NBA Finals MVPs: How did the controversy arise?

Regular season MVP and finals MVP are the two heaviest awards in NBA.

It’s best to be able to do it in the same year.

Like LeBron’s 2012 and 2013, shark’s 2000, Duncan’s 2003, big dream’s 1994, magician’s 1987, Byrd’s 1986 and 1984, and Moses’ 1983, that’s what we call “his year.”.

Jordan is unique because he has won two MVPs for four years: 1991, 1992, 1996 and 1998.

The good thing is that in 1993 and 1997, he killed the regular season MVP in the finals – Buckley and the postman – is the so-called “my throne, not for you, you can’t rob.”

Can’t do it? It’s easy to get embarrassed. As mentioned above, the mailman and Buckley’s loss to Jordan overshadowed their MVP.

In the 1995 regular season, general Robinson took away the MVP; in the Western Conference finals, the defending MVP and finals MVP dream beat the general, and finally won the Championship: it was a big winner for that year.

I think, the star class, should say this:

The regular season MVP is the bottom. With this award, we can talk about superstars.

The finals MVP is a top player. After all, everything can depend on the data, the real honor and victory is the essence of playing.

Scientific appreciation of famous sentences in advertisements

An advertising book that lays the foundation of modern practical value, a book focusing on copywriting and user psychology research, and a Book Thinking about advertising from different perspectives

  1. Someone may spend a lot of money to publicize the importance of prevention, and use the same amount of money to realize the importance of prevention. To emphasize the title of one appeal point, you may need to emphasize that the title of another appeal point is 10 times more effective. Advertisement then only outside say to realize this point, the family member actually does not go up is in the wrong way to go up the mountain to deserve too to go up.

The function of a certain toothpaste may be to prevent tooth decay, and it can also make teeth more beautiful. Dao 10 is to see the starting point and the test object, but as soon as possible, it is to prove that people’s appeal to the previous one is to ask whether the previous one is stronger or not and go much further. The most successful toothpaste advertisement then didn’t highlight a certain kind of toothbrush figure in the title of shanhuanxiaowai, which proved to be a harmony figure but was not happy. Daoshi thinks that some of the original things are the same as those of other years, but the strong wind highlights this appeal. The original thing is that they don’t understand and don’t want to compare the effect of advertising. —-Claude hopley combined the army with the military

  1. We must know how many important family examples our demands are for each hour among all people. We must also make a small sample to collect the information of these major uses according to the customer categories. Such important family examples are different in rural and urban areas. To a large extent, the cost of advertising depends on the important cases occupied by the audience.

The decline of advertising the rise of public relations

The decline of advertisement and the rise of public relations

It’s time for book review again. Today’s reading is the decline of advertising and the rise of public relations. I want to talk about it from three aspects: reading experience, practical experience and content.


The first is reading experience.

This book is one of the books under the system of location theory. The author AI Reese and Jack Trout once co wrote the famous book location. Its Douban score is 6.6, which is not high. It may be due to the author’s argument in the whole book about the priority of public relations and advertising, and the cited examples are a little disorderly.

But in the process of reading, I have collided with the author’s description of public relations more than once, which is a wonderful feeling. Maybe this is the charm of reading. It can communicate with the author across the border and time.


In the first few years of entering the PR industry, no one will tell you what PR really is and what’s the difference between it and advertising. Sometimes when I introduce myself as a publicist, people will think that I am in the advertising industry. Maybe many people don’t know the PR industry that well.

Mysterious painter

Two years ago, I couldn’t turn around in business. I was seduced by a man named Yamamoto in the underworld and borrowed a usury, which brought me bad luck. In order to force debt, he haunted me and beat me every day. I can only swallow my anger and curse in my heart that he will die in a rage one day.

That day, Yamamoto “fixed” me again. I came home with bruises all over my body. In order not to let my old mother worry, I forced my face to smile and was about to open the door. Suddenly there was a hoarse voice behind me: “young man, you shouldn’t disguise yourself with a smile. I know you are full of fear.”

I look back. It’s an old man. Hearing what he said just now, I was surprised and hurriedly covered up: “nonsense! What am I afraid of? ” The old man said in an irrefutable voice, “you are afraid, but you can’t solve the problem, can you?” I stood still, wondering how to answer.

The old head muttered like a mantra, “come to my house, I can help you.” With that, turn around and go. I looked at his back as if I had been attacked by evil. I couldn’t help following him to an old house nearby.

I looked at the furnishings in the room, surrounded by drawing boards, brushes and paints, and asked, “are you an oil painter?” The old man nodded. I hesitated and said, “my problem is not something that art people can solve.” The old man sneered and said, “can you keep the secret?” I hesitated for a moment and said, “yes!”

