For a while + lead the team to the East, George has opened Butler’s gear, right?

Yes, it did open a file. Let’s start from the beginning. Paul George entered the NBA one year earlier than Butler. Their careers were many similar but different. When they first joined the league, they all played from the bench. George was the first round No.10, but the team’s small forward position was the core of Granger at that time, so most of the rookie season In the time, he was put in the backup lineup, but only one season later, George appeared in the starting lineup as a scoring guard. It took George one year from the team’s backup to a stable start, while Butler spent two years. It is worth mentioning that Butler was only a first round show 30, and his team was the Chicago Bulls at that time, which means that The team will not take the cultivation of the future as the core task, even if there is such an idea, the future will not be him. Coach sibadu would like him to grow into a defensive champion. Butler was always mentioned with the label of defense, or will not be mentioned. This kind of game of loser’s counter attack has been staged many times in the league, and if there is no accident, it will be Butler In the fans of the word-of-mouth to increase some emotional points;

Advertising can’t do PR, PR can’t do consulting

In October 2017, Bain Capital acquired Japan’s third largest advertising group, Xutong advertising group (ADK); in March 2018, KKR established the first one-stop digital marketing company, Kaiyu group, to enter the marketing industry in person; in May 2018, Accenture acquired China’s local digital marketing company, partner communication.

On the one hand, big capital institutions, Accenture, Deloitte and other consulting companies are actively purchasing creative companies and digital marketing companies. On the other hand, WPP’s business was in decline, and the British jazz, who was in his 70s, was fired. The market value of domestic A-share leading companies is directly cut.

Therefore, there is a saying in the advertising and marketing circles that advertising can’t do PR, PR can’t do consulting. (note to the author: advertising is only one kind of marketing means. Marketing also includes brand positioning, packaging design, public relations service, consulting service, activity promotion, e-commerce operation and many other service contents. Here, advertising, public relations and consulting refer to the advertising marketing companies that emphasize the corresponding parts.)

To explain this argument, we can look directly at the picture. It’s a certain fact that the right-hand victory over the left-hand side is Martech’s victory over Adtech. (note to the author: Adtech, advertising technology, refers to those technologies and means that try to deliver advertising and brand content to consumers. The channels are mostly paid media. The technical means and implementation methods include all kinds of web advertising, SEM paid search, native advertising, programmed purchase, DSP, etc. Martech, marketing technology, refers to those technologies that design user experience, provide instant services, optimize consumer experience process, and optimize customer transformation. Most of the channels are their own media, and the technical means and implementation methods include customer relationship system CRM, marketing automation software and services, and e-commerce management system.)

What is the core purpose of your advertisement?

To do marketing, first of all, not to mention the very advanced strategic level, at least you need to make clear what core problem your marketing advertisement focuses on.

Here, we need to look at three aspects:

(1) Users have no relevant requirements

For most mainstream products, there is a demand market. However, many users don’t realize that they have needs or that they haven’t been activated.

At this time, the purpose of advertising is to activate the needs of users. Before they pay attention, you can say that more unique advantages of their products and more preferential policies will not help.

At this time, the advertisement focuses on the need to tell him “why to use this product”, “what can this product help you to change the headache now”, “what will happen to your life after using this product” wait.

(2) Users have needs, but they don’t know you

At present, most enterprises put advertisements for this purpose. The market is very large, and there are many users in need. But the most terrible thing is that those users in need don’t know your existence, and your products are passed before they participate in the competition.

At this time, the purpose of advertising is to let consumers remember your brand, your products, what your products are, and what obvious features your products have.

Those who pay attention to the product, the brand shock point, can seize the attention point at this time can take out endorsement. For example, “the best mobile phone in the old world”, “putting 1000 songs in your pocket”, “three circles around the earth” and so on all quickly let users remember the product.

In the history of world football, which team has the most incredible experience of winning the championship?

Greece beat Portugal 1-0 to win the European Cup final in 2004.

Portugal won the second place and the golden generation ended.

