Rocket pack Capella Paul!

I was going to talk about the Rockets. Because of the time delay, I’d like to talk about this program. To share, Hawking asked some netizens to talk about the issue of Hardon Paul, ah, the issue of friction. Then, I saw on the Internet just now that O’Neill expressed his personal views on this matter. I think I quite agree with him. O’Neill’s meaning is very simple, and there must be friction. I respect the most important, it’s not a big deal. I think it’s not a thing that I didn’t have a show before. So we didn’t see me say this problem. I don’t think it’s because of the losing fans of some teams.

This is an important indicator to test the maturity of a team. Ah why, there is only one winner in the championship every year. There are losers and losers. Although they lose the game, they are not worthless, because there is only one winner and others are losers. Among the losers, finding out the cause of failure is the most important preparation. Welcome more, there’s a problem with winning, right

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