William burst out

Now the Spurs and, put forward this game is very fierce, the Spurs 111 to 108 ahead of three points, the first half also a lot of lead, now play suspense what reason, Williamson in the second half of a single quarter. We should delete the last program, ah, we should make a complete program, pay attention to the better, but do not delete ah, because the first half did not play well, still want to see ah, Williamson still want to see, because it is really reflected in the first half of this. The lunar calendar often shows that he is not worthy of verifying his status as the champion. But now he has four three points, that is, playing very well. Ah, a game doesn’t mean anything, because there are many players who play very well in a single game, their first show is good, and they play very well, but the subsequent games are also in a mess. We still need to observe, for example, the like.

For example, mccaway and other things have lessons learned from the past. Take another look, but this figure and figure are really a big problem.

The time gap of oil painting technique spirit

Da Vinci’s unfinished work, Jeune fill D é coiff é e, 24.7 × 21 cm, was made in 1508. On the tan transparent bottom layer, the painter painted the opaque white lead on the bright part of the portrait, and through adjusting the thickness of the white lead, and using the different degree of coverage of the lower color to get the light color of different color levels, used to shape the body. This technique is called “whitening”. If the painter continues to paint deeply, after this layer is finished and dried, the pigment with high transparency mixed with resin oil is painted very thin on the existing white layer. Through the thin transparent color, people can see the lower layer, which is called “cover dyeing”. (this is just a brief introduction to the basic concepts of “whitening” and “shade dyeing”, so as to facilitate non art readers to understand this article.) (public domain)

It has been found by masters of techniques of all ages that only when the pure transparent color is carefully covered on a lighter and lighter background color, and after drying with resin oil medium, it still has a glass like bright texture, can the beauty of the transparent color itself be set off. The transparent color superimposed on the light white background is bright because of the bright background, but if the transparent color is applied on the black background, it will bring a dull and dirty feeling. This is similar to the idea that the stained windows in a church need light to show brilliant colors. Therefore, masters of all ages have repeatedly stressed that painting should have “light from the inside”, which is also the embodiment of their tireless pursuit of inner light in specific painting. In the process of painting in different stages of whitening, in order to match the upper layer of translucent cover or transparent color shade dyeing comprehensive techniques, which is the reflection of this spirit.

MLB draft conference settled

On June 12, the annual MLB Major League Baseball draft conference came to an end. Detroit Tigers picked third baseman Spencer toxson of Arizona State University in the first round. At the top of the list is Heston shelstad of the University of Arkansas, who will be a member of the Orioles. The marlin, who is looking for the flower, picks up Max Meyer, a right-handed pitcher at the University of Minnesota.

As usual, this year’s draft conference is also announced by League president rob Manfred. This time, however, the draft is online. Different from the previous MLB draft convention, due to the impact of the epidemic, the previous 40 round draft convention has been reduced to only five rounds this year. According to last year’s record, the top pick of the draft is Detroit tiger and Baltimore oriole, the two teams with the worst record in the league.

The top pick of the draft is expected. Detroit tiger has no suspense to include Spencer torkelson of Arizona State University. However, his defensive position is the third baseman, not the first baseman as we all know. This small change seems to indicate that there will be greater changes in the draft Conference – all the predictions of authoritative media in the top position are inaccurate! It also made him the first third baseman since 1998, and the third in the history of the tigers after Matt Anderson in 1997 and Casey mize the year before.

What can I do without the audience? Can you understand the operation of NBA

53 days later, the NBA will officially restart the 2019-20 season at Disney in Orlando. For the work arrangement of the rematch, the NBA management team is also in intense arrangement. For the thorny problem of no audience, the NBA seems to have its own tricks.

According to US media reports, NBA is considering using the game sound of NBA 2K game for virtual fan noise after the rematch! Lado Reid, a Los Angeles reporter, also confirmed this statement on social media: “the situation is very special now. The reality is that we can only play in the open field. In order to increase the experience of the game, I think it is a good way indeed!”

I believe that friends who have played 2K series games are aware of the noise of the game, and have a strong sense of reality. Without the cheers of the audience, the athletes may not adapt in the match field, and in order to better restore the game together, it is a good way to use 2K virtual noise to increase the authenticity of the game. There is no difference between the host and the guest field in the neutral field, but this method can build momentum for the one who is the host team. At present, this proposal has been recognized by some players. Whether it can be realized and how effective it is depends on time!

Lamar Jackson admits Raven underrated Titan in the playoffs

Raven quarterback Lamar Jackson admitted that last year’s team underestimated Titan’s opponent and lost in the playoffs.

On Tuesday, when he was on the air, Jackson said he hoped “don’t be arrogant” this season because of the loss of the crows.

“That’s what we did in the playoffs, and we lost to a team that people thought was not as good as ours,” Jackson said We can’t underestimate any team, any opponent, but unfortunately we did

“I’m also looking forward to the start of the 2020 season against brown Don’t underestimate your opponents. They caught us off guard, that’s all. “

“I made a lot of mistakes myself.” Jackson reflected that he had been intercepted twice in the game and lost the ball once. “I made three right changes – it shouldn’t be.”

If Popovich can’t coach himself in the rematch, then, then….

When the Spurs’ Orlando holiday plans are fully on the agenda, Popovich may have to put down his luggage.

Xiao Hua talked about the safety measures related to the rematch in an interview, saying that in order to ensure safety, some coaches will not be able to coach on the bench.