The old man listened, slowly opened the closet door, took out a green flat cloth bag, and then said to me seriously again, “absolutely, never tell anyone else, not even your mother!” Then he untied the cloth bag with his dead fingers. Inside was a painting.

The old man hung the oil painting on the wall, raised his head, stared at me, and said, “your fear comes from your fear of someone, right?”

I was surprised and said, “how do you know? I hate that man! ” The old man mumbled, “hate, full of hate! OK, you stand in front of the picture. ” I stood by my word. The old man slowly walked behind me, and suddenly pushed me to the wall with all his strength!

I was shocked. I didn’t have any precautions. I thought I would bump into the wall, bruise my nose and face. I didn’t know that the whole body was like bumping into cotton. It was light, and the wind was blowing in my ear. Then came the old man’s voice: “OK, it’s very simple, isn’t it?”

The past and present of San Jose Sharks

The history of the San Jose Sharks dates back 50 years to the NHL expansion in 1967. At that time, the NHL League wanted to open up new markets to deal with the threat of other ice hockey leagues such as the WHL. Barry van gebich of the San Francisco Bay area was lucky enough to get an expansion spot when he decided to buy a WHL team to join the NHL in the 1967-1968 season. In this way, the San Francisco Bay seals, who were competing in the WHL League at that time, were included in Van gebich’s bag. Originally, gebich hoped to start the NHL journey of the team in a new arena in San Francisco, but the construction of the new arena was far from certain, which forced him to make a decision to move the team’s main stadium from San Francisco’s old golden mountain bull palace to Oakland’s Oracle arena. In order to attract fans of ice in San Francisco, gebich He also renamed the team the California seals.

Unfortunately, the relocation of the team’s main stadium failed to attract the majority of Auckland fans, and even the old fans in San Francisco during the original battle of who also lost seriously, and the team fell into the awkward situation of low attendance. Nevertheless, the team insisted on staying in Auckland and changed its name to Auckland seals in the middle of its first season in the NHL (December 8, 1976). However, the name change did not bring good luck to the team. Just at the beginning of the 1967-1968 season, the team changed its name to California golden seal again. The continuous change of name did not make the team go out of the trough and become brilliant. The poor attendance and record made the league’s new army quit the NHL stage after only nine seasons. During that time, not only did the team change eight different managers, but also the owners changed hands four times. Finally, at the suggestion of Gordon and George Gund III, the team’s minority shareholders, the California golden seal moved from the bay area to Cleveland in 1976 and became the Baron of Cleveland.

If it has the ability of crossing, can MLB be successfully promoted in China?

The main question is “if you have the ability to cross?” , and it’s “MLB’s development in China“. Let’s talk about it in two parts. In fact, baseball came into China not too late. Mr. Zhan Tianyou returned home and introduced baseball culture. Tsinghua University set up the first baseball team (I can’t remember clearly, but Tsinghua has a deep relationship with the early development of baseball). As for the reasons why it was not promoted in the later stage, we can refer to Taiwan and Japan in this regard. Taiwan and Japan are very good in baseball league and atmosphere. The recommended film “Kano” will give you a very intuitive feeling. Japan’s Jiaziyuan and Japanese professional baseball are not inferior to MLB in some aspects. There are a large number of domestic fans who are all Japanese professional baseball fans.

China also has its own Baseball League, mainly represented by various provinces and cities. I saw last year’s finals of Beijing tigers vs. Tianjin lions, and the atmosphere was also very good. Although the technology and scale can not be compared with Japan and the United States, a group of friends who like baseball still gathered. I believe this number will be more and more. Let’s talk about MLB’s development in China. I have to say that LETV (it’s not really an advertisement, you can watch it slowly). When LETV didn’t sign a cooperation agreement with MLB about two years ago, many of our friends who wanted to watch the ball in China were looking for Taiwan commentaries from the Internet, such as Wahaha sports, or watching the real-time live broadcast of zhangx live broadcast purchased by some foreign hosts. In fact, it’s hard to see the original game, but there is always no atmosphere, just like watching the NBA is a group of people live interesting.

