quite a loss for the Rockets

It’s four to one, even if you lose, right? College is such a team. I was still discussing with ah, our senior fans yesterday, about the rockets and jazz black, right? My personal. It’s because of Mitchell’s fatigue, or the decline of his state, the Jazz team has fallen into mediocrity. Do you understand that? Let’s use this.

The Jazz team did not have Mitchell, ah, this smooth team fell into mediocrity, but the Rockets had Hadden, the super God of Hadden, today broke Kobe’s record scoring record, and the whole team is on the upward trend. But I think in terms of overall strength and ability, last year’s rocket team was slightly better than that, so a little bit ahead. In fact, I think it’s quite a loss for the Rockets. It’s completely dependent on harden Paul’s emotion if they can’t hold up the flag. Let’s play to the playoffs. It’s a very worrying feeling. So to play jazz, there’s no resistance. You should have played 4-1. You should review it, right? All the tests are very important in the second round, so go directly to the warriors. It’s so strange that I didn’t win the last few games. It’s strange that I lost the last few games, played thunder and lost, right? If I win, I’ll play the Western inning, so that the warriors can meet the first round of thunder and the fourth round spurs.

So you have a good level to play in the Western Conference finals. Now you see the Spurs and feel like they are going to play in the Western Conference finals. Can you imagine? You can imagine that James should join the Spurs. I think it will be more practical. It’s actually more effective, isn’t it.

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