People aged 65 and above are at high risk of new coronavirus infection, and a 71 year old man in San Antonio is the first to bear the brunt.

That is to say, the head coach of the Spurs is unable to coach in person.

We can’t deny that Bobo is the founder of the Spurs. His experience and strategy are the golden stones of the Spurs. But as he enters his rare years, and the Spurs are on the verge of rebuilding, the transition period is actually coming. I still remember that in 2019-2020, Popovich was also the focus of the meetings of the assassins because some rotation arrangements were often pulled out together with Forbes to attack.

And now, in other words, the opportunity for nerds and Hammond?

Becky Harmon, the first full-time female coach in the NBA, would make a new history if she took the lead in the rematch. But in fact, what she did was not about gender.

“If she was a man, I would hire her,” Popovich said Sister Harmon can be respected and remembered not because she stands on the stage of male protagonist as a female, but also because she has excellent professional coach quality and strategical response ability.

What are the types of hot melt adhesive films?

1、 Hot melt film with different components hot melt film is divided into:

[1] , PES hot melt adhesive film, EVA hot melt adhesive film, PA hot melt adhesive film, Po hot melt adhesive film and EAA hot melt adhesive film. ​ The main component of TPU hot melt adhesive film is polyurethane, which can be subdivided into low melting point type, high melting point type and ultra-high melting point type according to different melting points. The melting point of TPU hot melt adhesive film with low melting point is about 50-80 ℃, and its color is white mist surface, without elasticity; the melting point of high melting point type is about 120 ℃, its color is transparent and elastic, and the melting point of ultra-high melting point type is 145 ℃, its color is transparent, High elasticity. TPU hot melt adhesive film has good viscosity for all kinds of textiles, leather, sponge and other materials, and it is also the most widely used one of many hot melt adhesive films, with good water resistance.

The main component of PES hot-melt adhesive film is copolyester, the melting range is about 115-125 ℃, the color is white and translucent, there are also milky white varieties, without elasticity, which has good viscosity for polyester cloth, polyester film, sponge, rubber, metal and other materials, and excellent water washing resistance.

The outbreak in Beijing may be more serious than we think

Beijing: it’s very serious. It’s very likely to cause a recurrence of the national epidemic

As the capital of China, Beijing has a large number of government agencies and core organs. This point is incomparable to Wuhan. At present, we don’t know whether the Beijing epidemic is a small-scale spread or whether there are a large number of people infected. The specific results can only be judged after the detection data of the closed areas come out in these days. However, I believe that after the beginning of the year in Wuhan, Beijing’s control measures will be more experienced and better done this time.

China’s prevention and control of the epidemic so far is indeed the best in the world, but if the global epidemic can not be controlled, and the virus can be transmitted through imports and exports, the impact on China will be far greater than now. Because we can’t bear to disconnect from the world for a long time, export is one of the three carriages driving the national economy. If the import and export are more and more limited, the bankruptcy, unemployment and economic downturn caused by it will bring us a huge impact.

So get ready. The new crown epidemic is not likely to end this year or even next year. It will accompany us for a long time, during which many things we used to change. Maybe in the next two years, we will never be able to go to the cinema to see a movie or travel abroad again. Many people may lose their jobs.

The first point guard of men’s Basketball World Cup! You dare not ask for 500W buyout fee!

According to European basketball journalist Nikos varlas, the NBA buyout fee for Argentinean Facundo campazzo and Real Madrid basketball club is $6 million.

Kampazo signed a five-year contract in 2019. According to the contract, if kampazo joins the NBA, his buyout fee will be $6 million.

NBA teams can pay $725000 for kampazo, who needs to pay $5275000 for himself.

A number of sources said that at present, three NBA teams are very interested in kampazo, including the Spurs and lone Rangers, but there is no substantive progress.

Villanueva explained: “kampazo is the best defender in Europe. If the NBA team doesn’t pay attention to him, it must be blind. I get thousands of inquiries every year, but at present the NBA doesn’t know if it can play again, so no one has substantive contact with us. “

Four details review, why did Duncan say that about James?

In a flash, 13 years have passed since the 2006-07 season, but the wonderful pictures still exist in my mind. How can I easily forget one of the greatest games in James’ career? And looking back from today’s perspective, I finally understand the positioning of legend.

Bring your thoughts back to the game, the game still has 2:30 seconds, the Cavaliers are 84-88 behind the pistons (before the big score 2-2 draw), the key moment James began to really dominate the game. Left arc top, facing Wallace who is attacking for three points, 87-88; defending for 32 seconds, arc top facing mark Hill seconds before Billups can react, he has taken off directly, prince who is assisting in defense is scared to directly shrink away, the most classic step in LeBron’s career; Changxi is strong for three points, James hangs Prince and takes off again, both sides come to overtime.

LeBron, who scored 7 points in a row, entered the bug mode. The first extra time: two penalties for fouls, a big Z pass and a heavy buckle, and a 4-point advantage in the middle distance of the high difficulty of the right arc top after continuously standing on the free throw line. However, he was equalised by the 4-point penalty of Wallace and Changxi. The second extra time: the left arc top faces the Princeton process one step back to the middle distance; the piston turns two cities in succession, and the middle distance of James continues; Weber 2 + 1 sees the dawn of victory, and LeBron immediately responds with three points of strength; Hamilton and Wallace hit the iron one after another, and James faces the four man defense line of the piston in the last five seconds to make a sudden layup, which will be a winner!