Realistic body oil painting of Canadian female artist, delicate and lifelike, attracting people’s reverie

Helen belander, Canada, (1949 -) was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She conducted traditional research in Montreal. In 1975, Beland received a diploma from the Academy of Arts.

From 1979 to 1981, he worked at the school of painting and art in Los Angeles, under the guidance of American professional painter Larry grucker

Helen belander also studies art at the University of Quebec in Montreal

Helen belander is good at many kinds of painting techniques, such as charcoal, pastel, oil painting, etc

Her works have a warm feeling of bathing in the sun. She is good at using color to convey her subjective feelings

The meaning of “beauty” is extensive. Painting beautiful women can show beauty, and painting migrant workers can also show beauty. Sympathy, praise, understanding and respect for vulnerable groups are embodied in the works, which can be called “beauty”. As long as the works can move you, the power of infection is beauty.

Realism oil painting, also known as realism art, refers to the real things in accordance with the original appearance, in the art works in the present life, to reveal the essence of life in a real image. Therefore, in the creation of modern art works, we should pay more attention to the observation of life and love life. Only those painters who understand life can create realistic art works with real feelings. Realistic oil painting reflects the beauty of social culture, not social phenomenon, but people often only see the phenomenon, and the artist is to promote the social phenomenon to the height of culture, and then play its due role in human aesthetic education. Beauty is always accompanied by thought. If there is no thought, beauty is only a visual beauty, just an instinctive beauty.