Fear youth! Still in good health!

The second game can be counted. For the Nuggets, it can’t be said that a zero to two score at home to Mars means a failure. You lose 80% of the time. I said how the Spurs’ team can reach home? He won’t give you two games a game and play 2-2 to let you return home. Is it possible to do him? It is impossible for the Spurs to play at home. As for the current league, the home court, I said that I knew the home court. Of course, I didn’t watch it this year. I didn’t care much about it. The results of the home team spurs should be very good. Well, the Celtic team’s results should also be very good, not first or second, not this year, but in a wide range of years, so many years before and after a few years, excluding the warriors and rockets. I’m sorry to say that the Spurs have such a long span of 45 years. I’m sorry to say that even if the team has such a strong ability in 45 years, it doesn’t matter how many years the team and the Spurs have lost their comprehensive ability.

Celtic’s home court ability is very strong, so for the Nuggets, time is not much, the task is very heavy, can not lose

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The Spurs are hot!

If you don’t have the ability to attack, your assists and rebounds can’t be converted to victory. Now these CP playing methods are more scientific. Of course, we say that the first round is training, right? If four sweep the opponent, it is normal to play 4:1. This should be reviewed carefully. Now, it is 4:1 at most. Open the video at the most, so there are still a lot of games in the back, the crucial moment, the key game or the second round. The Raptors will play tomorrow’s game. If seven or six people win the Raptors, the Raptors will have to keep up and win the second game. Now the Nuggets are against the Spurs. It’s not us who are behind us. Right? We all said in front of you to play with the Spurs. You play with the Spurs. You can’t play with him. Now the Spurs are still ahead in the third quarter. Can we have a second Murray? Right? We said yesterday that Murray reviewed. Murray, Kobe’s father, you don’t expect every game to be like this. If every game can be like this, every game can be supernatural, he won’t cry.

Pereira, his name is Kobe, ah, the difference between a star and a regular player is where he can play a stable and normal game every game, so that a good player can end the game efficiently. He can also be an ordinary player, or a quasi star player. His state is extremely unstable and unstable.

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quite a loss for the Rockets

It’s four to one, even if you lose, right? College is such a team. I was still discussing with ah, our senior fans yesterday, about the rockets and jazz black, right? My personal. It’s because of Mitchell’s fatigue, or the decline of his state, the Jazz team has fallen into mediocrity. Do you understand that? Let’s use this.

The Jazz team did not have Mitchell, ah, this smooth team fell into mediocrity, but the Rockets had Hadden, the super God of Hadden, today broke Kobe’s record scoring record, and the whole team is on the upward trend. But I think in terms of overall strength and ability, last year’s rocket team was slightly better than that, so a little bit ahead. In fact, I think it’s quite a loss for the Rockets. It’s completely dependent on harden Paul’s emotion if they can’t hold up the flag. Let’s play to the playoffs. It’s a very worrying feeling. So to play jazz, there’s no resistance. You should have played 4-1. You should review it, right? All the tests are very important in the second round, so go directly to the warriors. It’s so strange that I didn’t win the last few games. It’s strange that I lost the last few games, played thunder and lost, right? If I win, I’ll play the Western inning, so that the warriors can meet the first round of thunder and the fourth round spurs.

So you have a good level to play in the Western Conference finals. Now you see the Spurs and feel like they are going to play in the Western Conference finals. Can you imagine? You can imagine that James should join the Spurs. I think it will be more practical. It’s actually more effective, isn’t it.

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Dewey’s old style!

The last two games, warriors 3-1, drop, clippers, ready to advance 4-1 into the team is 3-12 by 3-meter. Rockets, promotion, the day after tomorrow, a few warriors, we see the second round, ah, the second is all good-looking ball, no one is not enough wonderful, turn over, in the past, the warriors to the clippers, is also a lead, ah, we said that a stroke of the basic do not need to talk about, right, about the Blazers and thunder team ah. This thing, we have to talk about it. Because we have looked at it very carefully, many fans care about it. Right, they care about thunder. They care about why, right? There are many who don’t care about Paul. George is right about many. You can see what we said about this ball.

