The Spurs are hot!

If you don’t have the ability to attack, your assists and rebounds can’t be converted to victory. Now these CP playing methods are more scientific. Of course, we say that the first round is training, right? If four sweep the opponent, it is normal to play 4:1. This should be reviewed carefully. Now, it is 4:1 at most. Open the video at the most, so there are still a lot of games in the back, the crucial moment, the key game or the second round. The Raptors will play tomorrow’s game. If seven or six people win the Raptors, the Raptors will have to keep up and win the second game. Now the Nuggets are against the Spurs. It’s not us who are behind us. Right? We all said in front of you to play with the Spurs. You play with the Spurs. You can’t play with him. Now the Spurs are still ahead in the third quarter. Can we have a second Murray? Right? We said yesterday that Murray reviewed. Murray, Kobe’s father, you don’t expect every game to be like this. If every game can be like this, every game can be supernatural, he won’t cry.

Pereira, his name is Kobe, ah, the difference between a star and a regular player is where he can play a stable and normal game every game, so that a good player can end the game efficiently. He can also be an ordinary player, or a quasi star player. His state is extremely unstable and unstable.

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