What’s the advantage of attending Toronto Stone Fair?

Stonex is the only international exhibition of natural stone industry in Canada, from mechanical tools to instruments and equipment products, from stone waste materials to stone products, including stone products used in kitchens and bathrooms.

The stone industry is booming in Canada. Hundreds of construction projects, from small house decoration projects to large hotels, stadiums and shopping malls, need various kinds of stone materials. In the context of Canada’s booming economic development and infrastructure construction, stonex will bring together top dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, agents and engineers from all over the world. The exhibition provides excellent opportunities for enterprises who want to expand their customer base and a dynamic environment for cooperation and sales. It is an ideal trading platform for the stone and stone technology industry.

Scope of exhibits

Comprehensive classification: stone, tile, ceramics, tools, equipment and machinery, furniture, kitchen and bathroom, roof, adhesive and sealant, cleaning and repair