Six famous stars establish the cup of honor for the elder team with deep history of brown bear

As one of the six founding teams of NHL, the famous Boston brown bear has many glorious moments in its long history. Some of the names may sound strange to fans now, but it is they who have created the era of brown bear and written every chapter of the team.

Eddie shore (1902-1985)

When it comes to Boston brown bear’s earliest celebrity, we need to go back to the time before NHL and WHL merged. In his first season in the professional league, he was also a striker. The next year, he completed the transition from front to back, perhaps with the experience of changing position, Shaul has great threat ability at both ends of attack and defense. After unifying the ice hockey market in North America and being sent to the brown bears, Shaw began his NHL career.

The high penalty is the biggest feature of scholl on the court. In the era of relatively “barbaric” competition, the ability of the guard often depends on the fist and the hard hitting in the collision. He has won four Hart cups representing NHL’s most valuable players and is the most valuable defender in the league. Apart from him, only “ice hockey emperor” Gretzky and “ice hockey man” Gaudi Howe have won more awards. This achievement is obviously accompanied by many conflicts and bloodshed. In addition, he has an unofficial record: five big fights in a single game.