New York Giants cut linebackers Alec Ogletree and Karim Martin

In order to save salary space and update the position of lineman, New York Giants cut Alec Ogletree and Kareem Martin.

Ogletree, who joined the giants through a deal from the Los Angeles Rams, has been the starting midfielder of the giants for the past two seasons, but the 28 year old has a base salary of $10 million in 2020. Martin, who played just five games last season, will earn $5.2 million this year.

Ogterry’s departure means the giants will rebuild their defensive team, and given that he was chosen captain every season when he played for the team, the giants also need to find a new defensive team leader.

Ogterry, who was selected by the rams in the first round of the 2013 draft, started 13 games in every season he played for the giants. Last season, he made 80 tackles, ranking third in the team. In 2018, he made five interceptions, including two back attacks.

Martin was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the third round of the 2014 draft and joined the giants in 2018. He started seven games for the team in 2018, but only made 1.5 tackles and 48 tackles. Last season, he was put on the injury reserve list after just five games because of a knee injury.

What’s the advantage of attending the Atlanta household goods and Gifts Fair?

Atlanta International Home Furnishings fair is held in Atlanta, the largest city in the southeast of the United States, in four sessions every year, with a history of nearly 50 years.

Sponsored by atlantamarket center, the booth area is divided into four parts, including gifts, household products, jewelry, clothing and other fashion gifts.

The exhibition hall is equipped with bank center, exhibit transportation service, restaurant and other supporting facilities convenient for exhibitors.

In addition, Atlanta exhibition is also famous for the number of orders at the exhibition. The purpose of the professional purchasers present is clear. One is to witness the new products in the next year, and the other is to purchase at the exhibition.

Scope of exhibits

Outdoor gardening products and related products

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Raider manager Gruden maintains quarterback Drake Carr

Like General Manager Mike mayock, Raider manager Jon Gruden is fed up with rumors of his own quarterback.

Two days ago, mayok defended Carl’s performance in front of reporters, summing up the lack of scoring and defensive struggles as a whole for the Raiders rather than Karl alone. Gruden made the same point.

“As I said before, I think Carr is a very good player and I respect his achievements and his adjustment under difficult conditions,” said Gruden. I won’t listen to all the media rumors, just listen to my rock records and keep working. I love what Carr does. He has made a positive impact on the team and I can’t wait to build a team around him

The Raiders are also one of the teams that might be interested in Tom Brady.

Carr’s data last season was good, with the passer scoring more than 100 and the number of yards (4054) to push the pass was also a career high.

28-2 to 1 devil’s home!

On February 28, the NBA regular season continued to compete, with 76 players at home against the Knicks, and 76 players, two giants, ebbed and Simmons, were absent due to injuries. Under the leadership of Harris, the 76ers had a lead of 20 points at most in the first half, but in the second half, they were attacked by Knicks, and in the last half, they were chased to only lead 5 points. At the critical moment, Harris played the winning goal in succession, helping the 76ers to win 115-106 at home.

It’s worth mentioning that with the help of this close victory over the Knicks, the 76ers’ home record has increased to 28-2, and they continue to maintain the league’s first home record of the devil.

data statistics

76 people: Horford 15 points 7 rebounds 9 assists, Harris 34 points 7 rebounds 7 assists, Glen Robinson 4 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, Richardson 11 points 7 rebounds 3 assists, Milton 19 points 3 rebounds 4 assists 2 blocks, kirkmaz 11 points 2 assists.

Knicks: Randall 30 points 10 rebounds 5 assists, huckles 17 points 4 rebounds 2 assists, small Peyton 18 points 6 rebounds 12 assists, Barrett 15 points 6 rebounds 5 assists.

Blue bird MLB draft picks out the hall of fame’s son Braden haladay refuses the minor league

The Toronto bluebirds have two MLB Hall of fame sons this season, and on the third day of today’s MLB draft conference, they chose another hall of fame player’s son, Braden, the son of doctor Roy haladay.

Brendan haladay, a right hander from Clearwater, Florida, was selected by the Toronto bluebird in 957 in the 32nd round. His father, Roy hohaladee, played for the blue jays for 12 seasons between 1998 and 2009, making several all star appearances.

Although Braden haladee was picked by the bluebird at the MLB draft, he personally said he would go to Pennsylvania State University and continue to hone his skills at NCAA. According to the scout report, his fastball reached 86 mph, and his ball speed has increased by 13 miles in the past four years. It can be seen that his college ball speed will continue to climb, reaching the level of the major league’s Quasi starter.

Braden’s father Roy was selected by the bluebird at the 1995 MLB draft conference, and three years later he joined the major league and won the American League Young Award in 2003. Haladee was traded to Philadelphia in 2010, where he rejuvenated the second spring of his career, helping the team win the League Championship while winning the League Young Award.

Jet wants to keep running guard bell and safety guard Adams

In an interview with the jet team’s training camp on Tuesday, us time, questions about the whereabouts of running guard le’veon bell and security guard Jamal Adams became the focus. General manager John Douglas said the team would try to keep the two.