The use and method of visual gray in classical oil painting

“Visual gray” is a kind of special effect that is constantly mature in oil painting creation. Because of the special skills of color and light, this special “visual gray” is constantly evolving in our retina, which can make people get a wonderful visual experience, and finally let us enjoy the most intuitive beauty of oil painting. Because people’s visual center is very clear about the feeling of color, and can catch the difference of color very quickly, so the so-called middle tone is defined as “visual gray“. Especially in the classical oil painting, after the color layer is processed by the covering dyeing technique, it can easily and naturally express all kinds of light and layers, and at the same time, it can produce the feeling of deepening space. In the expression of natural feelings, “visual gray” has a great advantage, it can give people a kind of cordial sense of reality. In the two-dimensional plane of canvas, it can always express the three-dimensional space feeling through the sense of color hierarchy. In this small space, the gray transparent layer can express the reality of the existence of the space, and the color gradually goes away, giving people a real and cordial feeling, as if everything is real, which is why the classical oil painting can realistically express the nature. “Visual gray” can bring people a beautiful and intuitive feeling, which provides people with high insight with the opportunity to create amazing works.

In the early development of oil painting, van Eyck’s transparent technique has always been regarded as the most mature one. This technique is to arrange a variety of pure transparent colors hierarchically and delicately. In fact, colors are separated. People just mix and arrange them through their own vision to get the color feeling, and these transparent colors are organically integrated.

NHL North American Hockey League

North American Hockey League (NHL, English, French: Ligue National de hockey, lnH), for short, is a professional sports league composed of North American hockey teams, founded in 1917. NHL is the world’s highest level professional ice hockey game, one of the four major professional sports in North America. The team is divided into East and west regions, each of which is divided into two regions (West: Pacific region, central region; East: metropolitan region, Atlantic region). There are now 30 teams, 23 in the United States and seven in Canada.

The season is divided into regular season and playoffs. There are 82 regular season games in total. Each team has at least one encounter with 29 other teams, and has 50 (Western) or 54 (Eastern) matches with teams in the area. The winning team will score 2 points, 1 point for overtime and penalty shooting, and 0 point for losing in normal competition time. The best regular season team will be awarded the “Presidents’ trophy.”. After the regular season, the top three teams of each division and the remaining two “foreign card” teams with the best performance in each conference are promoted to the playoffs. The playoffs adopt the 4-win system of 7 games (the match situation is that the second team of each division is against the third team of the same division, the first team of two divisions of each conference is against the foreign card team, the first team of the better division is against the second foreign card, and the second team is against the first team of the better division The first place of a good division is against the No. 1 foreign card. The first two rounds are held inside the division. The winners of the two divisions will compete for the conference championship). Two conference champions will compete for the Stanley Cup.

Among New York Island candidates, song Anton fired the first shot of China campaign for NHL

Overnight, song Anton, an 18-year-old Beijing boy, became a new bridge between China and the U.S. sports industry, especially at a crucial moment a month before Beijing’s bid to host the Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou.

The NHL draft in 2015 was originally regarded as a milestone in history, because there are two potential superstars in the future: one is Michael Davide of Canada, the other is Ike of Boston University of the United States. They were elected by the Edmonton oilman and the buffalo army knife with the top and top positions respectively. There’s a lot of expectation in the circle for the two people. See who is the first hero in five years.

Unlike NBA, which has only two signings a year, NHL has seven. There are 30 teams in the league, 210 people can be selected in the middle, but the draft after the second round is usually regarded as passing the field. Who knows that in the sixth round, the 172nd order, song Anton appeared, and NHL created a new history.

American and Canadian journalists also woke up: “the first NHL star from China!” “Yao Ming appeared on the ice” and “Lin Shuhao will appear in New York wearing an ice skate.” More media think of the Beijing Winter Olympic bid vote at the end of next month, “maybe this is the first American ice hockey vote for Zhangjiakou, Beijing.”

All the hype only shows one problem: Song Anton’s signing is a strategic re signing, and its political and economic implications are far higher than its technical level.

NFL American football rules – time

NFL time:

The game time is divided into four sections in the first half and the second half, each section is 15 minutes. The two teams have three pauses in the first half and the second half, each pause is 25 seconds, and each attack interval is 40 seconds. But the competition time does not go on all the time, and the timer will be suspended in the following situations:

  1. There is a team called suspension;
  2. The end of a competition
  3. A player runs or catches the ball and goes out
  4. When the referee makes a decision
  5. When a player is injured
  6. When there is a score
  7. When the ball weight changes
  8. When the pass is not completed (i.e. the ball is on the ground or out of bounds)
  9. When the referee needs to judge the first attack carefully
  10. There will be an official pause in the last two minutes of the second and fourth quarters, respectively.

Time management and Strategy:

Just because the above situation will lead to time suspension, how to maximize the use of rules and hand suspension times and get more scores in the shortest time is a compulsory course for each team when there is not much time left in the game.

Usually, because after half-time, the second half will start again, that is to say, no matter where you hit at the end of the first half, the second half will start with a kick-off. So in the last few minutes before the end of the first and second half of the game, the attacking team will try to score and try not to leave too much time for the other side to counter attack.