Watch it change!

From this point of view, however, once koshins is injured, he will make a comprehensive plan and break it. Half of them are reported to be unwilling.

Anthony, Davis, more in position five. In other words, Anthony Davis should have been born in position five without cousins, but we said, all positions up, one by one, drift one for the Lakers, right now. Well, the position situation is not very sure, the team running in is not very complete, under the circumstances, this way to operate, every player to adapt to an unsuitable position, you do not think that Anthony Davis should appear in position 5, Anthony Davis should play more in position 4. James, too, is the same. His auspicious advantage is that all players in all positions have to move. One grid is a test for the Laker team. Ah, I think it is necessary to quickly supplement a just starting center on this issue. Why do we think that the Lakers will have a better ideal performance in the next season, or play in the playoffs, there are some essential differences between his team and other teams. Other teams are hoarding the third place crazily.

Forward but the Lakers have a great advantage in the interior line. At the end of the game, the Lakers can play rogue. Ah, they can play rogue. This is one of their ways and methods. On this issue, most teams have no solution. But once koshins is injured, this set of playing methods almost does not exist. Ah, it doesn’t exist at all. From the strategic and tactical level, it’s just the ability of individual players and the level of coaches to judge the high wall of this team. So I think the next operation of the Laker team will be lost in the league. For one, justice starts at the end of the fifth, and five good wrongs are added to kawkins’ lack. The addition of players in other positions is now placed in the second choice. We can wait and see if we meet the cobbler correctly.

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