassin” (Lemon-Lime Scent) that is available at most “dollar” and discount stores will dissolve most adhesives instantly and can be removed with a clean cotton face cloth.


  • If your laptop sticker has one or more rounded corners, start peeling it from a rounded corner. If you come to an area where it starts to separate, start over from another edge.
  • Patience conquers all stickers. Always go slow and steady on sticker removal. If it’s not working and you’re getting frustrated, leave it for another day when you have more patience.
  • Try to use tools that won’t damage your laptop. Your fingernails, erasers, plastic putty knives, plastic guitar picks, no-stick spatula/pancake flipper, and even tweezers (used carefully) will pose the smallest threat to your laptop’s surfaces.


  • Heat from a laptop increases the bond of some glue backings over time. This bond may etch into painted surfaces or even stain some plastics and brushed aluminum.
  • Don’t remove any stickers with OEM license information, as it will void some OEM licenses.
  • Sharp or hard objects will damage laptop surfaces if used to scrape off stickers. car art stickers
  • Avoid spilling any liquid into the cracks or exposed area of a laptop, such as the keyboard. Some liquid is conductive and may cause electrical shorts.
  • Before following this process, ensure that the laptop power is turned off, and unplugged from any electrical source. If possible, remove the laptop battery from the case as well.

Things You’ll Need

  • Tweezers for stickers that are difficult to start.

  • Cleaning solution such as alcohol or “Goo-Gone”.

  • Paper towels, napkins, or rags to use with the cleaning solution.

  • Tape, such as duct tape, to help remove residue.

why are’s window clings different?

Clear Static Clings are custom die-cut to any shape you need and printed full color. Our Clear Static Clings do not use adhesive, so they can be removed and re-used again and again, and won’t leave a mess on your windows, mirrors or glass surface, as well as plastic and baked enamel finishes.

Perfect for store front windows, car windows, mirrors and more! Add you company information, logo, contact number and adhere them to your vehicle when you are working. Remove the static cling when you are not working, and reapply again later for fast, easy branding of your personal vehicle. Apply Clear Static Clings to mirrors in change rooms, bathrooms or in your salon to promote short-terms events or sales. Give Clear Static Clings away to members of your club, community, or school as fundraiser materials or to show your support for a cause. For a flexible, adhesive-free solution,’s Clear Static Clings are a great choice.

New! Hockey Puck Labels on

Hockey season is fast approaching, and to commemorate one of our favorite sports, we have added a new line of custom stickers to We call these our Hockey Puck Stickers. 

The hockey puck labels are made with our regular white vinyl material. This means they will have great colour reproduction, and a great adhesive. They are waterproof and UV resistant so you can continue to use the puck in games. The templates are pre-set to fit perfectly on a regulation size hockey puck, so all you need to do is choose from our various artwork or design your own labels.

We are sure the possibilities and creative ideas are already flowing through your head, but here are some other great ideas on what you can do with hockey puck labels:

1) Party favours. Hosting a birthday party for your hockey playing kid? These make great party favours that guests can use again and again.

2) Groomsmen gifts. Are all of your groomsmen hockey players too? Customize the pucks with each groomsman’s name and the date of your bachelor party. 

3) Team Pucks. Part of a community hockey team, or a player for the school team? You can design your team pucks with your name and mascot on them. Perfect for home games.

4) Prizes or awards. Running an awards ceremony and need a cool (yet affordable) item you can give away? Design your own puck labels specific to the awards ceremony or event and then buy a pack of blank pucks. Its fast and easy.

5) Special gift. Make a set of labels that each say something different, such as “First Game”, “First Goal”, “First Championship”, and any other firsts you may want to include. Stick these labels on the pucks from each game when that first occurred. Get the set of pucks mounted and framed and give them to your child years later. Super sentimental.

What’re’s decals different from others’

Make clear stickers for your next big company event, to promote your latest product, to stick around the office, stick on cars, or just for fun! If you’re in a band, make band stickers, and use them to promote your upcoming album or tour. For easy promotion, include bumper stickers, or stickers for free giveaways to fans. Use stickers to stick on free gifts for clients, for company events, to promote your latest product, or to promote sales.

With our high quality, glossy vinyl material, they will stick strong on most material, and apply smoothly. With using white ink, our clear stickers will have that extra pop to your images. You can make them just about any shape, from round stickers, to heart shaped, or have them die cut to the image. When it comes time to change your stickers, they will come off clean leaving no messy residue behind to harm your products.

How to Get the Sticker Remains off Valuable Products

Some products that you buy may have stickers on them which leave sticky remains that are very hard to get off. This article shows you ways to remove the remains off such products without damaging them.

Method 1. Glass

1. Soak the remains of the sticker with rubbing alcohol.

2. Use the sharp edge of a razor blade to scrape off the remains; this will not damage the glass.

3. Make sure the blade isn’t pointing directly towards the glass. It should be facing the remains and should just skim the surface of it. If it gets harder to scrape off, add warmer water.

