you have to watch the Clippers win

What’s more lethal? We’ll see that when we finish this program, no one will hit us in the face, no one will hit us, right? But when the Jazz team wins, a group of people and a group of dark horses will come to play in the face, right? You are all a bunch of warriors fans. Ah, it’s the first floor of those libraries. Yes, the level of the fans in the low age stage is very low, but you have to watch the Clippers win. If no one hits us in the face, you can be strong. The quality of the fans on both sides is really, really not flattering. OK, finally, let’s ask for a match between the Spurs and the Nuggets. To focus on the Spurs team, we should focus on the Spurs spurs. Every time we hit this time, we can play the essence of the Spurs, and we can play his last killer weapon. How many of the Spurs will be able to light up? We can take everything out in the sixth round, and argue that I do not think so. Because the Spurs, there is nothing to change, so the Spurs just wait and wait. There was a Boban that could be used by warriors to play thunder in those years. The current lineup is just like this. The talent is mediocre. It only depends on the team to play, right? But to beat the Spurs, this team uses team basketball.

It’s no use crying.

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