The long army has 20 points plus 5 rebounds plus 5 assists

This thing is urgent. Ah, if we can’t get the best rookie of this year, we won’t watch the NBA. Ah, our smelly cobbler will write you upside down. Believe it or not, we’ll follow the number of bets, right? You’re going to search Soha, and we’re even more right. Why didn’t we arrive? Did we dare to stand. On the contrary, ah, the long army has 20 points plus 5 rebounds plus 5 assists, which is rare in history.

In the post Jordan era, how many people have come out to see how many people are right? Well, the Hawks, have they played in the playoffs? If you want to play in the playoffs, you need to play in the East first place, right? Then I say right, 18 points, 4 rebounds, 78 pigs per game. I’m not telling you, right? There are three important indicators and five important indicators in the data.

There is only one leading, er, one slightly leading, right? How can you compete with other teams when they are all backward? One is in the East, the other is in the west, right? The East. Obviously, this kind of environment is more optimistic than, er, the West. For you, especially you, you run to the East radar and run to the West radar. Right? That gun o’james can’t play in the playoffs. Well, how to say, the competition in the west is really fierce. You don’t have a good lineup, you have a good team, you want to play in the playoffs, really.

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