Greece beat Portugal in the opening game of the European Cup, which was also the first European Cup debut of Ronaldo. He got a corner from FIGO and jumped up to score a goal. The football level in Europe is very high. The fans always say that there is no weak team in Europe, but Greece is indeed a weak team. Before 2004, Greece had not participated in the European Cup for more than 20 years and had never won the world cup. In the group match, Greece scored in the seventh minute of the opening match, and then took a penalty in the 51st minute to give Greece a 2-0 lead. However, in the 93rd minute of the subsidy, Ronaldo, the first draft of the European Cup, scored a goal, avoiding the embarrassment of the big hot host, and the cold defeat to Greece made Portugal lose face. In the second round, Greece drew 1-1 with Spain, and in the third round, although they lost to Russia, they still pushed Spain out of the group. Spain won the group game (1:0 Russia) and lost (0:1 Portugal) and drew (1:1 Greece), with the same total goal as Greece’s score and less eliminated. After breaking through the group competition, Vietnam became braver and braver, winning all the way. Finally, in the final, Portugal, the opponent of the opening battle, and Greece won the double.

Which is higher in MVP or fmvp?

I’ve heard a saying recently that fmvp is useless. Let’s start from this perspective. Fmvp is useless? I can’t say that.

Most fmvps are given without any problem. You can’t say the whole award was denied because of a few cases. That MVP is not bullshit, isn’t the reference value of MVP limited?

The champion also lies down and takes. Can you say that the reference value of the champion is limited?

The reason why we have all kinds of “useless awards” is that they are more important than historical status. -When it comes to the comparison of historical status, most people begin to pile up various honors.

But who says that comparing historical status is building honor? You are like Jordan. It’s generally acknowledged that NBA’s first player (except for some extreme Jamie) is not the most champion, and MVP is not the most,

Fmvp is the most; he is not the most when we look at the array defense and so on; there are records, scores are not the most, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals, not to mention anything else, put these main columns. Then why is the first person?

It’s like when you study, the first in the whole school may not be the first in every single subject, but the total score is the first. And this school is No. 1, not necessarily from childhood is No. 1.

That’s what Dan is like. From the beginning, he made his way into the world and was beaten by his predecessors. Later, he turned over the piston and beat the magician to win the championship. He took over the first man in the league from the magician and became the first man in the league and dominated the whole NBA. At this time, for others, honor is just a strong proof of him. But how strong is he? Can he just list the rings and trophies?

KHL St. Pierre, ye Jingguang breaks through the door

In 2018-2019, the regular season of KHL continental ice hockey league continues, and Kunlun Hongxing Vanke dragon team challenges tiger team in Russia’s Khabarovsk center. In the first quarter of the game, the team was quickly equalized by Saint Pierre and ye Jingguang when they were 0-2 behind. In the third quarter, ye Jingguang’s more shots and less shots were initially scored, but after looking back, the referee found that the ball was not scored, and the two teams entered the extra time game. 18 seconds before the extra time game ended, the members of the tiger team performed a kill, and finally our team was 2-3 defeated by the tiger team.

In terms of lineup, since Fraser took over as the head coach, the group match of players is relatively fixed. Compared with the competition, only three groups of defenders have changed. Jian Guohui returns to the big list partner palette. On the goalkeeper side, kahunin is back on the bench.

The first quarter: first throw two goals, St. Pierre Ye’s powerful light level in 23 seconds

The first quarter of the game started less than 3 minutes, the home team in an attack by No. 80 zogerna took the lead in scoring, vancologne encountered this goal after the scene gradually fell into passive. Then the two teams launched a counter attack, parrola, Lund, Jian Guohui and other shots to each other’s gate caused a great threat. However, in 12 minutes, the tigers broke the goal again. This time, No. 71 ushenin shot his teammate’s long-range blue line in front of the goal, and the score was rewritten as 0-2 on the field.

On the relationship between learning western oil painting and cultural background

Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher, wrote in the opening volume of metaphysics that “seeking knowledge is human nature”. It’s true that we want to know because we want to understand what’s going on in the world. It’s the same with today’s study of Western oil painting.

The west is the birthplace of oil painting, where oil painting has reached a certain height, so we should learn from the West. Since we want to learn, we should know how to learn. To learn western oil painting, we must first understand some knowledge related to oil painting, understand the basis and techniques of oil painting and some creative languages. But we learn oil painting is not just to learn – some oil painting techniques and basic knowledge so simple, but to learn their – some classic techniques and ideas, the ultimate purpose is to express their artistic feelings. When we study, we should combine their cultural background. Only after we understand their cultural background can we have a clearer understanding of their creation: intention and style.

Master copying is good, but we should know the purpose of copying and not follow blindly. I know a friend who studies western oil painting. When I first contact with Western oil painting, I copy the works of Western masters, which are similar to the master’s original works. After a long time, I have almost mastered the master’s skills. His creation style is similar to the master, even the creation materials are similar, which can be called the second master. It is reasonable to say that he should have made great progress, but the result is just the opposite. Not only did he not make much progress, but even his works were ignored. Why? The reason is very simple: he only pays attention to the basic skills of painting and ignores the feelings and cultural background of the master when he creates. The master’s painting has passed several decades or even hundreds of years, the times have changed, the cultural background has changed…. if we still imitate their painting like this, the painting will not be accepted naturally.

