The Savior saves the world!

I think ah, actually I analyze this.

Judgment, observation and judgment are generally not bad. They are all very accurate. They are all very accurate. There are two groups of people. One is sticking the code. The other is Jamie Hei, Jamie, honey. I hope Leonard will join the Lakers to help James in. Champion, right? Zhang black horse just wants to die in the devil’s king. Yeah, fast pass. Anyway, it’s a bid to the Lakers, right? Just two people. I feel like, Zhan, MI don’t talk about James fans. We don’t talk about it. You’d better hope the Laker captain can form a big five. Five star warriors, five-star Lakers, right? No, that’s not easy for me. It’s hard for the big three, right? You want this one and that one. Don’t dream. Wake up, James fans. Just stand aside. Let’s talk about it first. Let’s talk about Jamie heirs. You guys are really. Black James even if, ah, still alive and dead, to drag that into the water, Leonard’s function to provoke you? Ah, Wuxi City does not say how many fans there are leaders, talk about that are fans, if you have this idea, then it is, how to say, ah, ah, really worried.

If you stay in the Raptors, you should go to Los Angeles because you, you people, are really leaders. OK, let you feel your conscience and say whether you are Jamie or Carmi. Tell me, stay in raptors. You really are. How do you think about this problem? I don’t know. How do you think about it with your toes

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