the Bucks 76ers with Celtic team

Celtic team to compete for the finals to win the championship Hayward this contract must be dealt with, this is its fundamental task, this, I hope to have a clear understanding, ah, so the bucks. Well, I won the Western Championship last year and reached the first place in the league. I can, er, sit on the Diaoyutai, right? But the chase is still fierce. At least the 76ers have already caught up with it, right? And the Celtics have potential attacks. Well, if the two teams meet in advance in the playoffs, it will be half of the team from the present point of view. Well, is it possible for the bucks to supplement in the summer or in February next year? Well, I believe the Celtics. But this potential ability is a little stronger. Well, the Celtics play the regular season with the competitive state of the playoffs. His team can’t be bad in this record. Besides, the Pacers are similar to our previous programs, right.

That’s really delayed. There’s something wrong with the team’s construction. Maybe, I don’t want to have any expectations in the eastern playoffs. Right, since he has such a strong opponent, the Bucks 76ers with Celtic team can’t see hope. If you win, you can cultivate one or two All-Star level. Waiter, and then open up the market. Maybe it’s his fleet and his ideas. But from the perspective of the war record, let go of this, uh, Yang He, er, Bogdanovich is a failure, so let’s take a look at the third level this year

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