Why Won’t My Image Print?

Many of you like to create photo t-shirts using your personal photographs. Adding your photo to our Design Lab is easy… the tricky part is knowing whether the quality is good enough to print. Sometimes small photos can look OK in the Design Lab, but they won’t print well. Why? The Lab is scaled down for easy viewing on everyone’s monitor. So, you need to check the size you have made your image on the shirt in the Lab. Then see if your image is good enough to size up to those dimensions.

Greek Life T-Shirt Designs: Before & After

I was checking out the recent Greek shirts that have come in and, as always, it seems that putting the letters extra large (custom letter and number), front and center, is what Greek life is all about.


No?  Well of course it is. You want people to know what organization you are loyal to!  But just adding an outline to one of our Greek letter fonts is not enough. Trust me.  Try layering your letters over your crest or mascot, maybe adding your letters to one of our design templates, or simply layering your full name over the letters.

Whatever you and your brothers or sisters decide, take the extra 5 minutes to really make it unique – this way you can ensure you are the best looking house on Greek Row. Cuz let’s face it, you are!  This post features two of the makeovers I did; hopefully they help you get some ideas for your next fraternity or sorority shirts.
How to Create The Sigma Nu Makeover:

Delete the Sigma Nu letters.
Search “Sigma Nu” in the clipart gallery on the “Add Art” Tab in the LAB.
I layered 3 pieces of clipart together to make this design: badge, snake, and distressed Sigma Nu letters. Click to add each of them to the LAB.
I sized the Badge to 8″ tall and made it gray.
Next, I sized the snake to about 7in tall and made it black to match the shirt color.  (We won’t charge for this color, we will give you a call to correct the price).
Finally I made the distressed Sigma Nu letters about 5in wide, and in the organization’s official color, gold.

Making the Sigma Kappa design below is ever easier! Just delete the old puffy letters, search “Sigma Kappa” in the Clipart Gallery, and layer the two clipart pieces together!