MLB Carnival in Beijing executives praise Chinese baseball and look forward to Yao Ming

2019mlb experience baseball Carnival Beijing station opens on changyingtian street, Longhu, Beijing. The carnival integrates many popular cultural and entertainment ways of young people at present, such as baseball experience, E-sports League, hip-hop challenge, etc., which makes the event attract the attention of different young people in many fields, such as baseball fans, E-sports fans, hip-hop players, etc.

But the famous hip-hop dancer Yang Wenhao and the elder’s commentator xiaocang’s participation made the whole Carnival climax. The most significant thing is that the first cooperation between CSL and MLB Major League of American professional baseball was also staged on site, which triggered a cross-border resonance.

In the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Jim small, senior vice president of international affairs of MLB Major League, Mr. Qi Dong, managing director of MLB China and Mr. Dong Zheng, general manager of CSL Co., Ltd. attended the event. Under the witness of guests, media and on-site public, they presented gifts and speeches to each other respectively. In the future, the two leagues will be jointly launched online Beneficial activities.

Jim small said: “this time, we have a common vision with China Super League, the most influential professional sports league in China. We hope that through sports, an international language, we can convey love, inspire social responsibility, and let more children have the opportunity to participate in sports and enjoy the fun of sports.”

Talking about the feeling of cross-border interaction between the football and baseball leagues, Mr. Dong Zheng said: “this time, the two leagues work together, we hope to send a positive signal and jointly advocate the concept of loving sports and participating in sports. I think this is the most important significance of this activity!”

NBA’s six famous players in No.1 Jersey: the youngest MVP in Ross’s history, McGrady’s long shot white horse

No. 1 is a special existence among the number of jerseys. No. 1 has the moral of fighting for the first place, but most superstars in No. 1’s robe are unlucky. For them, to have a normal career is an extravagant hope. There are several people who fall directly at the peak. Today, let’s count the famous No. 1 players in the history of NBA. You can see if the No. 1 in your mind is on the list.

Bosh: in fact, Bosh was the No. 4 team when the Raptors were king of the north. He only changed to No. 1 after coming to the heat. However, most of his honors are achieved in No. 1 Jersey. At the heat, he is a dedicated three manager. Bosh has done everything the team needs perfectly. But when the big three disbanded and shenzuo was ready to help bosh, he was detected with hemagglutination, and staying on the basketball court might be life-threatening. Bosh also left the stadium early, but the fans will always remember his roar on the field.

Billups: different from other No. 1 players, Billups started to live in exile as soon as he entered the league. In the first five years of his career, he played for four teams respectively. Although these teams have superstars such as Carter and Garnett, Billups was traded before he showed the power to work with them. It wasn’t until the pistons that Billups’ career turned around. In this civilian corps, the big heart Billups seized the opportunity, he led the piston to pull down the Lakers F4, he was also elected the finals MVP.

The Red Sox was reversed 4-10 to the angels

On September 1, the Boston Red Sox continued to challenge the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim. The MLB season has entered its final month, which is the sprint stage before the playoffs. In this game, the Red Sox led three times and was tied three times. The angel was all in one go to attack 7 points in the second half of the eighth inning. In the end, the Red Sox collapsed and lost 4-10 to the angels.

Data highlights]

In terms of angels, poorhouse scored three points with two hits, Goodwin scored two hits, and trout’s youngest 200 home runs plus 200 steals. Red Sox, JD Martinez 2 hits 2 points.

In the first half of the first inning, Bates, who made great contributions in the long extended match yesterday, hit the hit again in the first hit position. The earth rolling of Devers made Bates be blocked in the second base and the hitter get to the first base. Then JD Martinez made the second base hit and helped his teammates to run back to home base to score. The Red Sox took the lead, 1-0.

In the second half of the second set, Marcus Walden came on the pitch and replaced the starter, Taylor. Simmons first hit first base, lunkiefer rolled the earth to let Simmons be blocked, and then the pitcher exploded to push the runner to second base; Smith chose four bad balls to escort, and trout’s first base hit made his teammates run back smoothly, and the angel equalised the score, 1-1. After that, trout succeeded in stealing bases for the 11th time this season, but Goodwin was struck three times and the game ended.

