He’s going to fight this city and this team all the time

An old man scored 34 points and six assists, while the other four starters scored 15 points. It can be said that the brave men who met Lillard, who were the main force against himself, contributed 27.8 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3 points in the playoffs this year.

The baking field with 27:8 points scored all the points, and the defenders pioneers have scored the highest in the playoffs Series in the past three billion years and nearly 30 years. If I can’t make achievements in shallow water, I would rather not win the title, said Lillard.

This is eliminated after hearing all the rights, he will fight this team in this city all the time, and now, he and the team need to go back to improve, and then go back to improve themselves to become a stronger team, and need to design to come back in a stronger posture. He never wants to be swept over again in a noisy mountain and tsunami.

Later, I met slowly, erasing the city of Portland, and the memories of deep goods and curses were recalled people’s yearning for glory and the memories of the past.

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Even if you don’t score, you want to do what you can to win

But in the end, they still won the right to double-digit difference, which is the representative of their energy-saving basketball concept. There is a feature of the playoffs, Isaiah Thomas said after the game. Even if you don’t score, you also want to try your best to win, and this evening we achieved the result.

There were two books in the first five minutes, but there were only four mistakes in the remaining 43 minutes. Six times and 15 times were the key to win the game. After all, the Bulls made six mistakes in the last section, and there were up to six mistakes in the whole game.

Guest: the Celtics have more ball rights, and we all know that from the beginning to the end, they care about the rest of the scoring opportunities. In the car race, we can see that Celtic scored 15 points in the second attack and 23 free throws in the free throw. That’s the Celtic style. Even if you don’t perform well.

Also can find a way to win, in the first two games, the Bulls took good care of Iser Thomas, whether it’s the garbage man dodderwin Wade or Jimmy Butler has always given him great pressure on the bulls.

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He scored 22 points, and he got a career

This is a fatal blow, but for Michael Brown, the team’s great change of blood for her to create a rare explosive force, so the new season’s first game of Mike, then let all players see a different self.

Familiar with the game, he slashed 22 points. In the whole game, he got a personal career, a record high 37 points, and he had a season to achieve a blowout.

At the same time, when he started in the National Games, he even scored his own points per game. From last season, the poor 6.8-year-old sports student got to 20.8 points. That’s why the gap of 14 points is long. Mcclenberg’s long mclem has become today from a player who was still playing NBA DLL at that time.

In the history of the Blazers, after Kevin, Davos and Zac Randolph, the third player to receive the award for the fastest growing player. I don’t think I must be the fastest improving player, because I’ve always been a good player. The changes in this season are just more opportunities.

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We have to live our own lives

No matter whether our jerseys will be hung or not, no matter which stadium our jerseys will be hung over, and no matter where people put us, when I rank in the history of NBA, we will always have to live our own lives.

We can’t let our life be dominated by other people’s words. What we have to do is that our own life is very long. I became a basketball player at the age of 18 and retired at the age of 40. After that, I still have 50.

We’re going to live next year, so we as a group can’t worry about other people’s comments all day long. Well, we can understand James’s words as glory on the court, just a temporary friend.

It’s a lifetime, but savor carefully whether you can find any clues in his words. When he retired at the age of 40, yes, he walked away and said with a smile that I would retire at that time, right? In fact, I don’t know.

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Timberwolves meet again rocket coach McHale after class

Today’s big reversal, but who would have thought, Timberwolves meet again, Rockets coach McHale after class, the best at running fast break and shopping malls.

The orphan in Fengxian town was braved into a fixed-point three-point shooter by former rocket Coach Bill staff. The decreasing three-point shooting rate day after day also made the Rockets lose patience, and finally gave it to the Rockets. But the original sin is not weak. I still remember Gong er’s most unrestrained and unrestrained special work hour, asking people to receive the ball directly in the back court.

Perhaps not suitable, is not suitable for you, where to stay, no matter how good performance, Hulunbeier talked about being traded, the teacher said that this is life.

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No matter how powerful the Spurs are, they can’t beat the years

The first half was 16 minutes. At the moment, do you still think he is a classic car? Parker and his 38 year old people are playing with their lives. This scene is like running a race against the years. At the beginning of the game, he constantly attacks the things that he wants to make sure every time. Adelaide has played for 36 minutes, carrying the team on his shoulders. He is not good at those fights, and he fights with his opponents one after another.

This spurs, is desperate, people all over the world can see how they think, Popovich, famous game victory, but in the hard power gap, gap. That time still failed to pass, another big defeat, the score came to 0-3, maybe, there is another game, and this season will end, maybe it is really the last year of a knife.

However, in the case of the core and soul of the team are down, the Spurs are really trying their best, no matter how strong the Spurs are, the unforgettable time will eventually flow away.

