The 76 lineup as like as two peas is exactly the same.

As like as two peas, the competition is also very intense. What is happening in the East again? Seven or this is the case of the ball. What’s wrong with the westerner’s leadership under Rivers? I want to ask you two questions like this. If the NBA starts next season, the lineup of the 76 players will be exactly the same. You think the seven people are going down.

On the basis of last year, how much or what kind of goals can be achieved and what kind of goals can be achieved means that the team can actually accept such achievements. I think I mentioned just now that the goal of the drafters of last season was not to win the championship, but to let the team return to a new level.

Go to the championship track. In fact, I think their design goal should be to maintain their strong competitiveness in the East. If they can play better in the playoffs, it will be good. But the most important thing is to make the earth and CD improve, and players like this play happily and the team plays well. I’m right.

Po people’s outlook for next season is cautious and optimistic. I think they are just like Huahua said. In fact, they have a certain system contradiction. There are too many big contracts in it. The space congestion problem includes this one. Huahua also mentioned its attractive home away game before.

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Put in any team, you can get the best results

I think when it comes to the problem, you think we’ve been to his charity football match for two years, right? Who was the star in the first year’s charity football match? Do you remember who he asked to take part in the responsibility? Who was it? That’s me? Something’s wrong, so to speak.

At that time, maybe Owen wasn’t big enough. I didn’t even notice that these two guys had some personal relationship when they were players. So I can see if they were really suitable for this then. It’s because they have good contacts and can handle interpersonal relations. They are smart and cloud.

Well, we know that New York is not only the media and fans, ah, they are very, very harsh. At that time, we should be able to handle the relationship between them. Moreover, I think the basketball team of this series, with Durant and Owen, is definitely a champion in terms of strength. We know that we said before that this coach is not the best coach.

In any team, you can get the best results. Every team, he needs a coach, this characteristic is different. In fact, I think the most important thing for the basketball team is to find a coach who can make the dressing room fusion and make the team players produce better chemical reactions. So I think that is a very, very important aspect.

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