The Clippers are in chaos!

The line-up of the five primary schools is not absolutely invincible. Ah, it is not an invincible line-up, but it is relatively more suitable for modern basketball. With the development of modern basketball, the projection ability of outside players is becoming stronger and stronger. That’s all. It’s not to say that his lineup has been played all over the place. However, 29 teams are not so, otherwise, the NBA has to be like this, ah, Anthony Davis, Jokic will have no way to live, including, Tang poetry, there is no way to live, there is no living space, but why still copy such a high annual salary? Right, his current problem is mainly after Paul George comes back.

This team should build a rational team in a short period of time. Ah, it’s not necessary. The random fighting team doesn’t know that there is no way out for the random fighting team to play and play. When it comes to the playoffs, or even to the western finals, I haven’t heard of any team that can beat Tiger Island to win the championship and win the championship, right. Paul, George, the most important problem is to solve the team, rationalize, the problem is not to solve. After Paul George came back, the team did not ask Paul George what kind of team it would become. I don’t know what kind of team the fast fleet will become. It mainly depends on Reeves. How to build a team? We don’t have much. We say that the Clippers meet the team of the Lakers. It’s necessary to hold this player. They will be put down in 15 minutes. They will not end up with players like Bartz, the Savior of the half court. Feixin is quite strong. It must be the Clippers who seek change first. The Clippers should first go to a small one to match the team of the Los Angeles team. This is a super large one, and the inside line is one big and four small compared with the Los Angeles team. With the clippers, this is the way out for the clippers, right? So the Clippers say XX is right.

I’ve done a show before, but I didn’t broadcast it. It’s mainly because of Morey’s world. We dare not broadcast it. Therefore, XX team is introducing. Boxing champion Tyson Chandler, this transaction is also very, very proud

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