It’s the same as the same, right? Is Wei Shao’s character well known by us? We, the title of this semester is Wei Shao, the Wukong and the monkey king are in the palm of the Buddha’s hand. Oh, not only can’t jump out, our Wuzhishan, pressure you to death, you see Wei Shao what, personality is I feel thoroughly, we said before two home games, Wei Shao must be cut 30 and high score, ah, yes, in it, we said later. You can watch the fourth game. Ah, Wei Shao is likely to come again. Ah, he will be a three double player again, right? He will die as a micro business with a total of 300000 yuan. If you sit back on the 30th, you can give it to me. If you kneel down, you can see that today, I didn’t go to rebound, right? In the front court, there were only two rebounds, three rebounds or all of them. The backboard in the back court doesn’t do anything serious, doesn’t it

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Durant in Celtic!

Let’s talk about it. Celtics and bucks seem like this game is very important. What we said before can affect a lot of things in the league. This summer, a lot of things. First of all, let’s make sure that the warriors won the championship. In this case, ah, when Durant gets the fmvp, right? Durant’s triple champion is Durant 30x NBP. Well, we’ll also bring curry to curry’s triple, crown ah, then we have to bring Thomson, right? Thomson, three company, crown green also won three consecutive titles. All, you have to take it. Of course, you talked about curry. You can’t help talking about Thompson. You said he didn’t, Thompson, green, right? Why should you say that? Ah, is there a mistake? Yes, it’s right. It’s the warrior’s third company. Curry Thompson, who won Durant’s three-year f-mvp. Green doesn’t need to mention it at all.

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What’s special? Can these characters be equated? Let’s say it’s the warriors who got it. I’ll tell you, these fake fans in the library, the level of primary school students, the level difference, ah, they’re still there every day. Call me the library how to do it, how to do it, you people. Forcing us, ah, no black, curry is not happy, well, why, ah, it’s too annoying. You know, the level is too low, you know, ah, take care of curry. You people will recruit Kuri. They say, ah, yes, the warriors won the third consecutive championship, Durant. When I got the 3DS MVP, I was joking

you have to watch the Clippers win

What’s more lethal? We’ll see that when we finish this program, no one will hit us in the face, no one will hit us, right? But when the Jazz team wins, a group of people and a group of dark horses will come to play in the face, right? You are all a bunch of warriors fans. Ah, it’s the first floor of those libraries. Yes, the level of the fans in the low age stage is very low, but you have to watch the Clippers win. If no one hits us in the face, you can be strong. The quality of the fans on both sides is really, really not flattering. OK, finally, let’s ask for a match between the Spurs and the Nuggets. To focus on the Spurs team, we should focus on the Spurs spurs. Every time we hit this time, we can play the essence of the Spurs, and we can play his last killer weapon. How many of the Spurs will be able to light up? We can take everything out in the sixth round, and argue that I do not think so. Because the Spurs, there is nothing to change, so the Spurs just wait and wait. There was a Boban that could be used by warriors to play thunder in those years. The current lineup is just like this. The talent is mediocre. It only depends on the team to play, right? But to beat the Spurs, this team uses team basketball.

It’s no use crying.

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It’s the gap between curry and Durant

Durant and curry are not players of the same level, even in one team, even in the same team. They have become, ah, recognized champions, but are scheduled to win. I believe, ah, well, as long as they are not too extreme players, basically, they are warriors who can recognize this reality. It’s meaningless for us to see who can block him and who can block Tower this year. According to common sense, judging by the strength of the team, it doesn’t matter that you have a lot of kausins. We, before, said, koshins is equal to no equal to zero, that is to mix the champion, then you will have nothing to do in the playoffs this year, then you will pick up a champion ring, ah, if you can’t find the warrior, if you can’t reduce the champion, we will think that I personally think that is a loser.

It’s all lost. It’s the gap between curry and Durant. You have to recognize it. This is the essential gap. Curry fans, ah, are helpless. Ah, who let you meet Durant? Who asked you to invite Durant? Ah, we said straightforwardly. Burning incense, to drive away the monk, nursing life in a big failure.