Method 2. Wood

1. Put hot water on a sponge.

2. Dab the sponge on the the remains of the sticker on the wood.

3. Slowly peel off as you would with a sticker. It will be easier than using cold water.

4. Consider using a towel to rub it off but it depends on the wood type. If it is smooth, the towel will work better than peeling it off.

Method 3. Metal

1. Use very hot water on the remains. Let it set for about 3 minutes.custom NHL decals stickers

2. Get a towel and rub the remains off hard. The harder you rub the remains, the more effective it will be.

3. Confirm that you are doing it correctly by checking if you get small rolls of sticker.

Method 4. Plastic

1. use rubbing alcohol and do basically what you would do with glass but be more gentle.


  • WD-40 sprayed on and left to sit will melt most glues. If not, try GooGone from the dollar store or a hardware store.
  • Boiling water can be dangerous, but its more effective.custom mlb stickers


  • All three methods can cause injury if care is not taken, so be vigilant. Keep your fingers out of the way of the razor blade.
  • Do not try using hot water on glass.
  • The glass does not class as a laptop screen. A related wikihow has been added to tell you how to clean a laptop screen.

    Things You’ll Need

    • Razor blade

    • Warm water

    • Hot water

    • Towel

How to Print Out Large Letters of the Alphabet

    One of the most classic classroom decorations is an alphabet, strategically placed so students can refer to it when working and serve as a visual reminder of what they’ve learned. You can make a large format alphabet decoration inexpensively and easily by printing out large letters using your computer and printer. There are numerous websites that offer large format letters that can be downloaded and printed, or you can design the letters yourself using word processing software. Remember you can get creative with fonts and colors to help catch your students’ interests as well.custom mlb stickers

    • Open up a blank document using word processing software on your computer. Type the first letter you wish to create in the first line of the document.

    • Highlight the letter you just typed and go up to the “Font Size” drop down menu, usually located at the top center of the document window. Select the largest font size available and click it. If the largest size available does not sufficiently enlarge the letter, you can type in a larger number into the “Font Size” drop down menu box.

    • Highlight your letter again and select the “Font” drop down menu if you wish to use a particular font for your letter. Select your desired font out of the available options.custom NHL decals stickers

    • Go to the “File” drop down menu and select “Print Preview” to see if your letter looks as you want it to. Check that it is appropriately aligned on the paper and does not overlap the boundaries of the paper size.

    • Navigate to a website if you choose not to make your own alphabet. Many sites offer large format letters for printing. Select the first letter you wish to print. Open the letter in a new browser window, or download it to your desktop and open it using the appropriate software (generally, either word processing software or a .pdf reader).

    • Select the “File” drop down menu and click the “Print” option on either your web browser or word processing software.

    • Check that there is paper loaded into your printer and that it is plugged in and communicating with your computer. Click the “Print” button in your web browser or word processing software and monitor the printer as it prints the letter out.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Winter decorations cheer up drab windows, and make them look pretty and frosted during the cold dull months.

1. Go to your local craft store and purchase plain white card, silver paper, silver and gold glitter glue, PVA glue, double side sticky plastic, a small paint brush, cheap silver and gold baubles, thin gold or silver ribbon, tinsel, and some window snow spray. You could also buy or find some clear fairy lights.

2. Take some white card, and lightly draw an outline of a snowman on it. Don’t pencil in any features. Cut it out.

Make Winter Window Decorations v2

3. Carefully draw in the features, such as a scarf, eyes, nose etc using gold and silver glitter glue. Place on some newspaper and allow to dry for a few hours. custom NHL decals stickers

Make Winter Window Decorations v3

4. String up the fairy lights in the window you’re decorating.

Make Winter Window Decorations v4

5. Spray window snow in the corners of the window for a frosted affect. Pin up the curtains and pull up the blinds beforehand to avoid any damage to them.

Make Winter Window Decorations v5

6. Thread the ribbon through the tops of the baubles, and string them up at different levels in the window.

7. Draw some stars onto the silver paper.custom mlb stickers They don’t all have to be the same size. Cut them out carefully.

Make Winter Window Decorations v7

8. Cut some small squares of double sticky plastic, and peel it. Apply three pieces to the front of each star point. Stick them in the window.

Make Winter Window Decorations v8

9. When the snowmen are dry, cut and peel some small squares of sticky plastic and apply to the front of them, one piece at the top and one at the bottom. Stick them in the window.

Make Winter Window Decorations v9

10. Blu-tack a long straight piece of tinsel onto the top of the window, and again at the bottom.

Make Winter Window Decorations v10

Things You’ll Need

  • Plain white card

  • Silver paper

  • Silver and gold glitter glue

  • PVA glue

  • Double side sticky plastic

  • A small paint brush

  • Silver baubles

  • Scissors

  • Thin gold or silver ribbon.

  • Window snow spray

  • Tinsel