36 cities, 45 stops, 5 countries, Centennial ice hockey Holy Grail is about to start a new round of championship journey

NHL has a tradition of spending summer holidays with the Stanley Cup champions. The above is a rough estimate of this year’s Stanley Cup itinerary. In the next two months, the Centennial Holy Grail will be carried around the world, and every member of the St. Louis Blues team: players, coaches, management, trainers, equipment managers, has the right to be alone with it. Location? Whatever you choose, of course, most of them are returned home in good clothes? There is no limit, please.

What’s more, the above itinerary doesn’t include the road that has passed in the past half a month since the blues won the title in mid June: after the Blues will bring the Stanley Cup back from Boston to St. Louis, the St. Louis will stop for a few days to attend the parade ceremony, then go to Las Vegas to attend the NHL award ceremony, and go to Vancouver to attend the draft convention. After returning to St. Louis, the Stanley Cup has been featured in the blues home business center, the community ice field Bush stadium under construction (where the Blues will train in September) and several events around St. Louis.

Mustache 29 + 9 World War I swallowed 4 humiliating records

On January 21, the thunder played 112-107 away to reverse the sixth place in the West. In the first three quarters, the thunder was 16 points behind. After the game, four thunder fans, Paul, Schroeder, Gallinari and Alexander, were highly praised in the United States. However, the core beard of the reversed red team was pointed out by thousands of people. The fans were disappointed with his competitive state and also disappointed with him German Shuai’s system is disappointed, but also despair of the magic ball theory, give up the middle distance must shoot a three-point ball, when the three-point ball can’t be thrown away by the other side to seize the opportunity of defense and counterattack, it can’t be stopped, the last 40-21 gap is enough to prove everything, red team swallowed four consecutive defeats, thunder and them are only two game difference.

Twitter and Ig are full of news about criticizing beards. Many fans claim that he has killed Wei Shao. Wei Shao has 16 of 24 games in the game, 32 points, 11 rebounds, 12 assists and 2 steals, with a hit rate of 66.7%. His efficiency is very high, and his performance can be said to be even better than that of thunder Paul. Paul has 9 of 18 games, 4 of 3 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, and Wei Shao has also created A record, he completed the miracle of winning three pairs of 30 teams, which was only achieved by LeBron James before, and Wei Shao’s magic power even made big beard feel helpless.

How happy is it to have a hockey boyfriend? Couple bikinis are willing to wear this pair of locks

PK subban, the star guard of the New Jersey Devils who was just traded by the Nashville Raiders, and his legendary girlfriend Lindsay Vaughn, the goddess of American Alpine skiing, poked dog food again. They watched the show hand in hand. From time to time, kissing was an ordinary show. Recently, Su ban, who loved his girlfriend, wore a couple bikini with his girlfriend.

How can we celebrate the festival better in the hot summer? Su Ban’s answer is to get close to the pool, but it’s just a simple swimming that’s too common. You can get rid of the men’s swimming trunks and wear a bikini to make a difference. So he put on the same bikini as Lindsay Vaughn.

In fact, this is not the first time for them to wear a couple’s swimsuit. Last year, the two wore a red and white striped swimsuit to open the ceremony.

One is an ice hockey player, and the other is a alpine skiing goddess who has won 82 World Cup championships. How do they start this sweet love affair between brother and sister when they are 5 years old? In fact, the first time they were linked was in April 2018, when Lindsay Vaughn was found by the media to watch the Nashville Predators game of suban’s team. In June, the two appeared on the red carpet together. But according to Lindsay Vaughn, their relationship only progressed in July.

Molina is young and strong, scoring 4 points in a single game, cardinal wins 9-7 away from rattlesnake

The National League is in for a fight, with the St. Louis cardinal away against the Arizona rattlesnake. The cardinal is only one step away from the division champion. With the help of the momentum of just sweeping over the dead enemy bear in the same area, it should be reasonable to win the competition. In this game, the cardinal took the lead in the hot line, and restrained the rattlesnake’s several recoils, and finally defeated the rattlesnake 9-7 away.

In terms of cardinals, Molina scored 4 points for two hits, Goldschmidt scored 3 points for two hits and aidman scored 3 points for two hits. For rattlesnake, Walker ran back 2 points with 3 hits, and Ahmed scored 1 point with 2 hits.

In the first half of the first inning, the trend of the game was just like that of the cardinals in the near future. Edelman’s second hit made the team lead 1-0 in the 11th home run of the season. Then, Goldschmidt chose four bad balls to escort the team, ozuna hit second and third bases, and one person was out of the second and third bases. Molina rolled out of the game but hit the point successfully, and the score changed to 2-0.

