We said before that we made an irony on Simmons

Simmons, as an athlete, is generally recognized, or expected, as the elixir to fulfill his talent, as an athlete who takes on James’ mantle and inherits James’ wave. For the beginning of your career, ah, the course, the footprints, you have to be a little unstable and not deep. According to the truth, if you are such a player, such a super giant athlete, you are going step by step every year, rising very fast, growing very fast, right? We haven’t seen it this year.

We said before that we made an irony on Simmons, right? I didn’t see this kind of growth, ah, too slow, too slow, asked me to have dinner, invited me to have breakfast, hungry growth is too slow. China is a soft rib. It’s very fatal. Attention, it’s very fatal. When you didn’t discuss the playoffs, right? When you really took the postgraduate entrance examination, you couldn’t do it.

Well, No. now please, don’t have a long-range shot. For example, it’s very difficult to mix under the situation that you don’t have an hour long-range shot.

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