20 big fish in 2018 free market

At the end of 2017, the free market will open in 2018.

The biggest free agent of the year is the steel man running weileviang bell. In addition, although there are not many superstars in the free market, there are still many powerful groups testing the free market. Next, let’s look at the top 20 free agents this summer.

  1. Doug Martin (former owner: Tampa Bay pirate)

Once upon a time, Doug Martin was also the leader of the league in charge of the ball, and now he is in a miserable situation of being cut, and he is not even 30 years old.

It’s no problem for Martin to find a new team, but don’t think about holding the ball 20 times a game.

  1. Legaret Bronte (former owner: Philadelphia Eagle)

Last season on behalf of the eagles, last season on behalf of the Patriots, Bronte won two super bowl in a row, especially the Super Bowl 52 with the eagles killing the old owners, Bronte proved his strong ground impact as a bulldozer.

However, the arrival of Jay agay and the maturity of Corey Clement made Bronte’s position awkward again. Fortunately, there are many teams who want him.

  1. Josh McConnell (former owner: New York jet)

The league’s famous ronin quarterback made a career highlight in New York last season. Although he will be 40 next year, with the stable output of the past few seasons, McConnell’s short-term contract of one year is not a problem.

How to achieve the best heat transfer effect?

Heat transfer is the process of transferring fine patterns on the transfer film onto the substrate surface by heat transfer machine (heating and pressing). In this transfer process, the method of cutting transfer and garment transfer is basically the same. How to make the heat transfer paper reach the best state in the transfer process?

  1. Before mass transfer, please make a transfer sample to make sure that the temperature and time of the transfer machine that affect the color are appropriate.
  2. Before transfer, make sure the hot transfer paper is basically dry, so as to avoid incomplete transfer and stains.
  3. Before transfer printing, it is necessary to blow air on the patterns and fabrics of the hot transfer paper for hot stamping, to remove the paper scraps, cilia and other attachments on the fabrics and the ink-jet hot transfer paper, so as to avoid the printing defects caused by these sundries between the ink-jet hot transfer paper and the fabrics.
  4. Duplicating is often caused by too fast separation speed of pressing plate and adsorption of ink-jet heat transfer paper by air flow of upper pressing plate. At this time, adjust small flow valve to slow separation speed of air cylinder (or oil cylinder) of flat plate heat transfer machine, so as to avoid duplicating due to secondary sublimation transfer caused by falling of transferred ink-jet heat transfer paper after being sucked up. To avoid double shadow, you can also dip water on the four corners of the ink-jet heat transfer paper to adhere to the cloth for transfer or choose the ink-jet heat transfer paper.

Can the price of goods really come down without advertising?

1、 Scale effect: one of the important meanings of advertising

First of all, there is nothing wrong with the fact that advertising money needs consumers to pay for it, because it is a part of marketing cost. However, an important role of advertising is to expand the scale, which determines the unit price of goods in a sense.

I’ll give you a simple example. For example, if Audi A4 only makes 10 cars a year, and many of its key parts only produce 10, the cost of building 10 Audi cars will be an astronomical figure. According to the current price of Audi A4 – 300000, it’s an impossible task for any luxury car team to build 10 Audi A4 cars.

But why can Audi sell for 300000?

The only reason is that it doesn’t produce 10 vehicles a year, but 220000 (2017 data).

In such a magnitude, the cost of each vehicle can be effectively controlled. Now we can understand why many sports cars, especially limited edition sports cars, are so expensive. Not every part of them is made of gold, nor does it deliberately set a false high price to highlight the high end. In many ways, it’s because of its small scale and high cost of two cars. It can’t survive without selling it so expensive.

Through advertising, more consumers can understand the information of the goods, and the scale of production can be improved, and the increase of scale will in turn reduce the price. It is right that advertising as a cost is finally reflected in the price, but as long as the price reduction effect brought by advertising through the expansion of scale exceeds the expenditure of advertising itself, the price of the goods will be reduced.

At this time, someone will say, if the price reduction effect does not exceed the expenditure of advertising itself?

That only shows that the ROI of this advertisement is negative. In this case, either the manufacturer will stop advertising or the manufacturer will close down.