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In fact, he is already the champion of his own life

In fact, he is already the champion of his own life. On April 2, 2017, the official list of NBA Basketball Hall of fame was released. Former NBA star Tracy McGrady and other 11 people were officially selected. When T-Mac was interviewed, he expressed his excitement. This moment finally arrived, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s officially announced that I don’t have to wait any longer. I’m a member of the hall of fame. I’ve been waiting for this call. They told me that I’ve been selected. At the same time, McGrady said, “I haven’t won a championship. I’ve had a successful performance in the playoffs, but that’s my championship. He’ll always be remembered for his 15 year career.

185000 rebounds were selected into the all star seven times, and won the NBA scoring champion for two consecutive years. He gave out 19.6 points in 32.7 minutes. With 5.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists, he was the fastest-growing player in the NBA in 2001. He was selected as the best lineup of NBA in 2002 and 2003. The magic met the wizard at home on March 10, 2004.

McGrady played 46 minutes, 37 shots 20 free throws, 26 free throws, 17 scored a career high 62 points, plus 10 rebounds and 6 assists. On December 9, 2004, McGrady got 13 points to help the Rockets in the last 35 seconds of the game. This highlight performance is called T-Mac moment. McGrady and Yao Ming together led the Rockets to 22 consecutive victories in 2007-08 season.

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Co defense and then joint defense plus

The main reason is that Jeff Green played too badly. The biggest weakness of the rockets was that in the rotation stage, Jeff Green played the center instead of Tucker.

One of the most outstanding small center forward ah, the tank has encountered a lot of fouls in these two games. Today, if he fouls twice in the first quarter and 5 minutes and 23 seconds in the third quarter, he will be sentenced for pushing for the third time. The feedback can only be, ah, on Jeff Green, who is not forgiven for his age. He has suffered a lot at the age of 34.

Now it’s very slow. Look at this. James and aliens go to play green. It should be said that the effect is very good. It seems to be very attractive to Gree. Davis didn’t choose to make an offer in the rocket when he hit him one by one.

After the constipation score, the Lakers regained control of the situation at the end of the third quarter and the beginning of the fourth quarter. James grasped the rotation time. Jeff Green played the center and ate exclusively. He played the whole game under the basket. Jeff Green’s chief and deputy was deputy 26, which was the lowest of the Rockets. You can calculate, the Rockets are really in this game.

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The first two rockets most commendable is Wei Shao

In the first and second half, McKee Davis was abandoned to play directly. In the second year, James, the three big risks were the defensive momentum of the whole team. Third, Rondo dominated the third time. During the quarter rotation, the Bowman’s fourth and fourth quarter started bidding again like game two.

There are gains and losses for the Rockets, especially in the first half, when they resisted James’s fierce offensive, and the pass ball was reasonable. Without the inclusion of the Lakers, they boldly broke through the interior line. The score in the three second area was 32-26 ahead of the dominant inside line. In the first two quarters, the most praiseworthy thing about the rockets was Wei Shao. He didn’t suffer from a downturn.

But many times by the breakthrough score, two-point ball 11-7, shot a three-point also into, took 17 points, and this game, Hadden, there are three quarters have not been kidnapped, let him this, three quarters scored 28 points, but the Rockets finally lost, summed up, by Sakura has such a.

In the first three quarters, the number of three-point shots without rockets in the first three quarters was greatly reduced. The second lineup was solely dominated by harden and weishao, and there was no change. In the third quarter, the bench was too weak. Only Jeff Green, who recovered, scored 16 points. In the fourth and third quarters, the last quarter of the Lakers’ strength Rockets made mistakes.

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One by one, the Lakers threw three-point balls like machines

However, the Lakers threw three-point balls like machines one by one. They were accurate today and not allowed tomorrow. What’s more, they couldn’t do it. Game 5 only played the first half of the game. James even scored four goals, which directly changed the score to 23-7, and then quickly pulled it to more than 30 points. Davis didn’t shoot the Rockets once.

He has already woken up, woke up and slept again. In the third quarter, he got more than 20 points again, and then the difference went straight to 30 points. What do you want Hadden to do? His only way is to make his score look good. It’s much easier. But when he only got 21 points, he was really thinking to let the Rockets win. This is Hadden in the Rockets.

In the eighth year, for eight years, they have been all stars and won MVP every year. Now, they are three consecutive scoring kings. In the year he followed, MVP was James rookie king, Lillard scoring king was Anthony assist king, Rondo rebounding king, Howard championship and heat three giants.

Now, James, Rondo and Howard are joining hands to end the eighth year of Hardon. The magic ball is made for him. But at the beginning, it must be said that you don’t even have a person over 2.03 meters. Maybe the magic ball is a dead end. Hadden and weishaoduka are here. No one knows what to do.

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