The most famous contemporary Ukrainian painting master — appreciation of MI guyda’s oil paintings

Mikhail guida is a talented artist. He was born in an art family in Ukraine. In 1983, he received a master’s degree from the Ukrainian Academy of art and stayed in school to teach. In his country, Gu Yida enjoys a high reputation. As an academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, he was awarded the title of “people’s artist”.

Yin Shuangxi, a famous critic, commented: “in the oil paintings of MI guyida, the elegance and massiveness of European traditional oil paintings are maintained, and the color cultivation of oil painting art is very high, and on this basis, new exploration has been made. The portrayal and portrayal of the characters are rigorous and in place. In the picture, it tends to be flat and pays attention to the black-and-white relationship in structure. It can be seen that Klimt in Austria and Boba in Romania are decorated and cultivated in character modeling. This gorgeous and noble atmosphere is inseparable from Ukrainian literature, music, ballet and other arts. “

Ukraine has a world-famous poet and painter, Shevchenko, as well as a very familiar female master, jablonskaya. Libin, a popular painter, is also a Ukrainian. At present, MI guyida is the backbone of the Ukrainian oil painting industry and one of the representatives of another generation of Ukrainian painting. Gu Yida’s painting uses the flat composition, and the modeling performance also integrates the tradition of Oriental Art, with originality; he prefers to use black and gray to render the picture, and the color of the picture is very harmonious, although the materials used are different, it reminds people of “ink is divided into five colors”. Gu Yida used all kinds of painting methods properly. The combination of oil, knife, finger, ink roller and so on enriched the texture of the picture, making his works “both in form and spirit”.