“We haven’t started communication [with Bell] yet,” Douglas said. Levian is an excellent teammate, we like him very much, his excellence is beyond words It’s great to have him on the team. His data may not be ideal, but we also need to improve his ability to open up space, so that he can be as invincible as the steel man. “

Bell played 15 games last season, pushing the ball 789 yards, averaging only 3.2 yards, reaching the array three times.

Speaking of Adams, Douglas said: “he is a player beyond people’s imagination. Hoping to keep Jamal on the jet for the rest of his career. We’ve talked to his agent and I won’t go into too many details, but I hope to keep Adams here for a long time

Adams is the No. 6 jet show in the first round of 2017, has been selected into the professional bowl in the past two years, and is also a member of the best lineup in 2019.

see the scene which is dreadful to one ‘s mind! MLB’s legs are broken, rattlesnake outfielder suza is reimbursed for the season

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Steven Souza was lifted out of the field when he slipped against Chicago White Sox today. After an MRI, the Diamondbacks officially announced that Souza will be out of 2019 with surgery. In today’s game between rattlesnake and White Sox, suza ran back to home base to score in the fourth inning relying on his teammate’s hit. When he stepped on the home plate, suza slipped. His left leg twisted reversely and fell behind the home plate.

The coach and teammate immediately ran forward to check the situation. Souza is holding his knee in the stadium and wailing. The whole infield audience can hear him. There is no sound in the stadium. After the game, the Diamondback coach Torry lovello said: the whole team is very sad, the specific situation will wait for the MRI. We all pray for suza and hope his injury is not so bad. But the team has to be ready for the worst. Torry lovello has previously said the Diamondbacks plan to use off-season signing Orioles veteran Adam Jones as a starting left fielder, while kietel malter will most of the time take on the responsibility of a Chinese and foreign fielder, while suza is the team’s right fielder.

And then suza’s MRI results are a devastating blow to the rattlesnake, who is in the throes of the new season.

Regardless of the result of suza’s rehabilitation, whether he can return to the pitch in 2020 or not is a big question mark. In addition, his years of injury history is also a lingering shadow of his career.

Chieftain attack coordinator Bini leaves University of Colorado to compete for the position of commander in chief

In the end, Eric bieniemy decided to stay in charge of the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

NFL Network reporter James Palmer reported Friday that Bini had withdrawn from the competition for the position of University of Colorado manager.

Bini is an alumnus of the University of Colorado. He has set a record in the history of the University in terms of the number of charging yards, the total number of pushing yards and reaching array. Being able to return to his alma mater was the only reason he was willing to consider competing.

The University of Colorado has been looking for a replacement after former manager Mel Tucker left for Michigan State University.

It is a wise choice for Bini to withdraw from the competition. He will continue to direct the chief’s offensive team. And next year he will be one of the hottest NFL Team Manager candidates.

Giant quarterback Daniel Jones will train with his teammates at Duke University

New York Giant quarterback Daniel Jones continues to follow his predecessor, Eli Manning.

Like Manning, Jones and some of his teammates took over in off-season training at Duke University. Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard participated in the training.

One of Manning’s regular off-season arrangements is to train at Duke University, where his mentor, David cutcliffe, teaches. For Jones, it is a reasonable decision to continue this tradition at his alma mater.

After Jason Garrett became the team’s new attack coordinator, Jones was unable to get a playbook to practice with his outfielder under League rules. However, they can practice footstep, basic skills and tacit cooperation.

“I just want to practice where I can make progress,” Jones said last week. “It’s hard to really get offensive tactics, learn tactics and rules. I can start by focusing on what I need to practice and what I need to improve from last year. I look forward to this training. “

In rookie season, Jones started 12 games, passing 3027 yards 24 times to the formation 12 times to be intercepted. He has a lot to practice during the off-season. Rookie’s 18 ball drops in the season (11) mean protecting the ball right is his main concern.

Uncover NFL champion Murray: signed MLB but regretted the sportsman’s waiting for a year

Last year’s NFL number one pick Beck Mayfield loved baseball very much. Last season, he led Brown team to win a long lost victory. After the game, he called Milwaukee brewer star outfield player yelic, who also won the League of nations MVP. In fact, he has a student who also likes baseball very much, replacing Kyler Murray, who started as quarterback of the University of Oklahoma rugby team.

However, Murray likes baseball in a more hardcore way than his seniors. Instead of supporting a Major League star or team, he joined the major league. It was Murray who was chosen by Oakland sportsmen in the ninth place in the first round of MLB draft last June. Since joining MLB, numerous sports experts have called him the first amphibian in the 21st century, and encouraged him to play both MLB and NFL like Bo Jackson. Even sports genius Jackson himself came out to comment on Murray.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Murray then changed his mind at the beginning of the year to participate in the NFL draft and return to rugby. Just this morning at the NFL Draft conference, the sportsman Murray was selected by the Arizona Cardinals who hold the first place draft to open the world of NFL. MLB’s Oakland sportsman became the hero of the tragedy, waiting for a year for Murray to give up baseball and join the NFL.