In the second half of the first inning, Wainwright sent out two strikeouts to complete the three up and three down half innings.

In the second half of the second set, Walker, lamb and Jones hit first base for three consecutive hits, while the rattlesnake recovered 1 point, 2-1, at this time there was no exit. In the face of the crisis, Wainwright first made Ahmed’s doubles, and Kelly was finally struck three times, only missing 1 to resolve the crisis.

14 wins over the Lakers in 39 days

On January 18, the Western Conference’s playoff teams continued to fight fiercely. The Spurs were beaten by the Knights. The black horse Grizzlies won 7 games in a row. The eighth Grizzlies in the West led the Spurs in 2 games. The Grizzlies have become one of the most fierce teams in the West since the middle of December. They have won 7 consecutive games recently. This team sees the hope of returning to the playoffs. The Spurs and the Blazers are not good. If Grizzlies continue to maintain their fierce momentum, these two traditional strong teams will lose the hope of the playoffs. In particular, the Spurs’ miracle of reaching the playoffs for 22 consecutive seasons may be ended.

On January 18, grizzlies won 113-109 with a 38-20 attack in the third quarter. Morant, a 20-year-old talent, is still stable, with 16 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists. Morant is not greedy for the right to sell. He combed the team’s attack well.

The Grizzlies all scored double. Dillon Brooks got the team’s highest 26 points, Brandon Clark got 15 points and 3 assists, and little Jaron Jackson got 10 points. Three of them plus Morant represent the hope of Grizzlies’ revival.

The team won MVP with the help of the hard rib fracture resistance of the Ares in the finals

The blues are lucky to win the championship. Their choice at the beginning of the season seems to be perfect now. O’Reilly is also lucky. After getting rid of buffalo, he found his own place. Blues has always been famous for its good defense, perfect team system and strict discipline, while O’Reilly has a strong body, simple style and both attack and defense. His unselfish style of playing matches the blues perfectly, and the team has only paid three role rotation players, plus a first round draft right now seems to be the end of the first round, but in contrast, O’Reilly brings The actual income effect is far greater than all the chips of the above-mentioned transactions.

Before coming to the blues, O’Reilly was in Buffalo and was trapped in the overall strength of the team. For three years in a row, O’Reilly didn’t taste the taste of the playoffs. The confusion in the North kept him from finding a direction. Although his data was good, the team’s record fell from year to year. Last season’s Sabre also became the bottom of the league, and the team didn’t win. For O’Reilly, Japan Son’s life is tasteless and tasteless. If the time is longer, we may forget him. Before playing for saber, O’Reilly had nearly six years of avalanche career experience, which was also the place where his NHL dream began. There, he gained the initial memory of his career, and was well known by the whole league. He was the youngest player in avalanche history, the second rookie who played in NHL immediately in the first round since 2003. The first was the brown bear forward who had just been defeated by him Patrick Bergeron, who had been young and unrestrained for six years, is now mature and steady as a general.

The first Import Expo attracted more than 4000 journalists from all over the world

On November 2, Shanghai learned at the press briefing that the first China International Import Expo attracted more than 4100 registered journalists from 630 media at home and abroad. The press center of the Import Expo will be opened to Chinese and foreign journalists on November 3 and officially opened on November 4.

It is reported that the news center has multiple functional areas, such as consulting service area, public work area, special work area, radio and television new media room area, news release hall, catering and leisure service area, covering free wireless network in an all-round way, with more than 300 volunteers. The consulting service desk will provide information consulting services in Chinese and English, the public service area will provide supporting services such as postal service, telecommunications, train, air ticketing, etc., while the media public work area will be set up with nearly 500 journalists’ work spaces, each of which is equipped with digital audio interface, network interface and power interface, and the large screen and television will play the public signal picture in real time, providing imported Expo Relevant information will be provided.

At the same time, this Import Expo also provides online news center service, real-time release of official information of Import Expo, interview notice and other service information, as well as search and download of text and picture information, interview appointment and other services.

“Duoyun study” will provide the convenience of reading books and launch the service of affixing a commemorative stamp; a number of intangible cultural heritage projects such as paper-cut, Gu embroidery and Mianren with Shanghai style characteristics will also be displayed, some of which will also provide interactive experience opportunities; small art performances such as Kunqu Opera and Pingtan will also appear to show the charm of Shanghai culture.