You can understand the oil painting art of the upper class. The power of painting shows you the inner world of yourself

There are many second generation stars in the entertainment circle, but it is said that only Li Xiang’s daughter, Wang Shiling, has successfully entered the upper life circle. Li Xiang has invested a lot in her daughter’s education since she was a child. Apart from the regular subjects taught in pure English, Wang Shiling’s noble school has such elegant subjects as equestrian, cello, chess and oil painting.

Because grandpa is a painter, Wang Shiling is influenced by him, and his painting skills have been improved. A picture of peacocks she drew was bought for 100000 yuan.

At a young age, you can have such artistic strength. Maybe you can break into the upper class circle with such qualification, which is also very famous.

After all, in many TV dramas, those who are sitting in auction houses competing for classical paintings are all of great value and taste.

However, for the enjoyment of art, there is no class division. Even ordinary people can feel the healing power of painting in a beautiful painting in an economical way.

This way: reading.

The power of painting by Jin Shanxian,

Price: 128 yuan. The cover of the radio is Gustav Klimt’s famous painting.