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in the case of 76 people

Lori, raptors, the team has two sets of core, those, shrimp outside Lori, he has two holding points, two starting points, if these two players, play with each other, come on, if you don’t know his shot. Today, he played eight assists, right? He finished the task very well. The task is to play this role. You see, if you limit Lori’s score, is it useful? It’s not used. This season, Lori has hit the top five in the 8.78.8 assists list. In the end, I have forgotten that it is a very high number. Luo Rui’s three-point shooting rate this year is not very high. Last year’s three-point shooting rate was close to 40%. The average shooting rate of every field is 2.several, close to, need, 3, 2.several. If Lori is called for you, in the case of 76 people, you don’t want to talk about mutual understanding with so and so 。 There is no chance of winning at all. Ah, so for the 76ers, I think it’s very difficult to change their strategy and change their ideas to beat the Raptors. Of course, it’s very difficult. It’s very, very difficult for you to listen to other people’s opinions. It’s hard for enbid to suppress the inside line.

As we said before, this, the Colonel’s family has no big advantages. Xiaojia has weight. In yesterday’s program, we all clearly said that the Raptors want to eat people. They have a large quantity, attack and defense. Er, Simon temple and other beauty programs have done a lot. You can go and listen to them. Xiaojia has the advantages of physique and size. The advantage right, in singles, under the circumstances, he will never eat on the body, enbid, Tuen enbid can only shoot three points on the outside line. In this case, the Raptors will put your head on it. If your big brother runs outside and throws three points, those basketboards are all mine, right? You only have head smut 3 times 5. branch

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It’s the letter Kun model

Kunmu, this player’s defensive ability is underestimated. Many people don’t mention it. Ah, a lot of people have to. If he really takes care of you, he will defend the last ball. In this league, I say he can cover up the eastern playoffs. Let’s see if two teams can. In this case, it’s all about letters and spaces. This is the real test. For the test of leadership, Liang Nader is also afraid. Yuan zhanchang’s arm is long and covers a huge area. To tell the truth, ah, this is bullshit. Everyone is so afraid. Everyone is afraid of such mobilization. Right, but it is. At the highest level, Durant’s defensive area, this influence, and the area is really terrible. Well, because of his high speed, long arm length and large coverage, ah, these people are monsters. They are all pigs. They are all spider spirits. The letters are the same in all subjects.

Kunming is a mantis, isn’t it? It’s a mantis, it’s a long body, sickle jewelry is a mantis, Durant is a spider, right, even tarantula, spider letters are cool mode, only mantis, right, that’s it. What’s the leader? Liang Nader, lion rabbit, who’s the little rabbit. Anyway, that’s what it means. It’s the letter Kun model. Yes, on Owen, Owen? Don’t think about it I don’t think there is any advantage to take advantage of. You have to look now. Oh, the growth speed of Kumbo, the explosion of self-confidence, has reached a new height. It opens

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James, Butler, observing the mother’s hair

If you’re not a James fan, I can’t help it. James, I can’t get around it. If you blame me, why don’t you blame me? You don’t always think you won’t let coach Brown go. You blame her. He plays well. How can you give James. I can see it. Some people say it’s James Harden. Some people say it’s LeBron. James is playing well. I, James, what are you doing when you move out? No, what’s James doing? James, Butler, observing the mother’s hair. James can’t play in the playoffs. Ah, so it’s a topic that can’t be bypassed. Why should we bring Kuri out to talk about it? Hadden and Kuri both cast three points like this. Why is it that Kuri’s three-point cheating foul is not enough? She also cheated me before.

Ah, it’s just a little less League list. The most common thing about Hart is that there aren’t many in bakuri, but there are also. I’ll tell you, it’s no wonder that harden doesn’t mean his ball is poor, nor does it show how high the fur of his pants is. Yes, I can only say that the basketball IQ can be higher. One thing to be praised is that if you play like this, you don’t even like me. Ah, you can also say that it doesn’t mean that the basketball IQ is high. That is, to play, well, to play, to play more, to be a gentleman to play is more, er, impeccable. These two concepts are two different things. Don’t change the concept. As we said before, the times are changing and whether we want to play now. These are three concepts about proper nouns in terms of times and times. This is not a thing. Ah, we don’t admit that the times are changing in the age of adult novels. Is the era of NBA changing? No, there is no such thing.

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